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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would prepare for college mentially!!!!!!! I Would adivse all my friends to do the same and to save as much money as possibly and to make sure you plan ahead. College is very expensive and if you have to worry about money 24/7 there is just about a 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} chance in success because your mind and heart is else where. College reminds me of darwins theory surivial of the fittest, you dont have money or a good background good luck getting through college.


The best advice that I would give myself would be to pick a school based solely for me, and not for anyone else. My family and friends played a big role while I was deciding what college I wanted to attend. If my friends and family would have not been there to sway my decision, I could've gone several other places for college. If I went to a different school, I might have liked it better or worse, or even wanted to come to Western Kentucky University! I would also tell my younger self to join in a school organzation right when I first came to school, and not a year later. Belonging to a group really helps to ease the transition of coming to college and I believe that it would've helped me to settle in better and become more comfortable. I am so happy with the way things have turned out and what school I decided to attend. With all the advice in the world, I would never want to change how things have panned out here at my school!


When I was in high school I was so worried I wouldn't make any new friends, I am very introverted. But I could have saved myself a lot of headaches if I'd known how much more extroverted college makes you. Even on the first day I was invited to join some really fantastic people for a midnight breakfast. Not only that but I ended up being the one to initiate many friendships. College is so freeing, it can be hard, but all that effort you put into it is worth it. I'd also tell myself to try and get a job while I was in high school, not only would this help me save for repaying future loans for schooling, but I'd get more experience for my resume and be more prepared for having to put in a long day's work and also balancing school and a social life. And, lastly, I'd tell myself to enjoy the precious last few months that I got to see my friends everyday. Treasure your friendships but don't let them smother you and prevent you from venturing out on your own.


Everyone's advice to you right now means nothing. None of it describes what it is really like. Study like you normally do, make friends like you usually do, and just stay focused. It isn't extra hard and teachers care way more than everyone is making it seem. Though there may be times when you feel like giving up during high school, thinking "if this is hard what is next," don't stress. Stress makes it worse. Just work on time management and organization and you'll be fine. Just do you as you always have, but actually do your work this time! Also, never forget. Your main goal will always be to be happy, don't let anything get in your way of that.


Don't waste your time wishing away your senior year. Enjoy the memories you are making with friends you've known for a lifetime, the new friendships you're going to come across this year, and the time you have at home. College is awesome and it's wonderfully scary being on your own and being independent, but you're going to miss the home-cooked meals and seeing your friends every day, and driving the backroads in your little small town. Apply for good schools and be ambitious, but make sure you choose the college that feels like home. Don't settle and work hard for the future you've always dreamed of.


I am very young. I graduated from high school in just three years and completed Community College with two Associate Degrees in just one year. Now I am just 18 and am transferring to Western Kentucky University as a Junior and plan to graduate in December 2016. So being a high school senior was just last year for me. My advice would be to work on my time management and organization/prioritization skills. I have Asperger's Syndrome and while the classes are not difficult for me, I sometimes don't do well because I struggle in these areas. I need to find a method or system that will help me so that I can be successful in all areas of my life. Thank you very much for considering me for this scholarship.


Apply for TONS of scholarships, be prepared to not recive adequete finacial aid, and study your rear-end off.


My advice to my high school self would be to come into college with an open mind, dont assume anything is going to be a certain way because college is full of surprises. Be open to trying new things and meeting new people, dont get hung up on the people you know from high school.


Life in college, socially and independently, is the life. You will attend a heavy and stressful load of classes Monday through Thursday all to find yourself stumbling through a fraternity house for the next three nights. You'll have a ton of fun those nights and then wake up the next morning with the most unimagineable hangovers, then do it all over again without hesitation. This leads me to say, learn to take care of yourself. Your hygene will go down the drain, and your financial status will be dirt poor. So first, take showers. That could even help cure those weekly hangovers. Second, save lots of money during your summers; your parents will not be around to help out. And last, don't let partying get the best of you. Your GPA should be 4 points higher than your blood alcohol content.


