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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular organizations on campus are the Fraternity's and Sororities. I'm involved in Pi Kappa Alpha which is a new fraternity on campus. Besides parties Western Michigan's sporting events are the most popular things on campus. We have a hockey team who is ranked in the top 10 in the nation, so there games are always packed


The most popular organizations on campus are the Fraternity's and Sororities. I'm involved in Pi Kappa Alpha which is a new fraternity on campus. Besides parties Western Michigan's sporting events are the most popular things on campus. We have a hockey team who is ranked in the top 10 in the nation, so there games are always packed


The most popular organizations on campus are the Fraternity's and Sororities. I'm involved in Pi Kappa Alpha which is a new fraternity on campus. Besides parties Western Michigan's sporting events are the most popular things on campus. We have a hockey team who is ranked in the top 10 in the nation, so there games are always packed


WMU has a very extensive Greek life on campus. Sororities and fraternities have their own village where students live and have many social functions. There are also many student organizations in which new students can get involved. One of the largest organizations on campus is CAB(campus activities board).www.wmich.edu/cab/


The LGBT group is always doing things to raise awareness and many people are involved. The religious groups are also really popular. Sports are obviously a big part of campus life. The football team and the hockey team are really popular as well as the ultimate frisbee team oddly enough. Many people are involved with ultimate frisby and are really dedicated. I'm involved in the Lee Honors College, I help fundraise for certain events at the school and provide community service often. Students in dorms definitely leave their doors open because everyone's trying to meet new people and making new friends. Athletic events are a big deal, if students aren't at the event they're watching it on t.v. Guest speakers are popular only if the speech topic pertains to the student's major. Theater provides shows often enough that many students will catch a show at least once a month but not every single show. Being a freshman, most people my age aren't really into the dating scene. Dating is more casual and low key. I met my closest friends through living in the dorms. I knew a couple people from my hometown but I mainly hang out with people that live in my dorm. I also met a few friends through classes and that has stemmed great relationships. People stay up until 2am all the time, some possibilities would be playing video games, studying, watching a movie, drinking, anything really. It's not really an oddity to be up that late but it's not for everyone especially if you have an early class the next morning. Theres homecoming for football every year and a Western vs. Central game which is a huge rivalry, there's always a large celebration and preparation for that game. St. Patrick's Day is also an extremely large production within the Western community each year. People party Thursday, Friday and Saturday typically but most people don't go out every day of the weekend but it is definitely available. Fraternities throw parties every weekend so they are popular for that, but they are not necessary if you don't want to join. The last weekend I was at Western I went to Art Hop on Friday which is a small art show downtown and after that I went to a friends and we walked to a party close by. On Saturday I walked to a friends house for a party. There is often live music in downtown Kalamazoo that can be enjoyable, there's also art shows sometimes at the KIA and sometimes theater shows at Miller Auditorium. Dorms will also have activities planned sometimes like a game night or something the R.A.s come up with. Off campus I go to concerts, walk around in downtown Kalamazoo, go to friends' houses or apartments and shop.


There are a lot of things in Kalamazoo for you to do besides just things on campus. There are a lot of discounts that students can receive just by being a WMU student. A lot of restaurants offer specials for students, movie theaters, the bowling alleys, you name it. Also, Miller Auditorium offers shows all the time. Last year the broadway show Wicked came to WMU and students get half off of tickets! I met my closest friends in the dorms and through Greek life. People party at WMU just as much as any other school.


There are many student organizations some that have to do with similar interests among students, others are geared to help students be better prepared to land a job after graduation. There are also many bars/restaurants at or near campus if you want to go out and meet people


Some of the most popular student organizations/activities include Greek Life, intramural and club sports, and Registered Student Organizations like CAB (Campus Activities Board), and WSA (Western Student Association). I am involved with a Professional Business Fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, which keeps me very involved within the Haworth College of Business. All the social Greeks are centered around Fraternity Village Dr., which is a cul-de-sac of fraternity and sorority houses which makes for a pretty cool atmosphere if you decide to go Greek. Living in the residence halls last year was a great way to meet people and find my niche as a freshman. Depending on which hall you live in (I lived in Valley 1), most students are friendly and do keep their doors open. Almost all of the roommates I live with this year off campus, I met last year in my hall. Bronco athletics seem to get better and better and fall tailgating and football is a blast. We all know Western hockey is where it's at though. During Homecoming Week student organizations come together for awesome activities, including a Soap Box Derby, sponsored events before the game, and tons of FREE FOOD! You'll quickly learn that your favorite phrase as a college student is "free food." If the party scene isn't what you're after there's tons of stuff to do downtown Kalamazoo and in the Portage area. One memory that always stands out from freshmen year is when we packed into my buddy's car and road tripped to Chicago on impulse, spending the day wandering the city and hitting up Geno's East (the best Chicago pizza). Long story short, there's more things to do and ways to get involved than any one student can handle, which means there's no reason to ever be bored.


