Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Western Kentucky University?


This is hard for me to answer because I am transferring to WKU this year after obtaining two Associate Degrees from the Communiy College System. Right now I do not have any frustrations with the school. The application process and class scheduling has gone very smoothly. So far, the most frustrating thing is that it is in a different time zone from my home (I live in Eastern Kentucky)!


I don't feel like I learn here-that the professors are teaching to a test and not to their students' needs.


Scheduling classes for the semester to come is really frustrating. For example, registering for upcoming fall semesters is difficult because incoming freshman get to schedule their classes before and during when current students register, which would be during the current spring semester. This causes classes to fill up really quickly, and it's hard to attain the classes that you need to stay on track to graduate. Registering takes a lot of planning to figure out what courses you can take and when. It gets even more stressful when the classes needed are full or not offered for that semester.


The lack of healthier food choices on campus. I think it's very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, especially with a rigorous college schedule, and the food on-campus doesn't really cater to healthy eating habits. It also frustrates me that not a whole lot of the budget is distributed to the Theatre & Dance Department. The building and its facilities aren't what they could be.


The pressure to be in a fraternity. If you are unable to get into one, you can often feel ostrasized by others. Fraternities and Sororities are everywhere and extremely alcohol dependent and I dont reallt wish to be part of that kind of group.


Personally, the most frustrating thing to me about Western Kentucky University so far has been having classes at the very bottom of the hill and then all the way at the top. While I love the workout, when it gets cold I'm going to wish I had classes closer together!


The most frustrating thing about WKU is that there are very few on campus jobs available. I really need to be making some money because school is so expensive, but it's just really tough to find a job.


The lack of places to eat is frustrating. There are not many dining choices on campus. I feel like I eat the same thing every day.

John William

The most frustrating thing about WKU is the on campus food company. Aramark runs all the all campus food and they love to rip off students. The meal plans seem like good deals until they close the cafeterias early and you can't use all of your meal plans. I probably wasted 30 something meal plans because of Aramark.


The financial aid process. It's long and phone calls don't help, you need to go in person to get the answers to the questions that you want to ask.