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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"First, of all to completely forget everything that you think and see about college life in the shows and movies that depicit everything is fun and all parties. The living dorm life off campus not like that either, for example my off-campus apartament is appeared be designed built for college students but not quite when most of is all retired people and some drunks with no life at all except sit around get drunk, watch sports network and talk about it like it is the only thing in life. As myself would have like shared apartament or dorm which i was like middle of six females (6 to 1 ratio) and lot friendlier.


I would first explain to myself that college is a whole different world than high school. In college the main person in charge of your success is yourself. Gone are the days when teachers hound you to get your assignments done! I think that I would also tell myself to take my time and figure out where my interests lie before rushing into school. I believe because school is an investment in time and money it is pivotal to not go into school to appease anyone but yourself. If only I knew then what I know now!


In retrospect, it is extremely predictable that someone as naieve as a highschool student would lose all inhibition to achieve in order to gain a false sense of acceptance. It begins once you enter the coveted lifestyle of a highschool student and will end the moment you cross the threshold of commencement. If given the chance to advise an 18 year old me, I would simply state that it is better to excel in front of judgemental peers than be viewed inadequate by the admissions office of the only college you wanted to attend. I will not claim to have done poorly in the college I ended up attending, having had a 3.3 GPA and making the deans list 3 semesters in a row. But I know that if I had only seen past the facade of a teenage angst a little sooner, I would have found myself in a much more prestigious school than the one I attend now. If I could give advice to myself as a senior; I would tell myself that I am worth much more than an invite to homecoming and would make sure to remember the exact day of the PSAT's.


I would say enjoy the high school experience while you still can. It is a lot more laid back and relaxed. College is fast-paced and if you don't keep up there aren't people watching over you to make you sure you do your work and go to class. Learn how to take good notes and keep up with what the teacher is talking about, because they can provide a great amount of important information condensed into a few sentences. Put your academic responsibilities first, for your social life will eventually revolve around your education. Get used to reading a lot of books and learn to enjoy it. Discover the urge to expand your previous ways of thought and be open to new ideas. Try making friends with people you hardly know and learn how to have a good conversation about things you don't normally talk about. Be smart and responsible, but remember to still have fun with everything you do.


To begin with I would tell and convince myself to always go to school and never give up no matter how hard college is. I would explain the importance of going to class and the importance to attendance in school. For example, college is not like high school where teacher baby their students around. College is a place of independents and one should take commitment to thier classed. I would also tell myself to study hard and maintain a high GPA to graduate as a well educated college student. Secondly, I would guide myself to the right track on life to become a more knowledgeable student. Working hard is the key to success. Finally, I would show myself the tips and paths in leading myself to be a good student.


I would tell myself to wake up and pay attention, good grades in high school will make a huge difference and that a college education is so much more worth completing than i originally thought, make more of an effort, you are a smart girl, apply yourself and you will go farther than you could ever imagine!! Your children will look up to for it, you will feel better about yourself in the long run!!


I was diagnosed with scolosis of the spine from a back injury I had years ago. I worked in construction practically home entire life. I really did not no what to do. Western Nevada College really scared me at first. I worked very hard to be the student that I was not in High School. I have excelled here at Western. The administraton and facuilty have really helped me achieve my academic goals. I was hired to be the Peer Mentor for the Bachelors of Technology program in fall of 2009. My job is to help students with financial aid, form study groups, offer encouragement and to steer our national club,Nasc, National Students of Construction, in the right direction. I can not tell you how important scholarships have helped myself and my family. I am married with 6 children. We get by every month but barely. Any extra monies I would recieve would really improve my families situation. I would like to thank you for your time.


I would tell myself that true high school is the best time of your life, but there is still work to do. I thought in high school that schools do not care about grades, just money. It isn't true. Shoot, if you get straight A's in Nevada you get a Milenium Scholarship worth ten thousand dollars. Don't loose that because college could of been free for you in Nevada. An education that cost ou nothing at all. Colton, you have this one chance to go to school and never have to work again. You can get a degree , love your job, and make loads of cash. There are so many people in this world that would kill to have an education and so many people don't take advantage of it, but you can. You can do it. It takes hard work, but in time it's so worth it. What do you make right now. Ten dollars an hour? How does thirty or forty or more sound and nonetheless, you want to do it. It is such a great oppurtunity to take and you have the chance to. Keep your head up and go get it.


