Western Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to get a quality education for the best price that they can around these parts of michigan.


Absolutely anyone.


I think an outgoing, fun-loving person should attend WMU, because there are so many residence halls to live in, and if you're not outgoing, then you'll struggle, because the halls are always busy and active with people, parties, and gatherings of the students.


I believe someone who is ready to be at a four year university. I started out at a community college, which for me was a great idea. I came from a very small high school, and I think the transition from high school to college when have been much harder if I had gone straight from high school to Western.


Anyone who wants to recieve a decent education at a decent cost should attend Western Michigan University. Anyone who likes the feel of a big school in a small town would also like this college.


This school is ideal for someone who desires to evolve into a well rounded adult while attending a phenomenal university.


Anyone. It's a school that accomodates lots of different learners. It's big but feels like a small school.


Anyone who is really driven and wants a diverse classroom experience. Also, those looking to take in the whole college experience will probably feel at home here.


Anyone who is willing to further their education, Western Michigan University is a great place to attend. It is such a diverse school that anybody of any kind would fit right in. Plus, there are many student registered organizations to fit anybodys likes.


I think anyone could fit in here at Western Michigan University. As a fine arts student, I think someone with a great work ethic and alot of patience would fit right in in the School of Music. There are so many opportunities here, and I think the average student would have so much fun here.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone that is dedicated to their major or whatever is it that they want to do. They have to be hard working because although, Western Michigan is a fun school, you can easily get caught up in the fun and fall behind. Someone with an open mind about life should attend because college offers a lot of opportunities.


A person who does not have the money or desire to attend very large universities, wants to participate in research, has decent academic drive and who does enjoy the occasional party. There is also a lot of classes for the arts, but I have not been involved with them.


People of all ages who may be quenching for a school of diversity, new experiences, and open doors would be perfect for attending WMU.


Since this school has a mainly walking campus, a person physically fit should attend. Also, anyone who wants to get an extremely varied and rich education should attend. Someone who does not exactly want to concentrate in one area of knowledge but develop many different areas will like this school. Great school for pilots and those bound for the science field.


Well anyone really can attend this school as the requirements for admission are not very difficult. I would like to see more academically serious students attend who strive to learn more than what is required of them. The typical perception of Western is its appeal to the party life. As the administration has attempted to dislodge this perception, it lives on mostly due to its reputation in High Schools. After freshman year, students begin to realize its not as big as a party school as its cracked up to be.


Both students who take their studies seriously and those who don't seem to find a way to get along here. There are some people who refuse to even read the assigned material yet there are plenty of resources for those who do intend to work hard and do well during and after their college experience.


Anyone who is looking for a great experience, and wants something more out of life. Someone who wants to be a leader, and not a follower should attend this school. People who are looking for more one on one with professors, and smaller classrooms.


Anyone who wants to learn here and can focus on their schoolwork and still have a good social life.


A person who likes the large /party school. It is a fun place to be, but most of us take our careers and school seriously. This is not a place for overly conservative people. It is a very liberal and artsy campus. Our arts programs are among the best in the nation, which includes all performing and visual. We also have a very good aviation program. Western is a place for very social people who plan to be involved in their school.


Those that love fun and a sense of family should attend this school. Its fun and an amazing place to be but the ultimate goal is definitely a degree and a job, not just partying.


the kind of person who attends this school should be someone who wants to get involved. you don't have to be in student government or anything, but join a club that you're interested in to continue with your passion and to meet new people! football games are a pretty big deal here (not as big as some other schools) but it definitely brings everyone together to show their school spirit. there is so much to do like go to shows at miller auditorium, movies at the little theatre, and concerts (AND MORE!)


I think anyone that want to get a higher education can attend this school. It is a very good school for all levels of people.


All kinds.


ANyone who wants a good business degree.


An outgoing person that isn't easily swayed to not be themselves. A focused person that enjoys learning about different people and cultures and likes to experience different things.




A person that should attend this school would be a person that likes to be social and keep their friends while being able to focus on schoolwork when needed.


People desiring a four year degree, decided or undecided, and a good time.


Someone looking for a large school that doesn't have a hugely spread out campus. Someone who wants to go to one of the top schools in the U.S. with some of the best programs in Michigan. A blind student- Western has one of the best low vision studies programs of it's kind in the WORLD. International students because we are very diverse. A student interested in aviation because we have one of the best in the country.


Any body who wants to get a degree.


I wish i could say anyone for i like to see a wide range of students. but the truth is the people who are accepted by their peers are "rich" people


somebody who likes to have fun in a diversely academic school with great professors and great selection of classes. it isnt exactly the hardest school to attend and some classes may be easier, so a person who is not quite as bright as some other people will fit into this school very well.


A person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get good grades, who has discipline, who is looking for new friendships that will last a long time, and who is eager to find out more about themselves and what they want to do with their lives.


Anyone who wants to get a good education and can't afford a really expensive school.


a focused person. it is easy to get thrown off track at western but if you can find a way to balance your social and school lives then you will do fine


A student who is willing to achieve academic prosperity and develop necessary skills for life. They don't necessarily have to know what they want to do, that is ok and completely normal. A person that goes here should be willing and feel the urge to research and find something they love to do; Western Michigan University does a great job with assisting with that. A person should also want to come here because they will also grow and find out more about themselves and others, to develop a strong, desirable personality for social and workplaces.


Someone who want the well-rounded college experience.


Western is VERY firiendly and just about everyone fits in.


Someone who likes to feel apart of their school and not swallowed by the big campuses and large amount of people


Original people who do not follow the crowd and isn't easily influenced because this school desperately needs these people!


Someone who is very open to new things, change, and variety should attend this school.


Anyone can attend this school. Honestly.