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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Well or University has the nickname Wastern Michigan University. Unfortunately in my experience it is pretty accurate. Most of the students here are focused way more on socializing and partying than they are on their educations.


One stereotype that is typically associated with student at WMU, is that Western is a party school. Therefore, most of the students must be "partiers". On the contrary, I believe this stereotype to inaccurate. WMU is an accredited school and ranked among the top 100 schools in the nation.


All colleges have stereotypes that can have good or bad representations about them, sometimes they are about partying, professors, top ratings in different degrees, etc. When going to college as a student you will learn that stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. All colleges including Western Michigan has stereotypes, but it’s what you do when you go to off to college that defines the school you are representing. There are athletes, fraternities, sororities, students who are eager to learn and all types of different students. There are going to be stereotypes about the different groups that represent the college you are attending, but going to college isn’t about the stereotypes its about the best kind of education that they are giving to the student body and to me that’s the only one I care to listen to. Western Michigan is the school I chose to transfer to because they had the good types of stereotypes that represented what I was looking for like smaller class sizes, professors who know my name and are eager to help you get the best education possible, and they are one of the top schools for my major. Stereotypes are accurate to some degree, but its important to learn whether they are what’s really important about going to college.


The common stereotype of WMU consist of fulfilling the nickname of "Wastern." This implies that the students who attend this university spend most of their time getting intoxicated and are careless about grades. However, like all other stereotypes, this is not true for all students. Many of my close friends spend their Friday and Saturday nights studying in order to ensure success.


There are definitely stereotypes at any big college. The frat boys are typically seen as people that party a lot and have big egos which can be true. Some people spread rumors that they treat girls poorly and I'm sure some do but so do some boys not in frats. Sorority girls also have the reputation of being like you see on t.v. and I think some may behave that way but not all. Each sorority and fraternity is known to be associated with something like the "stoner" frat or the "party girls" but honestly everyone's an individual in those social groups. The geeks pretty much keep to themselves. I'm in the honors college at Western and some people assume that everyone's a geek in the college and I was nervous of the same thing before I came here. It's not true at all. Sure there are some geeks in it and everyone's smart but we are all still social and balance our academics and social life well. The jocks live on main campus or off campus typically and I live in the valleys so I don't interact with them too much but most of the sports have houses where the athletes live off campus and they'll throw parties often and most of their houses are within walking distance from campus. There are stoners obviously and they're usually pretty chill. They kind of keep to themselves and smoke on "smokers island" which is a little island with a picnic table outside the valleys. All though there are all these stereotypes at school everyone is their own person and deserve a chance to be themselves however they choose.


The common stereotype of students at Western is the "party kids." Western, also known as "Wastern" is an infamous party school. What a lot of people don't realize is how much the students at Western truly care about their education and that we don't attend Western just to party.


The stereotype of students at Western Michigan University would be the "Party Animal" stereotype. The students at WMU might like to have a great time, but we also like to study hard as well. So, I would say that this stereotype is partially accurate.


Engineering college has mostly international students, Asians, and Middle Eastern Students mostly


At Western Michigan University, or "Wastern" as some people unaffectionately call it, it's assumed that all the students party way too hard. It's definitely true that students like to party and have a good time, but it's like that on every campus. If you're looking to party every night of the week, I'm sure you can find you're niche, but most students find a healthy balance between their academics and social lives - remember you are paying for an education!


The biggest stereotype is that everyone parties, Thursday through Saturday. This, however, is not the reality. While one can do their fair share of binge drinking in Kalamazoo, most students chose to find a healthy balance between their academics and social lives. Basically all the classic collegiate stereotypes can found at Western Michigan: including the Greeks of Fraternity Village Dr., the stoners who show up to class for only the exams and final, and the athletes and geeks, but a single stereotype doesn't stand out or dominate our diverse campus.


At WMU, the biggest sterotype I've encountered is that it's just a party school. That students don't study and go there to party. From my personal experience I want to say that at Western we do have fun, but we take school work very seriously. I don't like to generalize anyone, so why generalize western? Every person is an individual and what they choose to do while they are here is their choice.


A lot of people think that WMU is just a party school and that you don't have to be smart to go to school here. I say to that that WMU is a great school and is nationally ranked and recognized. It offers many different majors and programs, as well as a great atmosphere and community.


There is a very common stereotype associated with Western Michigan University and that is the nickname of Wastern due to house parties and fraternity parties. There are always social events every weekend on Western's campus, but that is pretty consistent with any other big university. I would say it is no different than a Michigan State atmosphere with a more compacted campus. Overall Western Students work hard during the week and play hard during the weekend, and sometimes during the week.


At Western Michigan University there is this idea that all we do is drink. Many people around the state, and on campus call our university WAISTERN instead of our true name, Western. It is sad and disrespectful and it upsets me to think that there are people out there that would even consider that to be all we are and have to offer. Western has many accomplishments to our name, being home to an honors college, ranking number one as a military friendly school in all of Michigan, being the university of choice of pro football player, Greg Jennings, and having (soon enough) a medical school, to name a few. It is time for the public, and students in particular, to learn that there is so much more to college than partying and Western Michigan University is a perfect place to experience and realize that.


The stereotype that some people may get about students who attend Western Michigan University is that all our students do is party and drink a lot. But that is not at all true, Western Michigan University is a very great university that is known for its great academic programs. Majority of the students at Western Michigan University are engrossed in their academic programs as well as being involved in different organizations on campus that are making a difference in our community. Our campus is full of great events to keep everyone entertained no matter what you are interested in, Western Michigan University has something going on just for you.


"Known" to be wasted all the time to no even know how to spell their own colleges name. NOT FACT but is still an option haha