Western Oregon University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Western Oregon University has many strong academic and atheltic programs (particularly the ASL, Criminal Justice, Pyschology and rugby and frisby golf programs) a small but gorgeous campus, excellent resources for its students, a commited staff, and a friendly community.


An excellent school that provides a low teacher to student ratio with instructors who enjoy their job and want to see the students learn and succeed by building a relationship with their students.


Western Oregon helps create dreams for the young and old alike.


Western is a great place to go if you want to feel at home and want to get to know your professors and peers well.


My school is a wonderful community where everyone knows everybody and the teachers truly care about the students


Western Oregon University is a great sized school (small enough to meet one-on-one with professors) and there are many different ways to get involved (clubs, leadership, jobs, etc.)


A small state college where the professors truly care about your learning, the students are friendly and welcoming, and is located in a beautiful area.




My school gives confidence of success and encourages the students to move forward.


Western Oregon University is a small school where a student can grow as an individual with a suppportive network.


This school is a very diverse school and friendly, there just is not a lot to do around campus.


It's perfect especially if you enjoy a smaller campus with lots of opportunites and more individual attention from your professors.


I would describe myself as motivated and energetic. I graduated high school a year early and managed to do it with a 3.8 GPA which is a feat in itself for high school students. I've always known I wanted to be a teacher so i set my course for the best teaching school in Oregon: Western. I've done my research and prepared myself well for what's coming up in my life and I couldn't be more excited about it.


Western Oregon is a small college where my largest class had 40 kids in it which makes it possible for you to really get to know the professors and receive one on one help, going to such a small school also builds great opportunites to get involved and meet tons of people.


A beautiful campus with helpful teachers, a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, make friends and a place to find yourself without the drama of the city life may cause.


Western Oregon University is a small, inviting, diverse, helpful community.


Western Oregon University is a school that has been extremely helpful in teaching me in my chosen career path and supporting me with not only academics, but with any problems with other people that I have had while living there.


It is a fun and very pretty campus.


Small and education based.


WOU is a middle sized university with a big city academic and social experience.


Western has a warm, friendly environment that can be easily adapted to by everyone who becomes part of this school.


Small university, big opportunities!


Small campus, student oriented, green, not very loud.


Western Oregon University is a small school that focuses on the individual needs of its students.