Western Michigan University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Geographical convenience, then I transferred two hours away.


Simply because it was the only school I visited and that was because the second I walked onto campus it felt just perfect...right where I wanted to be :D Not to mention, news of a new student mall right in the heart of campus was just released a few days ago and is said to be done by next fall!! HOW EXCITING!! A place for all students to lounge, read, spend time with a friend and listen to the water feature that the school is going to create!!


I attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College with the intent of transferring to Western Michigan University. After growing up most of my life in Kalamazoo it seemed only natural to set my sites on WMU since I already knew much about the campus, campus life, culture as well as the school itself and what it had to offer. Furthermore, the tuition was affordable as in-district student.


I chose WMU because it was a good distance away from my home in Illinois, it was located in a big town/city, and the school had more than 20,000 students.


It was far enough away from home but still in Michigan. Kalamazoo is a cool town with a nice downtown area and a cool music and art scene while still having the college feel. The size is perfect because it's big but not so big it's overwhelming regarding amount of students and campus size.


I decided to go to this school for the small community feel I got when I toured the campus, but the large university setting and convenience. It was far enough from home that I felt like it would be a solid change and the Kalamazoo area is a great place to be a college student.