Western New England University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




No comment.


My classmates are just simply amazing. Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to. Whether in the classroom or in the dining hall or in the dorms, everyone is so nice. Everyone is willing to help each other. The atmosphere is so friendly. The best thing about Western New England College is that you never sit alone in the dining hall ever because someone is always willing to sit with you. I would say the only bad thing about everyone being so friendly is that its hard to get alone time but i don't mind that one bit.


Generally helpful though occasionally difficult to talk with since social skills in an engineering student can be limited.


Lately they have been lazy.


My classmates at Western New England College are engaged in extracurricular/social activities and volunteering services as well as their studies; in order to do well in college, one should balance their time between studying and activities because employers not only look at how well one did in his or her classes but in other activities as well.


Everyone cared mostly about themselves and would believe what others told them even if it was not true.


Most of my classmates keep to themselves, and aren't really involved with fun activities outside sports or their major.


My clasmates are a diverse group of well rounded individuals.