Assuming that I could back into time and talk to the senior me, I would let her know to get her act into gear and start applying for scholarships!! I qualified for enough financial aid when I first started but having the extra scholarship money would have helped a lot! Also I would let myself know that college is a completely different social setting and different place from high school. It was a shock going from a high school setting to a college setting, but it was refreshing!


Always follow your dreams and maintain a postive attitude.


If I could give myself advice as a high school senior I would say: "Apply for as many scholarships as you can find, because students loans are a huge financial burden." I would say: "Make sure you get involved with student activities, like clubs and study groups, because its an easier transition when you have friends and peer support." I would say: "Take advantage of everything your school has to offer. The teachers, the tutors, the counselors, they are all there to help you succeed. Make the most of it"


First of all I would tell myself not to listen to the counselors and those who did not believe I could do anything, because they gave me self doubt. Secondly I would push myself to try harder not only in my school work but in my life in general. Thirdly I might encourage myself to look into colleges and scholarships so that I would not be behind in my education in my future. Fourth I would sit next to myself and work out a plan on what I could do to make my GPA higher and to graduate with a higher chance of success. Fifth and finally I would tell myself to volunteer anyway that I could.


The advice i would give myself would be that high school and college are two different worlds. In high school you have teachers hammering you about getting your work done, in college either you turn it in or not. They treat us like the adults we are. So i would tell myself to never give up and work hard for what im doing because in college its every person for themselves no one is going to continue to hold my hand and walk me through everything. I am my own motivater i need to succeed not just for my better future but for my family. Even thought its hard it will get better because someday i will be someone important and be looked up to by my little brother. Finally i would tell myself to enjoy college because it is the next step into becoming a full grown adult.


I would tell myself to stay focused and to work harder on my school work. If I had a chance I would get my GPA up because then I would have been able to apply for more scholarships and I may have had a chance to win more than the two that I did recieve. I did slack in a few of my classes, though I did have good grades, I could have done better and earned higher grades. Financially it is difficult for me to earn money or to get any from my parents. Any financial assistance would help me further my education.


If i could go back to my senior year of high school, when i was making the transition from being a senior to a freshman in college i would really make sure to remind myself to get things done earlier, such as applying for scholarships or any type of financial aid, so i wouldn't be scrambling for money at last minute. I would stay on task and constantly push myself to get it done , no matter how lazy i feel because it would benefit me in the end, and assure that i wouldn't have to rely on anyone else for money.


I would start off by telling me that friendships will come and go, even the ones you thought would be there forever. The people that come into your life are there to teach you something that will be useful eventually. Try to be more aware of saving money from the little side jobs you have here and there. The first time you start to feel like you feel like you have grown out of a relationship, don?t carry on with it; you two are definitely not meant to be with each other. Stick with your first decision on being a nursing major, because that it what your passion is and you will waste money and time because you think the other ones will be more exciting. Do not think you will miss out if you want to be studious, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Focus on your goals and you will inevitably reach them with the satisfaction that is not comparable to anything. And lastly do try to keep up with what you are best at, even if you don?t go on to have it be your life.


I would tell myself to stop partying so much and get my head out of the stars and start thinking about my future. I would stop being so obsessed with boys and stop thinking about who I wanted to marry and have children with. I would not worry or obsess with who liked me and what people thought of me. I would have focused more on my grades. If only we all had a crystal ball.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships sooner, take some time out every weekend and fill out a few applications. I would tell myself to hound my parents to help me with filling out the FAFSA every year. I would tell myself to decide my major and stick to it, take only the classes you need to, in additon to a fun one every semester for elective credits, so I can transfer to a university sooner and complete my education. I would tell myself to just relax, not let the small things in life bother me and deter me from my goals.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused and stay in school. I went to college right out of high school and after a year and half I dropped out. Now 14 years later and going back to school full time, with a full time job and a family is considerably harder. I would encourage anyone to go to school and finish what you have started. Even if you do not know what you want to be, just follow what you like. That is the advice I would give any confused high school senior or myself.

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