Western Nevada College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about my school is the small class sizes. I have the oppurtunity to actually speak with my professors face to face . It really makes learning a lot easier.


that is has been in the area for so long


I think the best thing about my school comparing to other schools is how easy it is to go to school here. Not easy meaning that this school takes no studying to past, but the fact that there is so much help here and the teachers want to help you pass so badly. If you are willing to try , there is no doubt in my mind that anyone can't pass here. I started in math in algebra I think and now I am in differntial equations! I would do it again if I had the chance too.


The best thing about my school is the ease of attending the college. It's not technically a college, and not a junior college, but it helps you get the basic credits you need before transferring to a university that is much more expensive.


This college is the only college in my home town, however, it is a respected school, modern, and I am excited about attending it.


They help really try to get hispanic students involved in our school by giving them clubs to join. Also they try to encourage as many of them to come and continue they studies to better not just themselver but their families future.


I would say the best thing about my school is the variety of classes and programs they offer, and the small class sizes. I really appreciate all of the options offered to us students, from the extensvie web classes to the vast array of classes on campus.The class sizes are roughly the same as the ones you would find in a high school classroom, which allows for a more focused learning experience and help for those students who need it.