Looking back on my high school career, and seeing the many different challenges and speed bumps that I had overcame in my own way, there are many things I would change. High school seems like fun and games to many people. I, myself didn't take it as seriously as I should have. Now, understanding and seeing how difficult things may be, I would have taken it a lot more seriously, and studied as much as possible. It never really seems true when people tell you over and over how important it is to get an education, but now undergoing the life as a college student I understand the difficulties such as paying for college, buying gas, keeping my grades up to a certain GPA, I would definitely face high school with a total different attitude.


I would tell myself to actually put in time on scholarships and I would have wanted to take some other college level classes so I wouldnt have to take them this year and I could start my major classes early. Also I would have told myself that my best friend was going to walk away and I shouldnt have relied on her. Most important though, I would have put myself in a healthier routine so that when the time came, I would have a routine set so that trying to eat better in college wouldnt be so hard.


I would say to take more time to study and get acquainted with school and the work load and spend less time with friends and socializing.


Dear Andrew, There will be hard times in your life and overwhelming odds. The transition to college will be one of your most struggling events in your life. Know that education is very important to our family. Our great grand parents and grandparents never went to college. The key for a better education is through college. Focus on what is important to you and be true to yourself. In Star Trek: II the Wrath of Khan, Captain Kirk said, "I don't believe in the no-win scenario." He believed in not giving up even through tough times and against all odds. Strive to get that Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Technology and remember there are no-win scenarios. College will be tough and a different life experience. Therefore I will tell you to never give up. Take care and see you in the future. Sincerely your future self Andrew


This is a writing assignment that I really wish I was able to do. Many say that high school doesn't matter as much as college. I say they are extremely wrong! High school is the greatest experience because it offers so many options to get involveed in your school and realize how you can help your community and make a difference in your school. This is an opportunity that I did take advantage of and that I am very proud of myself for taking action in. I participated in volunteer organizaitions like special olympics, clothing drives for low income families, and peer tutoring at a low income elementary school. These things taught me how I can benefit and devleop into a better person by helping others. One thing I wish I could tell myself before I started high school though, is to contribute every last effort into my school work. Now I know that the harder one works, and the better ones grades are, the more opportuinty and financial aid can be provided in college. I have found it very hard to collect all the aid I need to pay for college. My dream is to succeed, grades help!


Enjoy life now. Simple as that. Throughout high school I was very meticulous and was very concerned about doing everything perfectly. I never missed class, and always gave school one hundred percent. I was always determined to work hard, but it took a real toll on me sometimes. I was always exhausted and would be in bed by seven or eight at night. My senior year I began working as well which made receiving high grades even more difficult. I continued to strive for the Stars Scholarship which was the deciding factor as to whether or not I would attend college. If I graduated in the top fifteen percent of my class, I would receive the scholarship. If not, I would not have the money to attend. Later I learn, I did achieve this scholarship along with several other prestigious awards. I wish that I could tell myself to relax from my stressed out ways. Continue to work hard, but it all pays off. Every bit of it. I would never want to change anything I did so I would make sure that my high school self would stick with it! Every second is work it, so enjoy life now.


College opens up endless possibilities for the future. It enables you to explore careers, meet people, step out of your comfort zone, and grow as a person. At college, academics should be first priority. Place your course work above your social activities to achieve your goals and position yourself for a successful career. Use the resources on campus, like tutoring or study sessions to help with challenging courses. Try to work ahead whenever possible, which reduces stress and allows you to submit your best work. Campus life is also an important aspect of college. Explore campus organizations, attend special events, volunteer, and spend time with friends. You might even consider studying abroad to enhance your college experience. All of these opportunities help you develop as a person, so don’t be afraid take some risks. You may discover wonderful things you never knew about yourself. College life is certainly a balancing act, but the rewards help shape the rest of your life. Be diligent in school, but also allow yourself to fully experience campus life. As you immerse yourself in your studies and explore campus opportunities, you will become a capable, confident graduate, ready for amazing possibilities in your future.


The advice I would have given my former self is to apply myself more and take every oppurtunity you could to better yourself for your community and your own future.


After knowing about how college life is and how to transition into college I wish I could go back in time as a high school senior to give myself some advice. The first thing I would advise myself is to save money for college. Saving money is a good idea because finding another job could take awhile, also college tuition is expensive. Another advice I would advise myself is search for more scholarships. This advice to me is very important because scholarships can help lower the amount of money used in student loans and will not put students in a lot of debt. My last advice I would tell myself is stay focus on school work and be prepared to work hard in college. College is harder than high school and should be taken serious. I believe my advice would have helped me in numerous ways. If I could I would go back in time and give myself the advice of college life I experienced.


