Western New England University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance between the main part of campus and the gym. Right now this is very stressful because I have a busy schedule and by the time I've walked to the gym, I've wasted about 10 minutes. Also in the freezing cold weather of the winter it becomes even more frustrating.


For accelerated programs, the courses do not match as much as they should--some classes you need will not be open in the semesters you need them. It is almost impossible to get around the scheduling that way .


The people attending the school are not very friendly. People don't interact with others unless they are part of their own social circle. The school is very small and the unfriendliness does not help with the atmosphere of the school. As you walk around campus, you also get the feeling that everyone there is pompous. They act like it was so hard to get admission into the school when in fact, it has a higher admission rate than most public schools.


The teachers are really difficult and the cost of tutition is pretty high.


The most frustrating this besides the cost would be that being a city girl, I find it to be more on the quiet side out here and that our campus doesn't offer a lot of fun activities for us to participate in.


I do not think that I have been at this school long enough to recognize any frustrating things because I am a freshman and there are many supports throughout the year.


I can not think of anything that frustrates me. All is well.


I do not believethe is anything frustating with my school. I thoroughly enjoy my school and friends. I have to work hard to keep up my grades and that is fine with me. I have made many new friends and feel very safe when I am on campus.