Western Michigan University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing to me about Western is for those that want to learn, there are ample opprotunities and resources available to do so. One thing I would change is the minnimum requirements to remain a student. I would say for the setting the school is a perfect size. Most people say things like, "Oh, I went to a killer party there." and "WESTERN RULES!" I spend most of my time on campus in Schneider hall because I am a pre-business student. I would say it is a decent college town. There are things here to do for students. I would say the administration here is fantastic. I can't think of any recent controversies. There is a definetly a lot of school pride here. People are proud to be Broncos.


WMU campus has some of the best local food around. Transportation has been easy both by Bronco Transit with their brown and gold campus routes connecting to the city's Metro Transit lines, making it easy to get to near by shopping mall, movie theaters, etc. Class are not too big and there is still student teacher interaction in larger class sizes.


The best thing about the school is the friendly atmosphere. Being a freshman at a large state school can be intimidating but everyone does their best to make sure you're comfortable. All the freshman in the school are on the same page, they're there to get their money's worth in education as well as a good time and both have been fulfilled since I arrived. I'd probably change the checking in to the dorms after 9:00 pm. They have us give them our I.D.'s when we walk in and they check to see if we live there and if you have a guest they write down all of your and your guests information. I realize it's for our safety so I'm understanding but honestly it's just a pain. My personal preference of the size of the school is that it's perfect but different people prefer different size schools so choosing what's right for you individually is important. I see people I know on campus all the time but I also see a new person everyday so it's kind of the best of both worlds in a sense. When I tell people I go to Western I usually get an indifferent response. It's a credible university and people can't deny that but it's not an Ivy League school so people aren't always overly impressed. Most people respond well though also because of the area it's in. Kalamazoo is a great town and a lot of people admire the location. I spend most of my time in the dorms, either my room or a friends just because I don't have a car and transportation is limited after 10:00 pm. I also enjoy studying in the Bernard Center which is the student center at Western. It can be too quiet in the library for me and the Bernard Center offers a more relaxed area with a Bigby Coffee, a Subway and an ice cream shop. Kalamazoo is definitely a college town with things to do for young people and plenty of bars for those over twenty one. Downtown provides restaurants and live music in multiple locations for students to spend their time. There's also a large amount of student housing all around the city surrounding campus making for a college town feel. The administration provides many ways for students to get involved and multiple ways for contact if need be. The biggest recent controversy on campus would probably be someone breaking the picnic table outside the dorms. Honestly I haven't heard much controversy regarding large issues, I'm not sure if that's because I haven't looked or if nothing's happened. There's some school pride definitely. A lot of people tailgate before the football games and sometimes the marching band will march around campus the Friday before a game to get the students ready. Many people also attend the hockey and basketball games to show their support. As far as unusual goes I'd say nothing really. There's a lot of different types of people at Western and everyone has a place somewhere you just have to find yours. What I mean is that to some people the students might be unusual but they are themselves. I'll always remember the dorm experience. Having to live with someone you've never met before or someone you've known your whole life is difficult. Everyone should experience it, it shows you a lot about yourself and some great life lessons like understanding others, patience and priorities. The most frequent student complaints would have to be the checking in to the dorms every night, the cafeteria food, money, and just basic dorm issues such as roommate troubles, and living in a tight space.


I am in love with my school! The campus is the perfect size. It's not too huge and overwhelming, or too small to where you don't get that "college atmosphere." The campus is beautiful during all the seasons. The academic buildings are up to date with the best equipment and technology. Western is currently working on updating one of the large buildings that holds the college of education. Western leads by example when it comes to being handicapped accessible. My school has done everything possible to make it easy for all students to get around independently. Another great thing about Western is how "green" it is. Western has received nationwide recognition for their efforts to create a sustainable campus. Western also supplies students with resources for every step of their way through their college career. Whether it be finding a major, creating a resume, or searching for jobs after graduation, Western has a department there to help.


