Western New England University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A snobby rich upper class white girl.


A person willing to learn and feel accepted into this school. A student that transfers here or comes here as a freshman will be able to find friends and have fun on or off campus. Transitioning into college life is real simple and easy for freshman because of the people who run the clubs on campus for freshman and students to have fun and get along.


A person who prefers a VERY small school with updated feautures. Also, a person who does not mind having a small group of friends would most likely do best at school like Western New England University.


A person with a mature, level head on their shoulders that has the will power to push themself through college would be the perfect type to attend this school. If someone is mature enough then they have the mental ability to endure the pressures and responsiblities of college, and if someone has will power to stick to their responsibilites then they will be fine in any school.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be someone who wants to create meaning in their life with their chosen or exploratory career. They should be passionate, hardworking, and be open to different opportunities and ways of life.


I dont think there is a certain type.


Somebody who has no where else to go.