Western New England University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That i would not receive as much financial aid as promised, and therefore have to stuggle to provide for the rest of my college career... as well as take out loans that I will be paying off forever.


I wish I had realized how helpful the professors and disability services would be, how I would be able to find my niche and be able to succeed dispite personal obstacles


I am originally from Philadelphia and what I wished I have known prior to attending Western New England University, is the dangerous city that sorrounds it.


I wish I would've known that Western New England University did not have the atmosphere depicted in television shows and movies. The giant party school isn't what this school is known for. It is known for its small campus, small class sizes and its attention to detail to in all aspects of running it properly. The school is well put together and will always run smoothly.


Before I enter my freshmen year of college I wish to know how enduring my classes will be. Knowing how much the homework will weigh on my shoulders will prepare me to endure the weight, as of now I am expecting the worst. I also wish to know the amount of time I'd be working for money to balance out the cost of college while balancing my time to fit in homework time.


that you shouldn't let little stupid things bother you


I haven't got a clue


That the school's reputation could harm the chances at furthering education because it is relatively unknown. Also, there is not a big focus on the school of arts and sciences compared to the business and engineering.


Nothing. I'm content here.


How much it would end up costing in the long run.