Don't take school easy


If I could go back in time and give my highschool-self a pep-talk, I would tell myself to start volunteering from day 1 instead of waiting to be "settled in." In college, I have realized that I thoroughly enjoy serving others and giving back to the community. What I love best is making people laugh, and I would tell my highschool-self to smile at strangers from day 1, because smiling lets people know that you are a kind, friendly person. I believe that it is very important to be optimistic and I would tell my highschool-self to not wait for others to answer a question first in class. There is no need to wait until I am "comfortable" in the class to speak up. Instead, let your voice be heard from day 1 and don't be afraid to say something that might be considered controversial, because that is how to provoke intelligent, thought-provoking discussions. In conclusion, I would tell myself to just be me and heed the wise words of Dr. Seuss, "Be who you are, say what you feel, because those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."


If I could go back in time and give my high school self some advice, it would be not to give up on myself and stay in school because it will be well worth it. Like many teenagers, I could not wait to “grow up” and move out. Instead of finishing high school and earning my diploma, I dropped out and got a job. Luckily, I did have the wherewithal to get my GED, but I did not go to college and get a higher education which was a huge mistake. It has been fifteen years since I dropped out of high school. Going to college at thirty-three comes with so many additional challenges that you do not have when you are eighteen. First, I had not realized how much information I had forgotten. Second, I work full time and last, my husband and I have four children. As you can image, I do not get much rest. This is my second chance at the education that I should have gotten a long time ago, and in the end, I know that all of this hard work will be worth it.


the advice that i would tell myself is that Every person who begins a college career has a multitude of reasons for doing so. Some people do it because they are expected to get a college degree. Others do it hoping for a better life than they could have without a college degree. I am not entering college for either of these reasons. I am a high school graduate who believes I can do better than I did. Therefore, my reason for beginning college are some what different than the average person starting college for the first time. I have something to prove to myself. I want to prove that I can earn a college degree.


Dear Little High School Senior Me, I know you're earnestly awaiting your college years to begin, but there are a few things you should hear before you take this incredibly cool, incredibly scary leap into mini adulthood. The first thing I want you to take into account is that you need to prepare. Save your money. College has an endless list of expenses and they only pile up. Education should not be a debt sentence; plan wisely. Second, take time to appreciate your family. There have been so many times sitting in my little cubby-hole dorm room when I've wished that I would have let my parents know how much I love them. Don't take them for granted, because when your first week of your freshman year rolls around, you'll feel lonely and overwhelmed. But they'll always be there for you. The third thing I want you hear is this: work your hardest no matter where you end up. Whether you're at your Plan A school or Plan C school, never stop pursuing your dreams. It doesn't matter where you start. What does? Where you finish. That's up to you.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self one piece of advice, I would say to be sure to study. High school was relatively easy for me. I learned the material in class and did not have to devote much time to it after hours. College is a different story. When your teachers tell you that college is hard, they are not trying to scare you. Do not shake it off like my friends and I did. These teachers went to college and they know how truly difficult it is. I would want my high school self to walk into college prepared to give her studies the amount of time that they require and deserve. Doing so would have given me a much smoother transition into college as well as higher grades on my report cards.


I think the best advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to really search myself for what I want to do as a career. This will enable you to get a really concrete idea of what degree you should pursue. I wish I had chosen more carefully and had gone with a degree that had a specific career as its goal (accounting, teaching, etc) so that I could have gone directly from college into that career. I instead chose a degree in a subject that I loved but that does not have a natural-flowing job attached to it. This made finding a good career after college difficult. Choosing a specific career and getting a degree based on that from the beginning would have saved me time and money in the long run.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would definately tell her to apply for more scholarships. I applied for many scholarships but I should have tried to apply for more of them. I would also tell her to join some groups in school and get better acquainted with more people, and to come out of your shyness.