I love WMU because it is a division one university that is very diverse. There are all types of people that attend WMU.There is a good balance between males and females, a good balance between race and religion, and there are all different types of clubs and activities as well. Also, WMU is located in a fairly large city with a lot of little towns surrounding it, giving you a lot of opportunity for things to do. Downtown Kalamazoo has countless restaurants and stores for your convenience and lots of nice parks. Another cool thing about WMU, is that they try to give every student the feeling of school spirit! I still remember my freshmen orientation when all the orientation leaders were so excited and enthusiastic to be there and welcome you to the school. It really made an impact on how comfortable I felt as an incoming student. Lastly, even though Western's Greek life isn't very large, it's nice because you know everyone and it is like a little community! I enjoy going to WMU because even though it is a fairly large school in a pretty large town, it still has that "small town" feel.


Excellent school with and only getting better with the addition of a medical school


My overall opinion of Western Michigan University has improved since I began as a freshman and became more comfortable in a university setting. I feel I am getting a solid education for my tuition, especially compared to some other schools in the state. The best thing about being a Bronco is the small community feel you get, but the convenience of a large university with an attractive campus. Professionals and future employers are always familiar with Western Michigan University when I mention I'm a Bronco and I have noticed a large amount of recruitment from many national companies. The surrounding campus area has all the shops, restaurants, and residential options a college student could need. Bronco hockey is a wintertime favorite among students and the Lawson Lunatics (the hockey student section) are some of the rowdiest hockey fans you'll come across. My only complaint is the disconnect between downtown Kalamazoo and the campus area. Public transportation is available and widely used by students, but compared to U of M's campus or MSU's Grand River Ave, it doesn't compete.


My overall opinion of Western Michigan University has improved since I began as a freshman. I feel I am getting a solid education for my tuition, especially compared to some other schools in the state. The best thing about being a Bronco is the small community feel you get, but the convenience of a large university with an attractive campus. Professionals and future employers are always familiar with Western Michigan University and I have noticed a large amount of recruitment from many national companies. Most academic buildings have unique study lounges, and Waldo Library is right in the center of campus - the place where I probably spend most of my time. As for Kalamazoo, it's a great college town. The surrounding campus area has all the shops, restaurants, and residential options a college student could need. Bronco hockey is a wintertime favorite among students and the Lawson Lunatics (the hockey student section) are some of the rowdiest hockey fans. My only complaint is the disconnect between downtown Kalamazoo and the campus area. Public transportation is available and widely used by students, but compared to U of M's campus or MSU's Grand River Ave, it doesn't compete.


My overall opinion of Western Michigan University has improved since I began as a freshman. I feel I am getting a solid education for my tuition, especially compared to some other schools in the state. The blend of a large school with a sprawling campus, but small community feel is what attracts many students to Western. Long story short, upon graduation I will be confident in my abilities to enter the professional arena, but I'll be sad to leave.


I love Western, The campus is big, but small enough to still feel community. I knew that I wanted to go here immediately after I had a tour of the campus. There is so much to do and many activities to be a part of. There is always something going on, on campus. This college town is located near tons of great restaurants and lots of bars for an exciting social life.


WMU provides a "just right" feeling for students. The campus is not too small and not too big. There are activities and groups for just about everything that you could imagine! Everybody can find something to do that they will enjoy.


The best thing about the school is the location and the main campus itself. Kalamazoo is only 2 hours away from Chicago and 2 hours away from Detroit. This ends up being a great melting pot of comprising of students mainly from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. The campus has the opportunities to have the 300 person lecture hall style of learning or the 25 student lectures that are more personalized. This allows for students to get the college experience they are looking for. The one thing I wish I could change is the fraternity system. It comprises of only about 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students but has the potential to be much better in the very near future.