There are SO many groups and activities on campus. If you're interested in Greek life, there is a great Greek community. If you are interested in getting involved in sports, there are sports clubs and intramural sports. The Campus Activities Board brings talent and entertainment to campus. One of the best activities on campus is going to athletic events! WMU students get to go to athletic events absolutely free. Football, basketball, and hockey all have energetic and fun student sections. You will never find a lack of something to do at WMU.


Western Student Association is our student run government on Western Michigan University's campus and it holds events weekly, including meetings. WSA meets every Wednesday and is open to all students, which works out well because many of them end up getting involved with the organization in one way or another. Campus Activities Board (CAB) is also very popular on campus; they bring most of the celebrities to campus, including Nick Pike, Ludacris, and Jason Derulo. They are funded by money that enrolled students pay for in a fee that is included in tuition, and because of that most events put on by CAB cost $2 or less! They are fun and creative registered student organization to get involved in on Western Michigan Universities campus, and that is why so many students do! OutSpoken is also a large registered student organization on our campus. They are a group for LGBT students and allies. They hold events that pertain to their mission and close the gap on the stereotypes that still exist for LGBT students. They have the best in mind for all students and I think that is why so many students participate in OutSpoken. You don't have to be LGBT to join; straight students can be allies, which means that they stand for what the organization is doing and for LGBT students. Doors are always open in the resident halls and people are always willing to help. The dining halls hold an annual Thanksgiving feast that is held before school is let out for break and everyone attends. Around 12{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our students are involved in a social fraternity or sorority and many are also involved in fraternitites for their majors, and for honors.


The most popular groups of people on campus are the Greeks, football and basketball players among other athletic groups and then other organizations that are constantly throwing events and being involved on campus. Alpha Kappa Psi Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity, that I am a member of has social, professional and community service events every semester. One of the biggest events that my fraternity hosts is Career Day which is when we have over 100 companies come to our campus who are recruiting for internships and jobs for college students to take advantage of. The best way to get involved and be in the circle of all the events that are going on around campus is to join an organization of your interest.


Are what they're called. I'm in the largest one called WMU squirrel club, yes thats right we go around feeding squirrels


Western has quite a few events on campus. Each department brings in its own speakers/performers fairly often. Normally teachers will encourage students to see speakers for extra credit. I haven't had two many guest speakers in class, I think it would be nice to have more. Their are tons of groups and activities on campus. I've spent much of my time working on campus at the Help Desk, so I haven't quite gotten to involved. But I've been to a few events, and everyone is really cool and open to talking and hanging out.


The Indian Students Association's performance for Western Michigan University's 18th annual International Festival.


I think that there is a big greek community here at WMU. I see lots of girls with greek purses, sweatshirts, etc. walking around campus. I don't live on campus so I don't know much about campus living. When I decided to come to WMU as a out of state student, I had the option of living with my aunt who lives in Portage (which is just a few minutes from Kalamazoo), this makes my tuition cheaper because it's my permanent residence now, and it is cheaper than living on campus, at least as far as I could tell from the cost of room and board plus meal plans!


the athletic teams - especially the football team - get special treatment for sure. the football team gets more funding than any other sport and also get special hotel rooms and such to make them comfortable. there are a lot of great bars in kalamazoo and some fantastic breweries, but i don't think wmu students drink any more than any other college


