Western Michigan University Top Questions

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My school is extremely well known for a lot of their programs and are in the top 10 in multiple programs around the country.


My school has an aviation program that ranks in the top 3 in the Nation.


This one is close to home for me


Western Michigan University has it all--gorgeous campus, excellent academics, brilliant faculty, and great student services. The dorms are a blast!! Campus rec facilities rock, and staff in financial aid, career services, and the health center really help students succeed and have a fantastic college experience. Beyond these great assets, the students are what make WMU unique. WMU is a major research university, but the students build a super friendly and close-knit community. Whether you're walking across campus, sitting in class, hanging out in the union, or cheering on the Broncos--everywhere you go you'll have friends.


Western is located in the town in which I was raised. The kalamazoo area provides the Kalamazoo Promise which is a privately funded scholarship for students who graduate from the Kalamazoo Public School System; which is a great opportunity for my four children.


The school I am going to now is known for it's education I program. Since I am going into special education, I considered a college that I could get a good education from, as well as a degree that looked good when I went to find a ob in the future.


Compared to other schools I considered Western Michigan University was slighly smaller. It is still a 4 year college, but I can feel comfortable in even in my lecture classes and it was easy to learn my way around campus.


It was the closest school to home. I live 15 minutes from the university which is why I chose it. I am too poor to live in the dorms or in an apartment so I am living at home with my siblings and single mom.


Western Michigan University has a seperate compus strictly for Engineering. This campus is state of the art and is far more advanced than the other college campus' I visited. The enginering campus programs is one of the 11 areas designated by the state as a Michigan SmartZone for economic development. I am a baseball player and WMU recruited me to play on their baseball team as a pitcher. They had an excellent campus security set up and the food here is fantastic! I like the area of the city the campus is located in.


Western Michigan University opens their campus to students of many different nationalities and tallents. As a part of the Dance Department at Western, I have gotten the oppertunity to meet many people and expand my horizons as an artist and performer. Western also provides the classes I need to take in order to continue my education. One day I hope to become a Physical Therapist, helping others has alays been my dream. With the dance education I will have recieved and the rest of my Physical Therapy training ahead of me, I hope to change the lives of people everywhere!


One of the biggest unique factors about my school is that I feel as though wherever you go on or around campus there is always somebody that you know. It's not a huge school or a small school. People here are so outgoing and it is so easy to meet new people anywhere you go.


It's medium sized with high academic success rate and it is semi-close to home.


we have a beach nearby for the summer, snow and snowboarding for the winter, thriving downtown entertainment, students get free admission to sporting events.


Our school is much friendlier and more homey feeling than the other schools I considered.


Something that is unique about Western Michigan University is that it is very diverse. There are students from all over the world from Afganistan to the Dominican Republic. At school there is an International Festival held every year. This festival includes a host of food, fun, and games from over twelve different countries. Each station at the festival has a table where you can go view poster boards, pictures, and sometimes video footage of each country that is avaliable. Its a great way for people to learn something from another culture.


Western is a great school, with plenty of social and academic activities for everyone. It's basically whatever you make out of it. If you want to party, you will find plenty of places to go. If you want to focus on your career and future, the schools gives you lots of opportunities to meet potential employers and focuses your education on getting a job.


The campus is the perfect size for me, not too bit, not too small. There are a lot of trees and grassy areas to sit and hang out and also a pond and park area. The campus is well maintained and beautiful in the summer time with fountains and flowers everywhere. It just really caught my attention when I came for a visit in the summer time. Everything on campus is about a 15-20 min walk from anywhere else and there are several stores in close proximity as well as some resturants located on and off campus.


It has a relatively new engineering college.


Whats unique about my school is that it is a small school but we are a research school which means that we are very hands on and do a lot of analyzing, and projects to enhance our learning.


The school has a variety of interests and a variety of different people. THe school is very racially diverse and is open to new ideas and interest groups. The one thing that i have always liked about western is the people and that they are very down to earth people.


I only considered Western.