Western Michigan University is the perfect place for me. We have over 25,000 students enrolled but the campus and community still feels close, connected and interested. We have a lot to offer every student with over 300 registered student organizations, which means everybody can find a group that they are interested in, feel like they fit in and begin to thrive in their perfect environment. You don't think it's possible? Maybe it isn't possible to FIND a group that you love, thats why Western has made it possible for any student to create and run their own registered student organization with just 3 other students and a constitution. When I walk across campus I can count on a smiling face and that is my favorite thing about Western Michigan University. We are so friendly, and you may think it sounds silly but it is hard to find a large university where everyone appreciates a "hello" and a smile. That is what makes Western such a great place, everyone appreciates you for being there and being you.


Every day is a great day to be a Bronco. I absolutely love everything about Western Michigan University. I love that it is a diverse campus that is not too big or too small. The city of Kalamazoo itself is not the best but Western Michigan University makes this a city worth being a part of. The academic programs here are very well known and most of the professors here are very friendly and genuinely want to help you do everything that it takes to be successful not only in their course but also in life in general. There is never a dull moment here, because there is always so many ways to get involved on campus and in the community with over 300 Registered Student Organizations. Becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars has been the highlight of my experience here at WMU because of the endless opportunities and networking opportunities that have become available to me. No matter where you go GET INVOLVED.


Choosing a college is like picking a new community to live with. Some college's are huge and students have a hard time making themselves stand out, others are small and everyone knows everyone else. I think Western finds a happy median between these two types of communities. Living on campus was all right, the dorms were small and not very impressive, but it gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Western's community goes much farther beyond those living on campus. In fact, this past year for me I've spent more time hanging out off campus than on. I do at times wish that westerns campus was more tied into the kalamazoo community. The campus itself seems isolated from the rest of the city. You wont see too many students hanging out on campus in their free time. Many live off campus and spend a lot of time at friends houses or at some of the local places.


I think the best thing about WMU is all of the art work featured on campus. It seams like everywhere I turn, there is some sculpture or something out on the lawn. I think that if I would change anything, it would be the fact that you have to use cash or dining dollars(?) at all of the little food areas in the academic buildings. It would be nice if they would accept visa or other credit cards because I hate to carry cash with me. I spend most of my time on campus at the Bernhard Center, or at any of the other academic buildings. The nicer the weather is, the more the school pride comes out I think. I hear a lot of WMU students complain about the parking situation, but I haven't had a problem with that yet.


Western is a school of about 25,000 students -- which is just the right number in terms of comfortable class sizes. There is not too much to do in terms of activities on campus, but there are a lot of cool things to do downtown kalamazoo


It is a well-rounded school School size is just right though it probably could be bigger for me I think people overall respect WMU's academics Spend most of my time at Parkview Campus and in the Bernhard Center Biggest controversy on campus is school retention and school pride, sporting events are free to students but there is still a lack in attendance (at least to me there is) I would also like to see WMU do more for their minorities. MSU has a Black Caucus for each dorm and CMU has Minority Aids for each dorm. Other schools may have things to help unite minorities on campus and I hope WMU can add something To me there is not a lot of school pride, unless we are playing CMU Kalamazoo is definitely a college town that is flooded with bars to attract students


One thing I'd change: The fact that people call us Wastern. I hate it. WMU is just right. I spend most of my time in the Bernhard Center on campus. I like WMU's administration a lot more ever since President Dunn has come on board. No, I do not believe there is a lot of school pride at all. Most of my friends don't even know the fight song. The most frequent student complaints are about parking services but I think that is because they are not fully informed of where they can park because they are lazy.


