Western Michigan University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is very diverse and has many different majors to choose from.


Western Michigan University is a place where you can be yourself and you're encouraged to try new things.


Western Michigan University is holistic experience to become a well rounded and top notch professional!


Western Michigan University is a public university that reinforces the beliefs of hard work, originality, and being environmentally resposible.


Western Michigan University is a public school that offers many major opportunities and has a very excellent learning enviornment, but has a low graduation rate because of the upseting expectaions of the school from to much focus on partying.


Western is a fairly big and lively school with an incredible engineering program that is quickly surpassing many of the top technical schools in the Midwest and attracting a variety of students.


A broad and brilliant education is available to any student on this campus.


Western Michigan University is a prestigious and accredited school full of opportunities and blessings, but one can only fully appreciate what it has to offer if they do not have their head in the toilet.


Incredible learning environment that has many resources to achieve your goals and an equal amount of trained staff to provide assisstance wherever possible.


Western Michigan Univeristy has a stong school spirit, friendly student population who are very invloved in their school, in the lives of other and the community.


A typical big college that you would find on T.V.


Enthusiastic, engaging, amazing, student oriented and perfect for someone who likes to be involved with more than 300 registered student organizations.


I love the campus. People are extremely friendly, and they try to help you as mush as possible. There is a lot to do on campus in terms of activities and such. I am really enjoying the experience.


Western Michigan is a school that transforms your life, and gives you the opportunity to explore, grow, and become more independent.


Western is has a diverse campus and is very friendly. Its professors are helpful when you ask.


Transferring to WMU was hands down the best decision I ever made.


A very diverse college with many brilliant minds gathered from around the different parts of the world, all working together to succeed in their classes and to go on to the next level.


It is close to my family and friends.


The greatest four to five years of your life.


WMU is a large school but do not be intimidated because it has a lot of resources and a great faculty to help you accomplish your academic goals.


Western Michigan University is a great medium sized university that offers a great experience along with a great education.


Western is a great education school that is underrated by many individuals.


Western Michigan University is an excellent school with great professors and a very helpful staff who try their best to make sure each and every student is doing well.


A fun place, with geat people and great professors who will always go out of their way to help you achieve your goals.


The idea of spending four or more years in college was originally making me cringe, but due to the many people, from students to staff, that have impacted me so far, WMU has presented me with so many opportunities and assisted me in believing that I can, and will, be successful in any area I choose to study.


Western Michigan University is a great place to develop close friendships, learn about diversity and leadership, and advance academically toward a career of your liking.


WMU is absolutly amazing!


It is a beautiful, unique, interesting, and fun place to better my education and allows for a lot of diversity while still allowing for individuality.


WMU is an amazing school with something that appeals to everyone.


Western Michigan University offers oppertunity close to home.


It is a very friendly enviroment where a student could stray off a successful path, however, the university's programs and classes do keep you in line.


Western Michigan University is a school with friendly, accepting people and a faculty that are interested in your academic success.


Wastern Michigan University.


Western Michigan is a great place to meet people, learn the field you are interested in and start you adult life.


There's an amazing fine arts program but outside of that, the student body generally involves a lot of idiocy, binge drinking, drug abuse, and other fun things of this nature.


Western Michigan University is an extremely underrated university that offers a much greater education than some of the students would be willing to admit.


The professors I've had at Western Michigan University are incredibly intelligent, passionate, and inspirational, and I've learned so much from them, but the students are what brings it down - generally speaking, they seem to lack direction, drive, and respect.


Western is a place to have fun and get a decent education; not a place to save money.


WMU is a great size for a university; it allows students of every race and color to unite in the pursuit of higher education and to also become part of a community that helps all of the students to grow both personally and professionally.


A fun environment where people are friendly and willing to help.


It's a great day to be a bronco!!!!!


There is a lot of focus on the off-campus excitement and culture, but still a focus on school--however, it is easy to become unmotivated.


Western Michigan is a big school with big opportunities, and you make your experience the way you choose to live it.


fun but challenging


A fun laid back place to learn, but with serious instructors and serious coursework. As well as a great nightlife for those both old enough to drink and not.




My school is a fun and relaxed community of diverse students and faculty. I beleive the environment has something for everyone.


Western could be much better with small improvements


Badly organized, and recovering from a horrible former president, but hopeful. Not enough parking, not enough financial aid, and def not good enough professors outside the specialized departments, to which I thankfully belong. If it were not for the Theatre Department and how wonderfully it is run, I would never dream of going to Western.


Western is fun and offers a lot of things to it's students.