Western Michigan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


so far, the hill.


The most frustrating part is that WMU is a large school. There are many large lectures and at times you can feel like just a number and in need of personal advice and assistance.




Lack of assistance when I had a dissability. Getting from one building one one side of the campus to the other in the middle of the winter with a non-walking cast. Also, I do not feel that they school properly prepared me to go into a classroom. They gave me a very generic education which was more intersted in teaching me how to create lesson plans than to cope with real life situations.


Western Michigan University has many qualities both good and bad. However, every school has both good and bad qualities and this is what makes them unique. If I had to pick something frustrating about my school then I would be cutting down some unique qualities that make Western Michigan University the school that it is. I believe that every quality about any school is there for a reason and can help a person learn whether they realize it or not. I can not pick a quality because I have learned from all of my schools qualities, both good and bad..


The most frustrating thing that I have found about the university of Western Michigan is only a few small things such as the how much it rains all the time ,and that if you transferred into the university you have to run around the campus to the different departments to get the approval of the department to get full credit on the transcipts.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the work and the time between each assignment. We have a week to do each assignment or test and the next week it's new material. I believe that's the most frustrating thing about my school.


The most fustrating thing about my school is probably having this thing called elearning...it crashes sometimes and it can be really confusing.


That snow preventing me from going to school/ class.


Sometimes the dispursements of financial aid come at odd or inconvenient times, so that buying books or school supplies can't happen until one or two weeks into the semester. Also, in some majors, classes needed to graduate are only offered one semester out of the year.


The dorm and dining hall system. It has the perk of locking in your rate so you never have to worry about changes in your college budget, but the food is not vegetarian-friendly or very good at all and the housing is not great for how much you already would be paying.


Parking costs


The campus housing needs to be updated.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the price of summer classes. They are far more expensive than classes taken during the Fall and Spring, which makes it hard to get ahead, or catch up.


i think the most frustrating thing about our school is the academic advisors. from my personal experience, i know that they don't always have the best interest in the students, and because of them i have to attend another entire year of school because when they made my schedule for my first semester of school they failed to put me in a class that is a prerequisite for my major and is only offered in the fall. grrrrr.


The lack of financial aid. Its hard to go to school on my own income when there are few to no jobs available.


Professors not being very orgainized and very helpful on when things are due all the time.


The student services for financial aid and healthcare among others are time consuming and often not very helpful.


Parking services are pesty. They seek out anyway they can to get as much $$ money they can from students.


all the snow in the winter and never any snow days! :)


The program I'm in for business automatically gives us classes at terrible times and on the worst days of the week.


the school activities are not well advertised and it is hard to find out when club meeting are taking place. i wanted to join a few clubs but i could not find out when the meetings where and when i did find out, i felt it was too late into the semester to join.


I have no idea


Some times it can be hard to get into the classes that you would like to take and this can be Frustrating, classes can be full or at times that don't work with other classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the hold system. They can put a hold on your account for almost anything; if it's financial aid, its really hard to get past. They expect you to have whatever it is they need to be able to take the hold off of your account, and sometimes, you don't, especially when its money. They don't tend to be very flexible in these situations either.


The fact that there is no diversity. It is basically segregated according to race, frat/soror. groups, income, and sports. Besides that the school is great maybe the way the school looks need to change though.




Keeping up with the fun.


Advisors are bad


There is a lot of study time to become an engineer.


There is a very good amount of partying that goes on and the school is sometimes known as "Wastern", which in my opinion degrades the appeal of the University.


the hall directors at the dormatories are not reasonable and they like to show off thier power.


The most fustrating thing about Western Michigan University is that it is locted pretty close to Lake Michigan so we have horrible, cold, long winters. Which also means that we have to track through the snow to go to our classes for about 3 to 4 months.


All the hills, it makes it hard to walk to classes especially in the winter time when there is over a foot of snow.