Wow, these questions are all very difficult to answer, but I will get it a try: The best thing about WMU? Definitely the students. We like to use the term "heads up campus" because people are incredibly friendly and open. It's so easy to meet people. One thing I'd change: The weather. If I had the power to move Kalamazoo, MI to a place that was always sunny and warm, I don't think I'd ever be unhappy with my college choice. WMU's size is... Just right. Part of the reason that I chose WMU was because I did not want to go to a huge school like Michigan State where I would feel like a number. I wanted my college experience to be about so much more than just my education, and I felt like Western would give me the chance to get a lot more involved outside of class. How do people react when I tell them I go to WMU... it really depends. Some students will say "Wow, I couldn't go to a school that big." Some others will ask me what I'm studying because they've heard about our programs... usually they just ask me if I know such-and-such person. And I usually have at least heard of them, which never ceases to surprise someone, including myself :) When do I spend the most time on campus... every day except for Sunday. Honestly, once you get involved in one or two organizations, your time on campus increases exponentially. Whether it is going to the 24-hour computer lab to work on homework, or go to a meeting, I feel like I am always on campus even though I don't live there anymore. Our college town is... Kalamazoo, MI. Yes there really is a Kalamazoo and I love it here. I think that if I were to stay in Michigan after college, this would be one of the only cities I would ever consider staying in. Enough said. It is incredible. What's my opinion of WMU's administration... Well, thats a bit of a biased question because I see the president of the university every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where I work... and I've been to a pool party at his house. Obviously, I love them. They're friendly and put students first. And the president is on facebook. Enough said. I'm going to skip a few questions and just go to the main point: WMU is the best public university in the state, in my opinion. As a student who could have gone anywhere to further her education, I chose it on the basis of where I could grow the most as a person AND a student. Between working with the orientation program, getting involved in Greek Life, and campaigning for student body vice president, I really cannot choose my favorite moment here. I just wish I could go to college for another 4 years and never graduate.


WMU is just the right size, not too big or small, people are generally pretty positive when I tell them I go to WMU. I think the only thing I'd really change is the wasteful spending that WMU tends to do.


For me, Western was the only place I ever wanted to go. When people ask me why I chose it though? I can't ever find the right words to explain it. From the first time I stepped on campus, I felt like this was my home. There's so much school spirit, especially at hockey games, and there's always something to do. The surrouding Kalamazoo area is an integral part of the Western experience as well. It's a great college town, but there are also places you can go where you forget that Kzoo is home to three colleges. The entire atmosphere at Western is charged with this energy, I feel it everywhere I go. I feel proud to call Western my home.


Perfect size... Big school attitude, small school mentality. Classes are great, professors get to know you well and making friends and meeting people is a breeze! The surrounding area lives off of WMU and is kindof dead when students aren't partying. Sports suck, but were fairly spirited, hockey & football we kill em with the spirit, theres SERIOUS issues with the locals, people who attend KVCC and the high schools have a habit of crashing our parties, games and events. There is SERIOUS tention between minority students who attend WMU and minority students who do not. They act like their jealous of us for going to shcool and cleaning up our neighborhoods so they make a point to make things hard for us here.


The best thing about WMU is the atomosphere. People are so friendly and you can feel the Bronco spirit in the air!!! WMU is just the right size for me! Others may prefer a smaller or larger school. That all depends on the person. I like the size because there are a lot of people, but not so many that if affects my schooling (class sizes) or my commute to classes. Kalamazoo is a "college town" in that there are 3 different places to enroll for higher education. Although there are a lot of college students, there are also a lot of families in the area. WMU's administration is much better over the past two years. We have a new president who is very involved and highly visible around campus and at special events! It really shows how much he cares about the university and that he is interested in getting to know everything about it! I think that there is a lot of school pride, but I must say that I see to many people wearing apparel from other schools. Michigan and Michigan State apparel are very common and I would like to see that diminish. I understand that people are fans of Big 10 schools, but I would rather see Bronco apparel increase. Being an RA in Draper Siedschlag Residence Hall for 2 years will always be an experience that I will remember. Not only is it helping me now, but it's an experience that will help me continue to grow over the years for the rest of my life! Also, it has helped me meet lots of people and made me aware of all of the events that WMU has...it has truly made my entire experience at WMU so much better than I ever imagined. A major complaint that I hear is the cost of Parking Passes.