Pressure is large part of college, maybe even more so than in high school. From peer pressure to stress from school work, it can be overwhelming at times but stay strong. Its worth the struggle. You will be tempted by people who you believe to be friends but your strong enough to resist the bad things, you know what they are. However keep in mind these may be the funnest years of your life, so have fun. Meet new friends, try new things but keep a steady head on your shoulders. The world may seem unfair at times but keep in mind that it's not meant too. The world doesn't owe you anything, it was here first. You have to earn what you wish to get. Grades, Green(money), and Girls won't flock to you. You have to go out and get it. So go big or go home, Live your life to the max. Good Luck!!


I would tell Dorothy " congratulations on you upcoming graduation." I would also let her know that achieving her high school diploma is going to be a big accomplishment. And that is just the beginning of her journey. I would let her know she can be anything she wants to be in life. Doctors, nurses, and lawyers are just a few career choices she has to choose from. I will encourage her to start narrowing down her school choices for college early, and to began applying for scholarships and student loans right away. College should be at the top of your priority list of things to accomplish in life. I would also tell her to not allow people or things to distract her from her goals. "Dorothy, I wish you many blessings and much success in your future."


You know how coaches often say you perform like you practice? Well, consider high school as practice and college as the performance. No one who puts forth Second String effort in practice will suddenly become the star player at the game, no matter how much they’d like to. I believe the same can be said for school. If you want to make straight A’s in college, study and make them now in high school. If you want to start an organization that makes a difference in college, start one now; because chances are you will not miraculously become the person you want to be over that one long summer break between Senior and Freshman year. In college, there are endless opportunities to learn, new things to experience, and unique people to meet; and there’s no harm in looking forward to all of this, but don’t let looking forward to the future fool you out of doing things now. So, to myself as a high school Senior, I would say don’t be the player who fumbles the ball, be everything you want now so that you’ll be the star player in college from the start.


Unfortunatley, I had to drop out of highschool against my own choosing. So if I could go back to the time when I would have been a high school senior, I would tell myself to save as much money as I can for college! College is extremly fun (and of course educational.) but very expensive. I have to work full time to support myself as well as the costs of books and tuition. With doing that I miss out on a lot of things that I would love to do on campus, that also could open new doors when I graduate. On the more humorous side of things, I would also let my highschool self know that you need to pick your roommate carefully, make sure your roommate has short hair so you don't step in it everytime you shower!


As a high school senior, I was extrememly nervous that I would pick the wrong college and go somewhere that I truly hated. As I searched for colleges and went on tours, none of the colleges really felt right until I went to Western Kentucky University. The campus was beautiful and it's distance from home was great. It just felt right. I then visited other schools such as University of Kentucky, but none felt as good of a fit as WKU. Later in the year I struggled with whether or not Western would have the right kinds of majors and minors I was looking for and second guessed my choice. Choosing WKU has so far been the best decision I have made and I can't see myself anywhere else. If I could go back, I would tell myself to just go with what feels right and don't stress out so much!


I would tell myself not to be so worried about what people though.


Investigated my educational goals before I graduated an set up online courses while in the military to have a career an not just a job.


Definitely apply yourself to your high school studies. It is very important to have a high GPA in order to take full advantage of every opportunity offered at any college.


College is everything people say about it and so much more! I have loved every minute of my college experience. When you first arrive, go out of your way to make friends especially ones that may bring a little diversity to your life! But be careful to also surround yourself with people who will encourage you in your personal views. I went to college, and made lots of friend who believed things I didn't and things I did believe. I love that I have made so many friends with different backgrounds, cultures orientations, and beliefs, but as a Christian, I wanted to also make sure to surround myself with people who would help me through my time in college. I found great friends who I had tons of fun with, but they never once asked me to drink, party, do drugs, etc. Outside of that, work hard. Some classes are really easy and some are super hard. But push through it, and never be afraid to use acedemic resources. And, make sure that you major in something you love, not just something that your parents want or something that will make you lots of money. I love my major!


I would advise myself to research scholarships more and find out how to apply for them. I have had a really hard time finding scholarships and it's frustrating because I have a really good GPA.