In the black community - YBM will always be big, different greeks will shine at different times. I think Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma are the two big ones at the moment. I love NSBE, we have many professional development activities for our students. When I was in the dorms everyone left their doors open 2am on a tuesday, either just leaving a bar (Firehouse if any, Tuesday isn't a big day) but I am probably studying, maybe even cramming for a Wed exam CAB always have Miller Movie and other cheap/free events Bronco Bash is something big that happens at the beginning of each year and of course homecoming and at homecoming I always attend the free NPHC Marchdown (black greek stepshow) People party often - Under 21 Thur-Sat, Over 21 Wed-Sun. Any day there is a bar that has a lot of people there Frats/Soros in the black community are important Last weekend I was actually at NSBE's National Convention Saturday Night - Dinner at the Union with live music and then catch a movie at the Rave. Bowling is also fun, other than that there isn't too many close options (1 miniature golf place and no go-cart places within 5 miles)


Sports aren't a huge deal for most people. I know a lot of people who love to go to hockey games and football is popular with some but i think the overall temperature towards sports is luke warm at best. The theatre department is quite good on campus and they put on many good shows each year. WMU also has the Miller Auditorium that shows a variety of shows from comics to broadway. True to the stereo type there is always a party going on somewhere. Each weekend and even most week nights there are numerous students partying, for better or worse. If drinking isn't your thing, there are numerous local things to do as well. Kalamazoo is a vibrant city with many restaurants, theatre, art and many other fun things to do. Since it is a college town many places also offer student discounts, including the movie theatres.


There a lot of large student organizations on our campus. Of course, I have to put a large plug in for Greek Life because I do not know who I would be today without the support of my sisters and the community of people who have taught me what it means to be a leader. As far as other organizations, the Western Student Association and the Campus Activites Board are definitely the largest. WSA is our student government, with senators elected from various organizations on campus and academic colleges. CAB is responsible for concerts, movies, performers, comedians and other large scale events that come to WMU. Theater is also huge on our campus. Our musical theater and theater performance students are an elite group of some of the finest performers I have ever known.


The most popular groups on campus seem to be the greek fraternity/sorority groups around campus. Athletic events seem to be pretty popular, especially ones with rival schools. I met my closest friends through work, and through friends of my brother. If I were awake at 2AM on a Tuesday, it would most likely be either working on a project due wednesday or just getting in from a bar.


The Fraternities and Sororities are all located together on one street consecutively ... one after the other so parties last all night long and party hopping is often encouraged, with students stubling drunk from one frat to the next one after the other. Thirsty thursday, people are getting drunk untill like 1:30 seeing as no one has friday classes here. Friday and Saturday people are often seen drinking at all times of the day, cops dont seem to enforce underage drinking or public drunkeness at all ever and their presence never stops a party NEVER. People just don't seem to care. The student ghetto has the next largest concentration of social connection. Old houses subdevided into small apts. make a huge neighborhood close to the stadium and people party here as much as fraternity row. Smoking happens here more. An apartment complex called the arboretums is the final party central. Free parking, a pool and great fitness center, most parties in an apartment are here, usually people can be seen walking in circles outside listening to see which party to goto. Divine 9 Fraternities and Sororities are not located on frat row and hold their own events at private locations and often promoted on facebook, parties are garunteed to sell out around 12:30 as inflation rises on cover. Most people come to Bigelow cafe, the largest cafeteria on campus to eat and hangout long after they have eaten. Regulars can be seen frequenting the grill and crowing the TV's or Patio-style tables. Also in the fall Bigelow has air-conditioning!


Organizations: Drive Safe Kalamazoo, Campus Activities Board, LGBT (OutSpoken) Groups: Greek Life (Sigma Chi, Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa) Teams: Football, Hockey I'm involved in Draper/Siedschlag Hall Council My freshman year in Henry Hall, my neighbors and I kept our doors open all the time. My experience in D/S is that they do not. Athletic Events are very popular (esp. for the male teams) I met my closest friends by living in the residence halls for 3 years! If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it's because I'm doing homework. If it's nice out we could be playing ultimate frisby or something!! Every year Homecoming is a big eventful week, Senior Citien's Prom at the Bernhard Center, Little Sibs Weekend (1 per semester), etc. Last weekend I got together with friends and did homework. Watch a movie in a friend's room (dorm), play cards, video games, board games, cook fun foods/desserts, play spoons, play sports outside (ex: ultimate frisby, tennis, football) go to a movie for cheap with student discounts off campus, shopping in Kalamazoo, go out to eat at the Union where WMU music studets preform (downtown), CATCH PHRASE (my friends and I love that game!!), etc. Shopping, movies, out to eat, go to friends' apartments, go to work, go to the beach in south haven, etc.