I dont know that I could pick one thing as the best thing about Western. I would probably change some of the building they all look the same and its pretty boring. I would say the school is just right size, it is big enough to get the university feeling but you can still walk pretty much anywhere on campus in 15 minutes. Some people react by saying something about all the parties but others just say that its a good school. When I'm not in my dorm I spend most of my time on campus at the college of business or the Bernhard center in one of the computer labs. Kalamazoo is a great college town, the downtown area is really sweet and there are tons of places to eat and several movie theaters close by. Our new president is really cool he walked up to me one day in the lunch line and just started talking to me, he is really down to earth. The biggest recent controversy was that the university spend a ton of money on a dumb little parking lot thing with tables and plants in it and it never gets used. I would say that people are pretty proud to be a bronco. I will always remember sledding on lunch trays down the massive hill behind East Hall. The most frequent complaints are that there isn't enough parking on campus.


For me, this school is just right. Close enough to home, yet far away. New poeple to meet, but still i have my close group of friends. I spend all my time this semester at the business college. Its a semi college town.... not great, but not terrible. Not so much school pride, it actually sucks i think. It could be so much better. I think administration spends way to much money on stupid things like yellow umbrellas....


The best thing about WMU is that there are things to do that are relatively close to the campus. No one feels that they are in the boonies, and just have dirt to play with. I would change WMU's parking stickers. I think that anyone that has a sticker can park anywhere on campus. It sometimes is difficult to find a parking spot. The school's size is just right. Most of my town goes to WMU, so they really don't 'raise an eyebrow' when I tell them where I go. Kalamazoo is defintely a college town. I really don't have an opinion about the administration. Controversy? @ WMU? Where? I think there is a lot of school pride at times. I think Lawson Lunatics show a lot of love for the hockey team. The Lunatics stick by the team through thick and thin. There is nothing about WMU that is unusual. The one experience I will remember is picking up my books for the first time. What a hectic experience. The most frequent student complaint is about the parking, or lack there of on campus.


Nothing, The Advisors, Size is fine but i'd be fine with bigger, you don't go to MSU or U of M??? class or the computer labs, College town/ Meth Town, Admin is good they kicked me out but let me back in, i don't pay attention to school news, not much school pride, How nothing is close enough to walk, drinking, class sucks.


WMU professors care about their students. The school offers lots of helpful resources, including a great Writing Center. I'd change the cost of the school if I could. WMU is just right. When I tell people I'm going to WMU, they're surprised because of my age--then they tell me how impressed they are. I spend most of my time in my German class or working on projects related to it. WMU's current administration is trying to improve the problems left by President Judi Bailey, who was fired in 2006. The biggest recent controversy was probably the 2006 firing of President Bailey. I find many students have much school pride. WMU is a large state school with a faculty as dedicated to students at small schools. I'll always remember how the current president, President Dunn, took time out of his schedule to meet with me because I'm a returning adult student. He wrote me a special letter to congratulate me on my choice of returning to school at age 78. Student complain most often about the price of their education.


The best thing about WMU is the college of fine arts, particularly the dance department because there are always so many things going on..the students are self motivated and are always busy working on new stuff and performing and just have a lot going on-that is a positive thing! the school is just a perfect size-big enough to be able to walk on campus and see faces and people you know but yet that there are people who don't know every little detail about you too! one thing i would change is that there be more funding...and that the parking wouldn't be so ridiculously priced--its too-WAY TOO high...ouch!


I would change the bad teachers.


I must say that the biggest complaint most students I've heard make, as well as myself, is the cost of books. Not buying back books really makes it worse, too. Especially when the next semester, there are no Used texts for the class. The best thing about WMU on the surface is that it's gorgeous. The campus itself is very pretty, with lots of grass and wonderful places to sit (when it's not winter, of course). I really like the size of the campus, though I haven't had any classes at the College of Human Services or Engineering, or anywhere else, just on the main campus. I like that most of my teachers know me by name, if not at least recognize me, but I don't feel like it's too small by far. One thing that I would change is the requirement of a meal plan for nearly every residence hall. I think that we should be allowed to put money on our cards to eat in the Dining Services, especially since it's not much, if any, cheaper to have a meal plan, especially if you don't eat all of the meals you could. I spend most of the time I'm on campus in the library if I'm not in class. I have decently large breaks between most of my classes, so instead of walking back to my room in between them, I usually go to the library - more specifically the basement. I think they'd sell a lot more of the snacks down there if they weren't so expensive. Maybe they do well as is, but it seems like people get junk out of the vending machine more than they get decent food out of the rotating refrigerated machine.