Dear Highschool Brandi, You are almost done kid! College is only a couple months away. But listen up, because I have some good pointers for you! I have put them into an organized list, because I know how we both love lists. Tip Number One: GET INVOLVED! You will be bored out of your mind if you just sit in your dorm all day, every day. Join clubs, play intramurals, go greek! Do anything you can to better your college experience! Tip Number Two: MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY! In high school, I know it was easy to slide by without doing your homework one night or without studying for a test. However, college is a whole different ball game! You have to learn how to manage your time and set your priorities. After you figure this out, college is a breeze. Tip Number Three: TAKE A BREATH! Sometimes, you are going to feel like you want to just quit. College can be tough, especially after getting involved and taking difficult classes. YOU CAN DO IT! Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just take a minute, sit back, relax, and breathe. You going to turn out just fine kid. Love, College Brandi


If someone had told me while in high school to see my obstacles as a test and use them as a learning experience, I think my outlook on applying to colleges would have been far less trying. After applying to three choice colleges, hoping to be admitted to all three I was only accepted to one, the back-up college. After feeling sorry for myself for too long I went to my parents for advice, I was tired of feeling so put down. They told me to reapply, what would it hurt? I agreed with them but I was afraid of the results. A few months after I applied again, I kept telling myself not to think about it. The beginning of July I was starting to get excited about the University I had been accepted to. On July 24 my life took a different route, I was admitted to BYU-Hawaii my first choice. Bringing this back to high school, I wish that I would have known you don't always get what you want. Sometimes you have to try again, while other times you have to be grateful and accept the outcome of what has been given.

John William

My friends and I often discuss how our lives would be different if we would've known in high school what we know now. I would've worked harder to improve my GPA so I could've gotten some scholarships. Honestly, that is the only thing I would change. WKU isn't too big or too small; it's just the right size. It is a party school but I took part in that lifestyle in high school so it wasn't appealing to me anymore once I got to Western. The people I met my first month at WKU will be lifetime friends. My fraternity is very service and academically focused but we still have fun. I recently just finished a cross country bike ride with some of my brothers. We raised $65,000 for the Alzheimer's Association. I would've never had that opportunity if I wasn't who I was in high school. I'm extremely happy with my choices coming into Western Kentucky University.


I would give the advice to study more effeciently, learn how to study. Learn how to manage time more, and also dont schedule 8am classes,it is very hard to wake uup for them! I would tell myself to dont get overwhelmed with all the "fun" school is the most important thing, and keep your GPA as high as possible. I would also tell myself to get out the stage where im use to my mom being around telling me what to do, and grow up and be independent because in college you're on your own. I would make sure to emphasize the point to STAY FOCUSED!


If i could go back in time to talk to my high school self, i would tell myself not to worry about college. I would tell myself that it is really enjoyable and you will do fine. I would also tell myself to prepare more. One way that i could have better prepared is by taking more dual credit classes offered by Western Kentucky University. I would have also told myself to find more scholarships and fill them out.


Dearest Little Lusie, I have some tips for you, via a parody song to the tune of “Being Alive,” from Company: You should just make the change now; Theatre really is swell. Otherwise you'll have to wait In some other hell And graduate late; Accept how things are. Also, that boy there is gay, And that one, and that one is, too. They might know you back to front, But they can't love you The way that you want; Accept who they are. Love who they are. You will find classes you love, You will find teachers you hate - But if you hold on, you'll grow, And you can create Much more than you know! Trust that you're clever enough. Trust you'll make peace with your weight. Trust that, if you hold on tight, Some kind twist of fate Will make it all right - Accept who you are! Love who you are, Love who you are, Love who you are! Your life is about to become more magical than you can possibly imagine. Just hold on tight, work hard, and believe with all your might. Love, Older Lusie


Spend a generous portion of your time with your family. I can see you carry pain in your heart; you need to forgive, make this a priority. Unforgiveness is destructive and crippling. Be content in the soil that you were born into and turn your concern toward your neighbor. Perpetually, labor for the good of all and do not loose heart. To sustain this, you will need help along the way and you cannot do this without prayer. God is the source; simply ask Him to guide you. The Lord promises, those who care for the needs others will not go without. So, take time to carefully examine your priorities in life and adjust them accordingly. Build your life upon what is important and all things will fall into place; in this way, you cannot go wrong. Life is a gift. I must share with you, to live in such this way is not easy, but it is worthwhile. Give of who you are, teach by example, build upon truth. In conclusion, do not be shy of faith, hope, and love, for we are all in need of these. Thank you, in advance, for reading my essay.