There are a large number of fraternities and sororities, there is the Campus Activities Board, lots of intramural sports and a bunch more groups i probably dont even know about. I am involved in Campus Crusade for Christ or "Cru" which is an interdenominational Christian organization but it is just one of several. We meet once a week in a big group meeting as well as have "community groups" another night. We also have several trips/retreats throughout the year which are an absolute blast! Cru is a group for Christians of all kinds and even those that know nothing about Christianity and are just curious. Students in the Freshman dorms leave their doors open towards the beginning of the year but less as the year progresses so make sure to go and meet people right off the bat. The athletic events are popular because students get in free to every home event. I met my closest friends through Cru. If i am awake at 2am on tuesday im probably watching tv in my dorm while talking to people in AIM. Bronco bash happens every year at the beginning of the year and it is a great way to find out about all the student organizations and get some free stuff. Last weekend in was in Florida on spring break. On saturday nights you can go out to the movies, go sledding in the winter, just hang out at someone's apartment and play games, my friends and i sometimes go to a jazz club and smoke cigars.


Dsk, intramurals, CAB. Students in dorms don't leave their dorms open. Hockey is popular, football is too. Gymnastics and Track isn't. The dating scene bites. I met my closest friends in the dorm in which I live. If I'm awake that early, I would be taking Tylenol PM. Bronco Bash happens each year. People don't care what day it is, they party without reason. Frats and Sororities aren't important. Go to a hockey game on saturday night, or go bowling or to a movie.


i dont know, flag football which most people take quite seriously, most do, sports suck here i dont go to speakers so i don;t know and i don't go to the theater either, playing video games or watching food network, St. patty's day Superbowl Central Western is every other year there use to be a Layfette block party every welcome week til there was a 2000 person riot, people party everyday if going to the bar counts, if you're in one its life everyone else hates them, worked at the bar and got completly hammered of vodka and monster energy drink, there is a comedy club in town you can be the DD you can laugh at drunk people go bowling see movies have sex with women only alcholics can't have fun without booze, i do everything off campus except go to class and the computer lab.


I've noticed Sigma Tau Delta is popular with students who are English majors. I'm involved with the German Table, a group who meets once a week to exchange German culture and language. Dorm students tend to close their doors. Football and hockey are more popular than baseball and basketball. We have a very strong offering of guest speakers and theater. I'm a little old for the dating scene, but I notice students tend to meet in classes. I met my closest friends in classes. At 2am on Tuesday, many students are studying. Traditions include Spirit Day, the Friday before Spring Break, which people take off. Students tend to party about every weekend, starting on Thursday. Frats and Sororities are important to the people involved in them, but they do not rule the campus. Last weekend I went on Spring Break! On a Saturday night one can go to the movies, go dancing, visit friends. Off campus I attend church, go to the great library downtown, and go out to dinner often.


CAB!! Hockey is most popular! Miller is awesome about providing wonderful theater experiences..as well as all the University Theater productions! :-)


WMU is boring.


The students in my hall do not leave their doors open. They did more at the beginning of the year, but as time goes on, it seems fewer and fewer doors are open, though many left unlocked and friends just go in. My closest friends I met either by living with, meeting as Bronco Buddies, or by taking the same class and now we're dating. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm either studying or at my boyfriend's apartment hanging out, possibly studying over there, or watching the History Channel. Everything I do doesn't involve drinking. I don't drink or party, and though I don't have the most extensive social life, I have multiple friends and I like to spend time with them. Often I just go to my boyfriend's apartment or to my friends' apartments off campus. Other things I seem to repeatedly do include go shopping at Meijer late at night, bowling, watch a movie - Theater, Miller, or rented. When it's nice outside, its awesome to go to East campus and look out over Kalamazoo.


I'm involved with the Bronco Marching Band and love it. it really promotes a community/family atmosphere and is fun as well. On saturdays, you can go see a movie, go to the mall, bowling, go downtown, clubbing, drinking, stay in, or participate in a student run activity.


I'm involved in the Marching band. I'm part of the colorguard. The 30 or so of us girls are great friends. In the dorms, many students leave their doors open, and people go between the rooms. If I'm awake at 2 am on a tuesday I'm sitting on my couch, watching tv.


