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Western Michigan University

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Describe the dorms.

I lived in the Honors Dorms in Ackley Hall located in Valley 1 and I loved it. I would not have wanted it any other way. Most people think about crazy honors students that have no lives, lock themselves in their room to study for a test that is a week away and have lights out by 8:30pm, but that wasn't my experience at all! 5th floor Ackley was so inviting; everyone kept their doors open, there was always someone to offer help if you needed it and we all had a common interest, succeeding in school! If anything, living on an honors floor brought all of us closer together even though there were only a couple of us who shared the same major, but that is what made it so much fun; everyone was their individual person but at the end of the day we all shared a common interest too! There are all kinds of special interest housing on WMU's campus including fine arts, aviation, engineering and even some for students who are committed to a more intense lifestyle, signing to exercise regularly and getting close facilities for it!

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Everyone should experience dorm life!! I loved the dorms and made some of my best friends and best memories there. It is so neat to live with so many kids that are your age, in your classes, and have things in common with you.

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