Western Nevada College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Western Nevada College?


Thisschool is the best for the the beginning courses and for some segrees the upper courses. It has small classes and the best tutoring center you can ask for. Most of the teachers have flexible office hours and are incredibly nice. They reall enforece the fact that they are here and they want me to exceed. The food here is awesome and the student life is great. The kids around here are for the most part super nice due to the fact that most of the kids that attend this college have the small town attitudes. Its the best.


Excellent student resources: Student Center, Gym, Clubs, Cafe


I brag about the teachers and the availability of classes. The teachers, due to the low student to teacher ratio, have the availability to give individuals the assistance they need, and are also able to answer questions during lecture. This is usually the case in a lecture hall with 100 plus students found at a university. The availability of classes is simply amazing because there is more than one campus a person can go to, as well as the option to take an on-line class.