Western Michigan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I am in the aviation program, so I'll say we are in the top three in the country in that program




Western is best known for being an aviation school.


We have many traditions that we take part in on game day for football and one in particular that we do every wednesday. We call it Western Wednesday and it is mainly sponsored by our Registered Student Organization (RSO) called Western Student Association which acts as our student council. All students have to do is wear Western Gear and show up at the flagpoles (a central spot on campus) usually between the times 12-3pm and they will receive free stuff! Every week is different, sometimes it's food, other times it is pins and chapstick, you never know but that is what makes it fun! Other RSO's join regularly in the fun and games and sometimes the location changes but it can all be tracked online and is easy to follow!


Tailgating is one of the most fun things to do at Western! On east campus where the football stadium is located, students, alumni, and even friends and parents gather together and tailgate before the games and it is a blast!




Western Michigan University is widely known as the party school. So very few people believe me when I say that I had no idea of its reputation when I applied.


WMU is well known for their education and aviation programs, though the music and theatre programs are also very highly regarded. Western is also known for the friendliness of the students and faculty, the great cafeteria food as well as having a great hockey team.


The Aviation Program is one of the best in the country. Also, the Imaging program is doing very well, and is offered few other places in the state. Alot of people also come to Western for Education and Medical degrees. Both programs turn out great prospective employers. There are also many great ways to get involved on campus, including an increasing number of RSO's. The class sizes are great. Most classes have about 30-40 students in them, whichs the students and trachers interact with eachother more.


My school is best known for having more than 300 orginazations that students can enjoy. You can easily meet new people and find new friends. When I first arrived here at Western, I didn't know anyone but only one person. Once I started classes and began to socialize with others, I began to me new friends and who knows, we may even be friends for a lifetime. This school is very diversed and it doesn't just celebrate one culture neither. Western takes the to time celebrate all other culture's as well. Makes every student feel at home.


Western Michigan University would be best know for the students work ethic. Students who excel in academics are proud to say they went and gradurated from Western University. I only hope when i attend Western i can be one of those students who excel and go far in life.


Honestly I don't know what my college is known besides the fact that it is sometimes referred to as a party school, but I fell that depends on each individual. During my time here I never went to a party and never planned on going to one either because I'm staying focused on what is most important, which is my education. Actually I don't even here a lot about parties now that I'm on campus either, so I have no idea what Western is known for.


Aviation & Engineering College as well as Theatre & Music. But we have a great College of Education and Health and Human Services. We have a bit of a reputation for "partying" but that's been changing.


Our school is best known for our bussiness and aviation. We are also well known for Excerscise Science. And don't forget binge drinking.


Western Michigan University has many great colleges withing the University. Our music program is one of the best in the nation. It takes alot of practicing, endurance, and patience to keep up with auditions, lessons, and all of your other classes. WMU is also known for our Engineering program. They have their own campus off of main campus, with up-to-date technology and beautiful buildings.


My school is known for its Visual and Performing Arts college and college of Business. Western Michigan University is also known for its Psychology program. Personally I feel like no matter what your major is, Western is a wonderful college that provides a solid education for all.


This school is best known for its diversity and wide range of competitive programs.


The aviation college!


In the present state of the economy (2009 - 2010), my school has maintained its image of being a place where students can come to learn and be taught while also providing opportunities for students to express themselves to each other, faculty and staff, and the community in productive and constructive ways. It is not impossible to find someone who may like to party a little too much compared to the commonly held view of what being a student means. However, these "partiers" are given the opportunity to grow through these years with encouragement, grace, and dignity.


We have excellent aviation, engineering, business, and education schools. The students are fun and easy going too.


WMU is best known for putting its students first. It is committed to helping its students save money, while earning a degree quickly. Each student who maintains a 3.0 or greater GPA in their first year will receive a $500 scholarship when they return the following fall. Western students who stay on campus, room and board costs stay the same for all four years. Academic advisors move the students smoothly and quickly through their degree programs, ensuring the courses are available to prevent delays in completing their programs.


Honestly, it's known for the parties and the fun times here.


My school is best known for its teaching program and engineering programs. We also have Aviation which is the third in the nation! It is also called Wastern, which is a horrible nickname.


My school Western Michigan University is best known for the College of Aviation. It is ranked top three aviation programs in the nation. Western does not only offer courses in aviation but it also give students the chance to experience flight training. There is one-on-one instructor training and students get a well rounded education as well.


My school has one of the best aviation programs in the country.


I think my school is best known for the sporting events. I can remember coming up to watch them when I was in high school and it was always so much fun and sucha good time.


Western Michigan University is best known for its alcoholic consumption from those stranger to its welcoming campus. But it is my belief, that those who find a home here on these now familiar grounds to myself and others, will recognize it for its close community atmosphere. Western Michigan University has small to medium sized classrooms, friendly staff and students, campus activities, student involvement, and has spent much time putting resources into their residence halls atmosphere (along with thoroughly training their resident assistants). Western Michigan University is best known for its community and the way you feel at home on campus.


I would say our school is best known for its engineering college and the performing arts department.


The engineering and aviation programs are stellar compared to other schools. Of course we're known to through some ridiculous sorority and fraternity parties. Also, the jazz program is also another department that has distinguished WMU from other schools. Most universities don't have an adequate school of music.




Western Michigan University in my eyes is best known for being a good research school, with lots of oppertunites to further ones hand on expierances. I feel WMU is also a very socialy based school where friends help friends and even people you don't know in need, with out pushing on personial boundrys.


Engineering, aviation, and business programs.


Our track team, alcohol consumption, new buildings, and being in Kalamazoo.


Working hard and playing hard.


Western Michigan University is best know for its reasearch, schools such as the college of Aviation and the town of Kalamazoo where it is located.


Aviation, Art, and Engineering.


Western Michigan University is best known for our prestigous business school, unique speech pathology and audiology program, as well as increasing the number and quality of health care professionals.


Sadly, it's probably best-known for its parties in the "student ghetto" and "fraternity village".


Strong academics, weekend partying.


Business, Engineering, "party school"


I dont think it really is know for anything.


Whether we win or lose we still booze.


I believe Western Michigan University is best known for it's business college. It was the reason I decided to attend WMU, I had heard it was one of the best in Michigan. Once here, I found that it was very popular for it's food marketing program, which I plan to enter my junior year.


In the state of Michigan, WMU is considered a party school as described by the nickname "Wastern". However, on a national level WMU is known as one of the top research-based institutions in the country.