Western Michigan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Our hockey team is really awesome. We have a strong sustainability program. We have several programs that were created here and are still number one in the country. The city is mostly a small college town, but there are still a lot of different things to do around Kalamazoo.


The biggest thing that i tend to brag about is that my school is almost 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sustainable and is one of the leading advocates of sustainable development. There are recycling options in every building and they advertise their desire to move towards clean energy by owning their own electric vehicle charging station on campus.


I brag about the nursing department. It is very organized. The building is always well kept and clean. The advisors are always available to see you on a timely manner. They give many students of a diverse background an oppurtunity to be a nurse. thje teachers are always on time for class and prepared. Many of the students that come to the nuring school find jobs immediately after school. The nursing school works with Bronson Hospital so many students work and Bronson after they complete school.


Western Michigan University is a challenging school, but it is also one of the best. At Western you get both the fancy name, yet it is one of the cheapest public universities in Michigan. They have an amaizng Honors College, and every person I have ever talked to is extremely helpful. Professors are extremely understanding, and they all do a great job of making sure you pass (so long as you do your part).


That almost all upper level business classes are not offered until later in the morning. No more 8am's!


I brag about how many foriegn language majors we have as well as all the study abroad opportunities that are offered here.


Everyone at WMU is extremely inviting and nice. It's nothing like high school where all of the upper classmen bully the freshmen.


I love the campus that Western has to offer its students. WMU is funding several building projects in that it's moving toward a more sustainable campus and more pedestrian friendly. It's much nicer seeing native plants on my walk in between classes and less asphalt.


When I brag about my school to friends and family, I almost always talk about how the campus is like one big family. You see the same people every day and everyone is so nice. It's like a close-knit community. You will, without a doubt, ne able to point out a new student or someone who doesnt attend Western Michigan University. Also, we have a lot of organizations and activities almost every single day.


I brag about the Comparative Religion department. It faculty are all amazing professors, offering students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of other cultures and religions. I would not trade my experience or degree for any other!


I tell them how WMU is one of the nation's top aviation schools (my major is Aviation Administration). I also brag about how many scholarship opportunities there are, and how friendly all of the professors and staff are. They are always there when I have a question or need, and they are always ready and willing to help.


I do not believe I have bragged about my school to friends.


I brag about how the students are mostly down to earth and do not have egos that get in the way like other state schools in Michigan.


Like I said before, I can't really say much about it but probably how close it is to town and there is always something to do, which is completely opposite of my previous school.


They're great engineering and education programs.


That it's nickname is "Wastern"


I usually brag mostly about the athletic teams and the social groups that we have here. Most of my friends are all athletes and they love playing sports like me. The social groups are all fun, and since we are alot alike, I know that they'll love them too.


I tell my friends that my school is huge! The classrooms are awesome and are great for art students. I love the fact that the art students get to use Mac computers and laptops for projects. I also love that student work is on display in shows and exhibits each month. Western is the best school I could ask for to be the best art major I can be.


The music program here is top-notch. The professors are very approachable and will answer almost any question you may have. They are usually very understanding if you have to miss class for any reason. And most professors will accept late work. On the social side, there is a diverse student body here. You can find someone just like you anywhere you go. It never really gets boring here (unless you stay here over the summer, since most people go back home).


When talking to my friends about Western, I like to tell them about how the campus is and the awesome sporting events that we have going on. Weekends are spent going to an event or chilling in our dorm rooms. I also like to tell them about how much fun some of the classes are, especially the interactive ones.


The community. Western is open, and welcoming. I have never felt so comfortable in a place other than my home. The people here are great, not only the students, but the professors and administration.


The engineering and applied sciences college I have always thought deserve bragging rights. Western Michigan is ranked in the top ten for the engineering college , especially for its aeronautical engineering area. If one choses to head in the direction of engineering, Western Michigan is by far a top notch school for such a selection.


The campus. Its a beautiful place to go to school.


The people here are amazing. There is always something to do. The professors are very helpful with your career path.


Everyone is very welcoming and there's so many things to get involved in with over 300 registered student organizations. The faculty and staff truly want you to succeed as well and they'll do anything and everything to help you. Kalamazoo is also a great city and there's tons of things to do; downtown is especially fun.


The fun I have here in and outside of class and all the people I meet.


All of the awesome programs we have, my dorm room and the cool and helpful people that are here.


WMU is a very diverse school. WMU is one of 4 schools in the state that is a Phi Beta Kappa and a research institiue. This school is also very supportive and spirited.


Fun football games and hockey games!!


I love the size of the campus because it's not too big and not too small. You can make it across the whole campus in about 25 minutes! Everyone in and around campus is very friendly and willing to help if you need it. Western also has so many fields that you can study as well!


I boast about being able to party hard and still have the drive to succeed in the classroom. Currently my cumulative GPA 3.00, but my business college GPA is a 3.5.


I tell them about the sense of community that is found in this school. I love how close everyone becomes in the classes. We have amazing discussions and you definitely make the greatest friends of your life in the dorms.


Dance department is nationally recognized. And that is what I am studying.


We have a good time and drink a lot.


That I was able to do an internship.


How friendly the students are


House Party's/House Basment music shows


I don't brag.


The accessability to things that I enjoy.


That there is so much to do around here that sometimes you wish that undergrad was longer than just 4 years. I love how we have great sports teams and games are just so fun to go too with students cheering all around. I love the downtown with all the night life activities like poetry and music halls. I love living in the dorms and meeting new people all the time and them becoming like your new family. The best part would have to be just being at a colleg that is alive with passion and spirit.


We have an amazing fine arts program and a really stellar music school.


My house and my friends.


I tell all my friends that Western is an awsome place full of beautiful women located in a great college town accessable to many services.


There is always something going on and you feel like you know a lot of people.


How much fun I have!


Its a lot of fun, the people are nice and very accepting. Our school backs our sports teams 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} especially the hockey team, games get crazy.


Great party school. Good atmosphere, nice sized classes, and really cool people go here.


All of the students and the fun enviroment that is condusive to learning.


All of the events Western has to offer such as dollar movie night, the rec, parties thrown by the school, and parties off campus.


The music scene.