College is such a radical transition. It’s like jumping headfirst into a pool full of mass information that you can’t possibly understand. Needless to say if I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently. My high school self was naïve and full of dreams of attending an expensive four year college, without the correct finances to do so, just to keep the friendships I had made. The advice I would give my high school self would be to attend a two-year technical college, so I would be able to get my basics out of the way. Then I could apply for a transfer scholarship to keep my finances low. Perhaps if I had done this from the beginning I wouldn’t have gone through three colleges (in three years), or racked up great amounts of debt. I would have found my perfect college from the beginning, a college where I could achieve my teaching degree without difficulty. However knowing all of this has allowed me to advise my little brother and others on what to do when he finally attends college. After all, college is the ticket to a fantastic future!


The advice I would give myself would be that college isn't a joke, do your work and not procrastinate, the professors won't treat you like your in high school because you're in college, you're an adult, it's your responsibility to do the work and turn it in on time and when it is due.


When I was a high school senior all I cared about was playing football. I thought that is what I was going to do in college, so I didnt study and take my education very serious. Then one game during my senior season, I suffered a career ending knee injury. This devastated me to the point of depression because I could no longer do what I loved and all my dreams were now gone. I decided to go to college anyway because that's what people said was the right thing to do, I wasn't so sure. My first semester was tough, I really didn't know how to study. After my first semester I told myself that I would strive for success and be the very best student that I possibly could, so I did. It wasn't easy but I worked very hard and now I have a master's degree and I am working on my doctorate degree. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would explain to myself that sports is not everything, education is much more important and preparing yourself for life through education is vital.


It is a good thing you waited to continue your education. Although three years may seem like a long time, you honestly had no idea what you wanted to do. Although you wasted the three years you took off from school, by working and not saving anything, you managed to continue your education anyway. You're a year into your education at college and it is the best thing that you could have done. My advice to you - it is a good thing you waited.


As strange as it sounds, I would tell high school self to fail. I would tell her to fail over and over again. Why? Simple, what does a person gain from success besides the satisfactory feeling? Nothing compared to what a person recieves when they fail. When a person fails, they gain knowledge and they gain strength. They gain the knowledge to avoid the same mistake in the future. The high school me was so worried about getting the perfect grades and worried about pleasing everyone else. She was so afraid of failing. When I reflect back on it now, I see that I didn't need to stress out. That even if I had failed in certain things, I would learn how to get back up again and be stronger. So every time my high school self would fail, she would get stronger in the end and she would learn that failing is nothing to be afraid of. Transitioning from high school to college is a scary process that can somtimes be so overwhelming. It is easy to fail or make a mistake during this transition process. So to my high school self, "Don't be afraid to fail."


Congratulations! You have officially made it through some of the biggest years of your life. It's sad, getting ready to leave some of your closest friends and family, but you should be more than excited for the opportunities that wait for you! Before you head off, I could tell you multiple words of wisdom for heading out on your own and reaching the best time of your life, but I want to remind you of one thing. Mainly, I want you to be able to remember who you are. You are about to be thrown into a life where people have come from different home lives, religions, and view points on life. Take advantage of the differences and learn, but don't forget your background as well. Don't feel as though you must be ashamed of what you know and believe, but embrace who you are and be open to the new. Challenge what you believe and listen to others. Grow up as a young woman who can stand for herself and you will be rewarded through your college experience more than you could possibly imagine!


The advice I would give myself as a senior would be to work harder in High School, to be prepared for the College Classes. I would also have taken more Duel Credits. At home and in high school my parents were the main decision makers, so I wish I would have became more involved with that, as I struggled a bit at first, with scheduling classes. I also would have told myself to attend all informational sessions at the college, and make as many friends as possible, as I am a shy person.. I would say to think outside the box. Dont be afraid to be away from your family, keep yourself busy with school and other activities, and the most imprtant thing to relieve stress from myself and my family is to stay in touch frequently. Just call or skype them to say Hello. Invite family to the events that you are allowed to..