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I like it, but I don't think its worth it considering the amount you have to pay as a student.


I love Western New England. I have an anxiety disorder which I thought would prevent me from being successful in college; however, disability services has worked tirelessly with faculty, kitchen staff, and residence life to ensure that I am able to be successful. The first year program is designed specifically to meet the needs of first year students. There are tons of social opportunities constructed to allow you to make friends and have a seamless transition. It is more diverse than my hometown, although that is not saying a lot. My classes are amazing! Each and every one of my professors is engaging and truly wants you to succeed. They are willing to put in the time and effort to help you do so. As a psychology major hoping to attend graduate school, research experience is significant. As a Western New England student, I am able to do research my very first semester of college! Having four years of research experience under my belt will surely enhance my credentials for graduate school, and the relationships I've made with the professors will help with letters for recommendation when the time comes. However, in the present, they have made every effort to make me feel comfortable, welcomed, and understand the subject at hand. I am now considering courses which I never would have dreamed of taking, simply because I enjoy that professor so much. Hanging out in the dorms is very informal; because of my disability I haven't made a ton of friends, but I've met lots of people who can testify that the dorms are larger than average, comfortable as dorms can get, and welcoming to other students.


I would say the best things about this school are: landscape, public safety and small class size. It really is a beautiful small campus, the school security isn't hard to find or call, and the professors really care about their student's success. I'd change the food in the dining hall, its either really good or really bland and a little frightening. There is no middle. The school is TINY, you see the same faces every day, and if you do something stupid and enough people are there to see it, everyone knows. They ask me how I managed to find this small insignificant school, then they ask if the campus is really as wet as people say. I spend a majority of my time in my dorm or in the rooms of my friends, and CSP (center for sciences and pharmacy) when I want to go MIA and get work done. College town... funny joke, what college town? This school's admin sucks unless you are a freshmen, otherwise they aren't very helpful or accommodating, they don't have to impress you anymore. School pride... at games there isn't much, people attend games but they don't seem excited to go to them. BUT, there is an endless sea of WNE shirts, hoodies, sweats and stickers... but I'm assuming most campuses are that way. There isn't too much odd about this school. I will always remember BEAR Olympics, it's a competition between all of the freshmen dorms, it was so much fun, and my dorm won and got a huge trophy, that's the most pride in anything I've seen thus far. Frequent student complaint... NOT ENOUGH WNE COOKIES... that and there's no wifi in most halls.


When you think of WNEC's School of Law, the first thing that comes to mind is .... well, that's the problem. This is a school that doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. Other law schools in the same tier and of similar student bodies have a vision, a mission, a "view" (for lack of a better word). WNEC SoL does not.