I have a friend that is in LGBT and I have heard about a few church groups. I live in Siedschlag and Draper which has many volunteer things going on that I hear about as well. I am in Christian Challenge. We meet on Monday nights. I really enjoy this group. Many students seem to leave there doors open and I love it. I have met many people because of this. The athletic events seem to be very popular. Again, I think letting students in for free is an amazing idea. I also love the theater program. I have gone to a few plays and they were amazing.I met most of my friends just by being friendly around the dorm. Normally at 2 I'm hanging out in the lounge or in a friends room. I don't really go off campus much. When I do I go to meijer.


student council. i'm in the art history socity; you don't have to be an art history major, just an appreciator of art. students in the valleys leave their doors open, while other dorms, not so much. athletic events are more popular with kids who have played sports previously. guest speakers not so much, theater-probably, but my friends and i are too poor to see them. the dating scene is great, if you like douchebaggy looking guys or bimbo chicks. i met my closest friends through other friends. watching futurama with my boyfriend. homecoming week. every night of the week. important to those who are in them; everyone else either hates them or goes for the parties. homework. go to the movies, go downtown, just chill. visit the kalamazoo institute of art, go to the movies, go to the mall, etc.


Intermerals and miller movies are the most popular activities on campus. I am involved in a engineering group. We go bowling and have industry members in to talk to us about the industry. Students on my floor last year left their doors open. Hockey events are popular but the others aren't as popular. I have not used the dating scene I have a girlfriend who goes to MSU. I met my closest friends in the dorms. I am studying for a test the next day. Traditions that happen each year are the central western game, which is a huge party weekend. A lot of people party 2 or 3 times a week. Frat are pointless to me I dislike frat boys and sorority girls. Last weekend I studied and played cards. You can go to sporting events such as football basketball or hockey, or you can go out with friends. I live off campus, and don't have a job so I tend to just sty t my house and hang out.




Parties are typical around WMU. They're usually held anytime between Thursday night to Saturday night. Parties are usually found in Fraternity Village or at someone's house or apartment. Since the dorms do not allow alcohol, parties tend not to take place in the dorms, though there are a daring few who hold parties in their dorm rooms. But, not everything revolves around parties or alcohol. For example, many of the residence halls host a few activities throughout the week to keep the residents entertained. This past year, I've seen fliers for Euchre tournaments, tye-dying t-shirts, and flashlight tag. As for athletic events, they're quite popular. WMU students can attend any of the athletic events for free assuming they've brought with them their student IDs. I only really attend the football games and hockey games, and both are always packed. Though, the football team, this past season, wasn't all too amazing. Sometimes, the students would start clearing the stands shortly after the marching band performed during halftime. Also, if you're into (alternative) music, Rocketstar Cafe, a coffee shop right near campus, has a small concert about every other month or so. Or, you can head over to Kraftbrau Brewery in downtown Kalamazoo; it's larger and generally they're able to book the better known bands.


The major groups of students are either: Jocks, Hippies/musically inclined people, art and theater students, and brand-focuses people (i.e. the sorority and fraternity students as well as ones who never really left the high school mentality that looks and clothes make the person). I never lived in the dorms, as I mentioned above, so I have no knowledge of dorm life. Tailgating is a large part of the athletic events popularity, but many students do enjoy the sports events in general. We have a very good theater program and Miller Auditorium brings in many touring Broadway plays as well as musical acts. Students get discount tickets, which enables them to be able to afford going to these shows. We also have a lot of guest speakers. I actually know my closest friend from back home, but I have met many wonderful people down here. At 2 am on a Tuesday, you could either go to one of the many 24 hour restaurants, or go shopping at Meijer or something. The bars close at 2 am, so that is out. The Bernhard Center on campus is open 24 hours, so you could go to the computer lab or grab some coffee at a local 24 hour coffee shop. Waldo Library is open until 4 am so that is an option as well. Each year, there are a number of annual festivals such as Island fest and Irish fest. Also, every month, local businesses downtown open up their doors after hours and participate in something called the "Art-Hop". The local business will host a local artist to display their artwork and they will also usually provide wine and cheese as well. People party pretty much Thursday-Sunday or any big game/event night as well. We also have a large bar scene. There are a lot of fraternities and sororities on campus and they are fairly popular. Last weekend I wrote 4 papers and read about 600 pages worth of stuff for my classes, hah. On a Saturday night, you could go to the movies, coffee shops, museums and art galleries, go out to dinner and a number of the local restaurants downtown, etc. I do any of these things off campus as well.