School Size: Not too small, it's a good size but it could also expand. There is school pride present. Student Complaints: rare snow days, not salting/plowing the sidewalks/ bad spending, wasting money. I really like it here


The best thing for me is the atmosphere in the Marching Band. It is like instantly having 300 friends. The size of the school is perfect for me. On campus I basically live in Schneider, that's where most of my classes are and I sit in the lounge between classes. I think that Kalamazoo is a college town, I live on the 'other side' of town, not near campus. I have seen schools with more school pride than us, but I think that there is school pride here.


So far my experience at Western has been a good one. My favorite thing has to be all of the people I have met. I have made the most amazing friends and met the greatest people. I love all of the extra activities that Western has to offer. I think Western is just the right size. No where is TOO far to walk. I also love the food places around campus. There is always somewhere to get snacks. The fact that we get into all of the games for free really helps our school pride. I know I'm really proud to be going here.


wmu teaches you to think for yourself. i would update all of the facilities if i could change something. i think wmu is just right; enough faculty and programs to accommodate a lot of students, but small enough to get a lot of one on one help from teachers. a lot of people have considered wmu when suggested. as an art major, i spend a lot of time in the richmond center for the visual arts and the arts wing of kohrman hall. kalamazoo is definitely a college town, with wmu, kalamazoo college, and kvcc all in one area. wmu's administration is very much looking to a bigger future, considering adding a medical school, etc. i don't know of any big controversies on campus recently. there's tons of school pride all over kalamazoo and michigan. wmu came from very conservative roots, but it is now progressing to becoming one of the top four schools in michigan. i'll always remember being in the marching band and playing the first note of the fanfare at pregame in waldo stadium. the most frequent student complaints are about the dorms.


What I love about WMU is the people. There are so many people that its easy to find someone to help you with your homework or to make friends with. I love the size of the school since if there is someone you can't stand, there is a high probablility that you wont see them. I live in the dorms here and I love it. There is always something going on and some of the people you meet here have the chance to be your best friend. True, there is alot of drama in the dorms but you get that everywhere you live. I spend most of my time in my dorm room. So many people complain about how crappy the dorms are but really, they aren't that bad. People are used to fully furnished, nice houses but dorms are nothing like your parents house. There are some things that you have to get used to but once you do, its a lot of fun and something that is a great experience.


I think the best thing about western is the size of the campus. If I could change anything I would change that we are not in a big conference for sports. I spend most of my tie either at the rec or at my house studying. I think that western is somewhat of a college town but its not as big as say East Lansing. My opinion of the WMU administration is that they need to make moves to get more money to continue updating some of the buildings on campus. Most of the buildings are updated but there are still some that could use some refernishing. There isn't much school pride as compared to a bigger conference school, but i think for a school in the MAC we have a lot of school pride. The most frequent student complaints is the cost of parking passes, or the cost of tuition.


Pros - Close to 7-11, the Den, Wendy's, the Music School, very easy to find a group to be in. School is a good size. Not too big, not too small. People give me a lot of shit for going to Western, but that's because I know a lot of people that go/went to Central. I spend a lot of time either in the Bernhard Center or at my house, which is still conveniently on campus. There's a crapload of school pride. Cons - party monsters, lots of douchebaggy kids, it feels like a lot of students come here just to party, which isn't a fun environment for me.


