Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Does your school have a Big Red? No, and that's what is best about my school. Big Red is an embodiment of Western Kentucky University and it's students, and is wonderful at pulling the students and faculty together as one body.


I think that western has a really good way of getting students aquainted with the clubs and communities on campus. It reallys fro students like me who are kind of scared to leave home.


I consider the best thing about my campus is the environment.


The vast amounts of ooppurtunities to learn and grow.


The great people.


I think the best thing about my school is the level of school spirit. We are all so proud to be Hilltoppers. This sense of spirit brings us together as a community. We are a friendly student body and our mascot is even friendlier than we are. Big Red cheers on the teams and we cheer just as enthusiastically.


The teachers are very nice and are willing to help.


Western Kentucky offers an excellent atmosphere for students to meet other students. Western Kentucky also has a very high standard for education and this is extremely important when thinking about college. You do want to go to college to meet people and have fun but your number one goal is to receive a high quality education, this is exactly what you will receive at Western Kentucky.


The campus, professors and the variety of students. So far I just love the way everything is set up in my university!


I think the best thing about WKU is the spirit. We have our strange beloved mascot that brings out the Hilltopper in all of us.


The best thing about the school is the campus. They have everything on campus you need and there is no need to leave so it helps to keep you focus on your school work


I could get my undergratuate and graduate degree at the same school.


WKU has a beautiful campus. It is always an enjoyable walk from class to class because you are surrounded by beautiful architecture and scenery.


The best thing about the school is how comfortable you feel when you first attend. By attending master plan, and with the mass majority of clubs you may join making friends and feeling at ease that your at college couldn't be done any better than WKU.


The FOOD is awesome here! We have so many places to choose from on-campus & off campus! We have an ID card called our "Big Red" card & depending on how many meal plan dollars or Big Red dollars you have you can basically eat anywhere you want around campus!


Just has a very pretty campus, allows people to enjoy their surroundings and want to be there.


The best thing about WKU is the willingness of the entire faculty to see each student succeed. The number one priority at WKU is each student's personal success and the dedication the professors exhibit is remarkable, not to mention each professor's enthusiasm for his/her teachings.


The best thing about my school in my opinion would have to be the size of the school. It's not to big nor to small. It's just the right size. It's big enough for a student to get away from a roommate for awhile if needed. There are busses that take students all over campus, so we don't even have to walk, unless we want to.


People are willing to help each other.


At Western Kentucky University i consider the best thing about my school, has to be the campus life. I feel very welcomed when I first attened the college. I feel as though it is a family oriented school. People speak when you walk by that you dont even know. That's what I think is the best about my college.


The best part about Western Kentucky is the atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and supportive of each other. There's always something happening, and everything is very clean. The campus is well designed, and facilities are always changing to accommodate the growing number of students. University activities are always fun, and it's great to participate in them and meet new people.


Most of the teachers I've had are the greatest. It's a unfortunate draw to get a teacher who isn't really into the students. I've never had a bad run in wth another student and they all seem to be good kids. It's not a bad school for a little town. We have great school spirit even though our football team is terrible and our science and journalism programs are the best!!!! :) :)


I consider the emphasis that my school has on mathematics and sciences to be the best characteristic about it. As a soon to be secondary mathematics teacher, I appreciate what the school has done, financially to help out the department. I also consider the distinguished professors to be another of the greatest qualities about my school. Western Kentucky University is fortunate to have acquired such brilliant minds to help enlighten it's students.


Having fun


The best thing about my school is it's diverse environment. This school allows you to meet and interact with other students from all over the world. Its fun to learn more about other cultures other than your own.


I think the best thing about WKU is probably the class sizes. Like in high school, your class size is probably about 30:1 ratio. This makes it a whole lot easier to relate to other classmates and to the professors. It also makes it more comfortable to ask questions if you don't understand. The professors at Western Kentucky University want you to succeed. And they are willing to do all that they can do to make that happen.


The hands-on-experience associated with the Agriculture Department. We not only learn in the classroom but get to perform skills and see first-hand how to care for animals. Our near 800 acre university farm 4 miles from campus has allowed me the opportunity to work on the farm and go to school at the same time.


The best thing about Western Kentucky University would have to be how comfortable the community is. The transistion from living at home to living on campus is fairly easy considering how closely you'll bond with the people you meet and how easily accessible everything is. Leaving campus is never really necessary- it's like it's own little city, really, and everything you need is located convieniently. The quality of the classes and the teachers are good all around; Western doesn't especially excel in any field or lack in any. Everything is good all around.


The best thing about Western Kentucky University is definitely the school spirit. Our motto is "The Spirit Makes The Master." Our mascot is the hilltopper, and by looking at the alumni you can tell that once you're a hilltopper, you're a hilltopper for life. The campus is like a small community of friends and peers all striving to meet the same goals... succeed and achieve.


The amount of international students and learning oppurtunities. There is a large international program so there are many students from many different countries and many ways for students to go abroad. Because the area the school is in does not have a lot of diversity it is really nice that the school has taken steps to become more ethnically diverse and give the students more oppurtunities to interact with students from different countries, religions and walks of life.


The best thing about WKU is the closness between students. This is a very close-knitt school. Even though WKU is getting more and more popular, Everybody seems to know who everyone else is. It makes going here completely comfortable.


The friendly people is probably one of the best things about school. Most of the students at Western are very personable and although academics is the most important part of college it also helps to have people along the way that you can share experiences with in the classroom and just in free time also.


The best thing about WKU was definitely the professors in my department. They were fantastic and I could always talk to them openly if I had problems or if I just wanted to further discuss what we talked about in class.


I like the small class sizes. I like that its a big University but doesn't feel as overwhelming as The University of Kentucky. Bowling Green is a nice town with anything I could ever want, without the feel of a huge city.


I absolutely love the campus, everything about it. I love how close I live to my classes and the campus horticulture is gorgeous. I grew up around a very large college campus and hated it. Western's campus is just the right size. I really do like everything about the campus.


The campus


The campus. I just like it... it's hilly, but pretty.


The campus is awesome and the workout facility is top-of-the-line.


I consider the Honors College the best thing about WKU. It has really helped me stayed involved and engaged on campus. Because of the Honors College, I have a new appreciation for life and other people. I am so glad I joined because I have met people with the same academic and social goals that I have.


I love the spirit here. Even though it's kind of big- everyone seems to have that group of people they hang out with and go to games with. We have a great cheering section and everyone loves our mascot - BIG RED!


updated materials for students to study and well-equipped computer labs


The best thing about WKU is the courses offered. At WKU the faculty works cery hard to make sure you get what you pay for. Most classes are small, less then 40 people, and the professors really encorage questions and comments from students in class. If ever I have found myself struggling in a class, my professors are happy to meet with me one on one and are willing to spend an adequate amout of time with me to help me understand.