Western Michigan University Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


I am a working student on weekends so my weekends usually involve an 8am on friday morning (due to my major) followed by perhaps a few more classes. I usually finish up with classes around noon (remember most students don't even have friday classes!) and then make my way to work for around 6 hours. I will finish up there and head home for a break. Do some homework, make some dinner, watch some TV and then I usually head to my sorority house. There I hang out with my family where some girls get ready and go out to late dinners, parties, dates, movies etc., and others stay home and enjoy the company of one another. That is what I usually do seeing that I am up by 7am at the latest on Fridays. On saturday morning I sometimes go to work until about 4 then I head off to my other job working as a waitress where I work a shift from late afternoon to (sometimes) early mornings. Sunday is a lazy day for me, I get to sleep in and then do homework and in the evenings I usually have meetings to attend and sometimes do a late dinner with my close friends. Keep in mind, most students wouldn't put themselves through this kind of lifestyle but I enjoy being busy for the most part. Last year I had a lot more down time and found myself hanging out with next door neighbors and floor mates in the dorm. It was equally as fun and I know that there is always something to do no matter what kind of person you are!

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