I love the campus, but the one thing i would change is the bus route. it'd be nice to have it really planned out. I think the size of western is perfect, it's a little big college with the perks of a big and little university. people tell me i go to wastern when i tell them where i go and it's irritating. I spend most of my time on campus because i live and work in the dorms and have friends who live here with me. There is NO COLLEGE TOWN things are very widely spaced here and it is irritating and difficult to not have a car. The administration here is good. I love the psych department and they always do they're best to help me when i have questions. I think there is moderate pride-it won't be out and out but people like this school. WMU is a typical college but i love it. I think it's irritating just how spread out things are. but that's about it


WMU is in a wonderful community with lots of arts, entertainment, and restaurants. The campus is like a small city within a city and its just about the right size with 24,000 students. The best thing about WMU is that there are over 230 majors to choose from, over 300 registered student organizations and a process to create your own group, and we really are a world-class public research institution. We are currently working on a spirit initiatve, each week we celebrate Western Wednesdays and encourage students, faculty and staff to sport WMU gear. The new WMU administration, John Dunn, who took office last July is extremely accessible. Very few students have yet to shake the man's hand and most have encountered him on multiple occasions. He launched a program called the Western Edge, which is intended to put students first and give them an academic edge over other universities in finding a major and graduating within four years. Even over the past eight months, the culture of the campus have steadily improved and the pride has never been higher. The biggest controversy was over the Sangren parking lot project. Student felt it was ugly and unecessary and preferred to have parking spots rather than picnic tables and benches. Luckily, its temporary until Sangren in rennovated.


The best thing about WMU is the people. They're all so friendly and willing to help out. Incredible friendships are easy to come by. Also, the size of the school is perfect; it's neither too big nor too small. Everything on campus is within ten or fifteen minutes walking distance. Western students are definitely filled with pride. While most students usually show their pride by wearing Bronco apparel like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and beanies, on game days, students step it up a notch. Whenever there is a sports event, students paint their bodies brown and gold, they slap temporary Bronco tattoos to their faces, and they’ll walk around as Western superheroes with a Western flag tied around their neck as though it were a cape. When I'm hanging out on campus, I can usually be found in the dormitory lounges-- usually the Draper lounge. My friends and I get together and have movie marathons, or we'll play pool or ping pong. However, if I'm not on campus, I can be found in Downtown Kalamazoo. There are several businesses and restaurants that offer discount prices for WMU students. Also, students don't have to pay bus fares which makes traveling easy and affordable.


In my opinion, the best thing about WMU is the fact that it is a liberal school. Most of the students are easy going and get a long well with others. Fellow students generally don't look down upon one another based on their areas of studies or financial status. The one thing that I would change about WMU is the number of people who are on campus handing bibles and other religious literature. Its not that they shouldn't be there, it is that they should respect fellow students who do not believe in the same things that they do. The students (or elders) who pass out the informational literature can be quite pushy from time-to-time. WMU is just right in size. It is not too big or too small, which really shows in the classroom. Often times, you have a class of 30 or so students which really allows you to interact with your classmates and professor, to get the most out of the class. The only classes that consist of about 300 students are general education classes which are required by all students in order to graduate. I have never had a negative reaction when I tell people that I attend WMU. I spend most of my time on campus either in the arts & sciences buildings (Sangren, Sprau, Moore, Dunbar, and Brown [when it opens back up from construction]), but I also spend a large part of my time in Waldo Library and Bernhard Center, which is where the 24 hour computer lab is and the area where and the on-campus bookstore. Kalamazoo is definitely a college town. Kalamazoo College (which is a private university) is also in town, so there are lots of bars and other activities to participate in. We have lots of cultural and arts festivals throughout the summer and a very large art community. Also, there is a area known in town by campus called the student ghetto, which is where most students who live off campus reside. In that area there are houses and apartments to rent in abundance, most within walking distance to campus. From my experience, WMU's administration is adequate. The financial aid department is a little rough to deal with sometimes, because of all the issues they are always having with getting loans disbursed on time, other than that, everything is okay. The last controversy I can recall on campus was when WMU's President Judith I. Bailey was fired, I believe it was the fall of 2006, maybe 2007. I believe that there is a decent amount of school pride. Many students attend football games and wear WMU clothing around campus, it just depends on whether or not they show it.