Western Oregon University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


For the Most part many of the students seem very passionate about whatever the degree is.


My classmates are focused, reliable, and very dedicated to their studies while being active in the campus community.


Very diverse but somewhat odd student body


My classmates are eager to learn, not so eager to learn, attentive, disconnected, involved, active, sleepy, wide-awake, light hearted, fun loving, and my favorite, are capable of deep conversations that often take place regularly, inside and outside of a classroom setting.


Before I got deeper into the classes for my specific major, I was with a lot of students who seemed out of place. The first couple years atteneding Western it seemed like a lot of students were there just because they did not know what else to do with their lives, however, now that I am about to start my student teaching it is rare that I come across a student who is not looking into their future.


My classmates are very friendly and careing, and they are willing to help eachother out when ever they see the need.


Some of my classmates are very motivated, respectful people; however, I've noticed a large number of students still act like this is high school and are not very mature.


Friendly and inganged.


Most students at Western Oregon University work hard to achieve there goals with open minds and accepting personalities.


My classmates are very mature and actually want to be here, unlike my high school classmates who constantly ditched class and completely resented the idea of school.


Classmates are outgoing and friendly as well as very unique.


There are so many different kinds of students here, but they are all so friendly, and it has been so easy making new friends in all my classes.


Very diverse classmates attend WOU which is exactly what I wanted. I believe the total college experience is so much more than just attending classes and functions. It's the total immersion into different people and learning about their backgrounds that makes this such a rich learning experience! I LOVE IT!


Most of my classmates are very friendly and outgoing.


All the students are really nice and down to earth, but most importantly everyone that attends Western Oregon University is there to get an education and to better themselves.


My typical classmate is friendly, open-minded, and fun to be around.


My classmates are responible and compassionate.


Studious, friendly, and goal oriented.


Classmates here at Western are friendly, helpful, open to hearing different opinions, respectful, and always ready to rally together in study groups to faciliate better understanding of course material.


They are able to listen and respect your way of thinking. There is never very many.


They are always very helpful and friendly.


Diverse groups of people in classes.


very friendly and helpful