I chose between Western Michigan University and Michigan State University. Western appealed to me because of the environment and friendliness of the people here. Western also gave me the chance to be away from my home in Lansing


Western Michigan is one of the only school's in Michigan that offers some programs in it's business college. For example, Advertising and Promotion, as compared to Michigan, and Michigan state that offer these programs in their communications college . Thisg gives Western a bit of an advantage and incentive for students who are seeking a career path in Advertising an edge, because of have a buisness degree andf background.


Western Michigan University is a great school surrounded by a great city. Not only are the class sizes perfect the campus is absolutley beautiful. I love walking to class and seeing the beautiful waterfalls and statues. Not only that, all buildings are in the same area so you don't have to walk a million miles to get to class. The city of Kalamazoo is beautiful and has so many great building and things to do!


Smaller campus, but still a larger school with diversirty in off-campus living.


Western has an AMAZING library. It is three stories with a basement, and VERY accommodating for study purposes. The buildings are also very unique, with each one different from the others and dedicated to a special alumni. During the orientation program, you also find out many random, fun facts about Western as well that I find stand out from other universities. Lastly, I am from a small town, so outside of Western there are a lot of things to offer in Kalamazoo. Everything is at my fingertips.


Smaller class sizes and campus. I also had a better deal with financial aid. Not too close or too far from home. Good study abroad program.


The focus on sciences and arts. Western has one of the best Theatre programs in the country. We also have great engineering and chemistry programs, as well as one of two Universities in the country that offers a paper science program.


It is a medium sized school, research based and is very underrated when it comes to its accomplishments. I think it deserves more credit.


My school is unique compared to the other one I chose because of a program it offered. It was an honor program for intelligent people, you had to go to the school earlier and compete to get it. You got to take special classes just for the honors' and would really help you out when looking for a job. I got accepted, although ended up not joining it.


The arts are excellent at Western, though they do not get nearly enough student support. We have the third best theatre program out of all the public schools in the country, and for who and where and what we are, that is magnificent.


IIt is very well known for the programs that it offers! Students know that by graduating from WMU in certain programs they will be guaranteed a very nice job!


It's not just the school, it's the city that surrounds it, gives it a city enviroment with a small town feel with the school that fits right in between


It has a lot of focus on the arts, such as theatre


The most unique thing about WMU is the amount of international students, and the way the locals accept them and socialize to make them feel welcome.


Western Michigan is its own society with campus life, when school starts up again students get engulfed by all the activites that surronds them. Western has the reputation of being the biggest party school in Michigan, but every school has their social aspects, Western's is just more prominent


It's really easy going. People are willing to make friends with many different people. The campus seperates all the kids, the liberal kids live near downtown and the conservative kids like on the west side of campus. But on campus everyone gets along.


There are too many open- ended questions. Nobody wants to type all of that for a survey.


If you do not consider WMU as one of your choices for college, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. I encourage you to take a tour of the campus and see what it has to offer. I promise you will not regret it.




The Valleys - Valley 1,2 & 3 Residence halls are the party CENTRAL! The Valleys are all freshman and the furthest from central campus, but the hypest. Constant party and meeting new people all the time!


I love WMU with all my heart! I will always remember my time spent here. I have met people that here I expect will be my life-long friends. I will be proud to show off a degree with Western Michigan University written on it! I have learned a lot about myself and about others while at WMU. All in all, I love WMU! GO BRONCOS!


Western use to be cool, now the people suck. any cool girl has a boy friend, all the dude are douce bags and people aren't friendly anymore, not like when i started in 2002. i wouldn't recomend going to this school if you could go somewhere else that isn't worse, but i guess thats the obvoius. in michigan i'd say for maximum fun and education i would go to MSU first then U of M then WMU then maybe grand valley. your welcome for typing this much.


Your survey covered many of the concerns students will have.




This school needs to learn to close down more often. We've had to walk to class on days when it was -10 degrees Farenheit outside. Because the president was speaking and didn't want to reschedule. What the hell is that bullshit? I almost froze my nose off, and my eyes were sticking together when I blinked.


If you plan on attending Bronco Bash, held at the very beginning of the school year, you really don't need to buy pens. The businesses and student organizations that set up booths for Bronco Bash hand out zounds of pens that can last well into the next year of college. Also, buy snow boots. Oh! And if you like soup, go to the Draper carryout. They have the best soups Ever.