Western Michigan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


the students


I haven't yet attended, as I wil[l be attending as a freshman this upcoming fall. So far, there is a big hill that seems like an inconvenience.


The worst part about my school is the amount of hiking you have to do to get to main campus. It is a great work out, but it definitely takes a toll on you once you get to your final desination.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the dependence of alcohol in social gatherings.


what I consider the worst thing about my school is the transition from an out of state student to an in state student


Parking can be very difficult.


The worst thing is the hills. The hills can be gentle to steep depending on where you are. During my first year, I had to leave about 30 minutes before class just to walk the hill that my dorm was on top of and the hill that the building my class was at.


I have only been attending the school for one week and have not found anything I do not like. The teachers are fantastic, the website and online learning is easy to use, the buildings are nicely kept and the tuition is extremely good for the academic standards the school maintains.


I hate that it has several branches of campus all over Kalamazoo. I live on main campus but most of my classes are on East campus, a 30 minute bus ride or a 40+ minute walk.


The worst thing abou the school was its disconnect from a downtown area. Everything in Kalamazoo had to be driven to, which was more or less a poor point. The campus was changing and improving during my last two years, so hopefully that has embraced more of a community atmosphere.


The only thing I have to complain about at WMU is the parking! It is fiendishly difficult to find parking sometimes. It seems with the amount I am paying to be here, I should have guaranteed parking. Don't get me wrong, WMU is my dream school and I absolutely love it here, but parking is terrible for commuting students as well as those living on campus.


The fact that the cafeterias close early on the weekends because it is hard to eat dinner before 6 o'clock.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be parking lot restrictions for people who pay for parking passes. I believe that if you pay $300 for a semester to park, you should have more options available for parking. I understand if you don't have a pass, but if you do the authorities should be more lenient. Other than that, Western is GREAT!


The worst thing about school is the stress. I didn't expect it to affect me so badly, however, I struggled with keeping calm and relaxed especially around exam time. I learned to take time for myself. I started exercising regularly and made sure I had time to do things I enjoy.


The worst thing about my school would be the landscaping. There are alot of hills you have to go up and down to get to class.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. I personally dont like the snow or cold weather.


Lake effect + hills = lots of long walks up hill in the snow! But hey, it's good exercise. Also, the Honors advising is a little lacking; but that usually doesn't interfere with graduation or finding classes. College/departmental academic advisors more than make up for it!


The worst thing about my school is its reputation as a party school. While partying is frequent on campus and that is why many students come here, it is not why I am here and I don't like the reputation of 'Wastern' when it is actually a great school that is very pro-active, advanced, and does great research.


The worst thing about Western Michigan University was it's College of Education offices. When it came to signing up for classes, one advisor would tell you one thing, and another advisor would tell you something else. I felt communication could have been much better than what it was.


The worst thing about Western Michigan University is that there tends to be a high focus on research for the professors. This is only a big problem when you are taking classes outside of your major. When the professors are teaching you within your major it can be a great way to get involved early on in your higher education.


The worst thing about the school would be the community that surrounds it. There are things to do outside of campus, however the things to do dont amount to much, simply for the fact of its location. Its a average town with average expectations. Nothing to much nor to little.


My least favorite thing about my school is the hassle to receive financial aid. My two older sisters attend Michigan State University so it is obvious that we need student loans to pay for college. Western Michigan University's financial aid office lacks the necessary employees to help you find any loop holes to receive more money. It's often that I'm not sure how to pay rent on my apartment or find enough grocery money, so the lack of help from financial aid money is hurting my college experience at Western Michigan.


Some of the professors are foreign and very hard to understand.. From my understanding, other universities don't have too much of a problem with this. It makes many subjects difficult to understand.


For me, the worst thing about my school is that the budget for the performing arts is lower than I'd like. As a vocal performance major, it hinders my personal study that we only do one opera a year in the music school, and cannot afford to bring in as many guest artists for master classes, etc as other larger programs can.


Out of hand partyers who get too drunk and make a mess in the streets and generally just cause trouble.


The professors with thick accents that no one can understand. The subjects are already hard to learn let alone try to learn them from someone you can't understand.


The buildings could use remodeling.


Some classes have too many people in them and the lectures are confusing.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not in a warm climate, but hey its still november and 56 degrees!


Undergraduates focusing on just passing classes and the majority not reaching out to extra cariculars or outside personal learning. I for one have been verry involved with school activitys but as a jounior now, i want to reack out to do more learning for my carear.


The dorms are outdated. More students would be interested if they looked nicer.




The weather in the winter.


More Culture driven is something that comes to mind just because I feel that there should be more cultures from other countries here to really spice up the campus. The university does have it's fair share of culture but to pass by a student from Japan and then one from like Africa would be greater to just see all around campus.


The lame "social activities" they try to coordinate (especially in residence life) that seem like they were set up by your parents in an effort to be "groovy," but completely failed. They're never really social because they're forced and very awkward.


It's all pretty good


A lot more drinking then I would like


One of the worst things about the school would be that the professor's and TA's had very specific office hours and were typically impossible to get a hold of outside of those hours. It got to be really frustrating when you had a problem and couldn't get help for it.


The worst thing about my school is the openess of alcohol and drugs. Many students spend all of their spare time and weekends drinking. It is against the law but they do this openly. Drugs are also widely used and available. Sometimes it appears that there is more of an emphasis on these two factors among the students then how important their classes and grades are. I am glad I do not fall into this group.


The worst thing about WMU is that there are some major issues with the education department and education building. This is a big deal because we are highly known for our education program. Some of the major issues include not being able to schedule for classes on time, not being able to meet with advisors in a timely manner, and at times having unhelpful advising sessions.


The lack of enthusiasm when it comes to getting students other than Freshmen involved in clubs and other extra curricular activities.


Lack of communication about on campus events


There has been some questionable spending by the administration.


Teachers don't speak the best english. It's hard to understand.


I have a hard time getting help for picking out classes. The hours are weird for counseling and they don't ever try and contact me.


As a student living on campus, I would have to say the food. There needs to be some more things available at night.


The people who truly are only concerned with drinking/partying and their social life - those who refer to Western as Wastern with pride...


I consider the worse thing to be the academic advisors because they are not helpful and very difficult to schedule a meeting with. I no longer see an advisor because I always leave more confussed then when I came.


The worst abot this school are the hills. The hills that leads out of the valleys are probably the steepest one the campus. If you are not in shaping walking those hills, you will be after awhile.


Western Michigan is very expensive, I am paying for college with loans so I am going to be in a lot of debt when I graduate next year.