Western Oregon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think that WOU is best known for its diversity. I think our campus is diverse racially, culturally, and ethnically. This is displayed by the many resources around campus. There is a huge variety of clubs and groups to get plugged into around campus including ASL, 'nesian club, spanish club, LBGS, Student-Athletes, fraternities, and much more. Diversity is also exhibited through the different cuisines around town. There are a few mexican restaurants, teriyaki, thai, chinese, japanese, lebanese and of course your choice of fast food. Each cuisine is authentic but at the same time is sensitive to other cultures.


Western Oregon is known for it's beauty and small school setting, but the main reason why, and another reason why I came to Western Oregon, was it's outstanding Criminal Justice courses available for Criminal Justice majors. Not only does Western Oregon offer the best Criminal Justice course in Oregon, but also on the west coast. Departments in the Criminal Justice field would agree that a degree from Western Oregon is an excellent accomplishment when filling out a resume.


It is best known for the American Sign Language Interpreting Program. Many of the students that attend this school want to be future interpreters. There is even a whole hall devoted to interpreting majors. It is also well known for the nursing program that is offered. There is also a hall devoted to nursing majors as well.


Western Oregon University is best known for its education program. It is known as a "teaching" school because it has a great education program and is very highly respected.


WOU is best known for its ASL program, its teaching program, and its status as a green campus, as well as its sexual/gender/cultural diversity.




WOU is known for the strength and support of the professors, I think. When I've talked to fellow students, we're always complimenting our teachers. When I've gone to my professors about a problem or concern, they're friendly and willing to talk to me and explain things. Furthermore, the professors not only support us academically, but they support us personally too. They are always encouraging me to go a bit further and do better than before.


The education programs for students who would like to bwe educators themselves.


Western Oregon University is best known for an amazing campus and an awesome community evironment. WOU is special for her affordable tuition, and is close vicinity of our state capital, Salem. The university is about 90 minutes drive from the beach, from the mountains and from our biggest city, Portland. WOU is also known for the low student and professor ratio, a wide variety of programs, and strong academic programs. One of her successful programs is the undergraduate teacher education where many qualified teachers graduates and employed in Oregon and out-of-states.


The Education Program.


I believe our school is most known for the programs it offers. By this I mean it might be known to different people different ways. To me it is best known for it's pre-nursing program and its criminal justice program. I also know that it is known for different things because of the choice of career for each person.


It's best known for their Education program, it's said to be one of the best.


Western Oregon University is best known as a school you go to in an attempt to become a teacher.


My school is best known for their American Sign Language and ASL Interpreting program


This school specializes in Education studies. It is a small campus in a small town. The professors are made available for help and have flexible office hours. Class sizes are managable. You are most likely to see a face more than once on campus or in a term. There are no fraterities or soroities on campus, which allows for more academic focus. It is considered a dry town. Drinking is not permitted on campus. Public safelty is always on patrol so the safety factor is not a problem.


Kevin Boss. A beautiful campus.


Well, WOU was once just an education school, so the education department is very famous. It is also one of the only two schools in the state (The other being SOU) that offers a BFA (Bachellor of Fine Arts) for theater related careers. The school is listed as a Liberal Arts and Science college, and it lives up to that. Many of my friends, along with myself, are going into one of these two (I'm going into both). Because of such a wide variety of majors, great teachers, and small classes the school apeals to many students.