Western Oregon University Top Questions

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Western Oregon University has a low out of state student tuition. It was a reputable, accredited university in a rural setting. It is a very small campus with a godd student-teacher ratio.


The school is smaller, giving students the opportunity to develop a relationship with the professors. By the time I graduated, I felt like a lot of my professors became my friends, but still remaining fair.


Western's campus is beautiful and tight niche. Professors actually remember their student’s names, and are thoughtful and supportive of students needs. At WOU we don’t get very many student teachers or teaching assistance teaching our classes--we actually get the professors themselves. Additionally, WOU supports students who are involved with multiple programs or athletics.


It offers lowest cost for a four year school, but still offers an excellent education for a wide variety of majors. Why spend thousands more, when you can earn a degree that is basically just as good? In the end, Western is cost effective and gives you great value for your buck.


The most unique thing about Western is the older bulidings that my classes are held in. Not many other four year colleges have older looking bulidings that are so pretty.


What is unique about Western Oregon University is that it has one of the best Education programs on the west coast along with being the only four-year university that offers American Sign Language Studying and Interpreting. I have always been interested in ASL, which is why I chose WOU, and hearing that they are mainly an Education school, it sounded like a great place to go in case I ever decide to change majors, I don't have to change schools.


My school is unique because it is a public university with private school atmosphere. The school is small and intimate and allows for close relathionships to form between classmates. Once you start taking classes in your major, you meet many other students on the same path and are able to attend several classes with them. These intimate school enviroment -- for public school pricing--offers the best of both worlds.


The tuition is pretty good for a public education; it's like going to private school without the private school tuition. The campus eviroment is lovely. You can walk to all of your classes within 5 minutes, more or less. When you are on campus, you will see several people you know from your classes, on-campus living, on-campus job and/or on-campus activities/clubs. There are caring professors who want to help you succeed in your education. The average class size is about 20 students per professor. Overall, WOU is amazing.


Western is an amazing school that lets students really get to know other students and professors. The classes are smaller which makes it easier to get to know your professors, and your professors will get to know you and are always willing to help. Western is also a school where you feel like family. There is one cafeteria and most people eat around the same time, so everyone is together at once, giving it more of a close, family feeling.


It's a very small campus, that's intimate and historic. Compared to the other state schools in Oregon, it's small enough so you can know your professors personally and not be lost in the crowd, but also large enough to provide a wide variety of students. Also there is a large international group of students that makes for a great educational and social experience.


My university is the only one in my state to have a good theatre program, but also one that is small enough where you get to know everyone. The school itself is small, so you get to know a lot of people. It is good if you like that, especially with smaller classes and getting to know your professors well. The campus is nice, but it is the people on it who interest me the most. There is people from Oregon, out of state, and a good sized body of international students. It is a good place to connect.


One of the main reasons I chose Western Oregon University was its relatively small size compared to the other big universities in my state. The smaller student-teacher ratio is extremely important to me for my college education. In this school, I have ready access to my professors whenever I need them. Many of my friends attending larger universities rarely get one-on-one help from their busier professors. This facet of education is important for success, I believe.


It has a large campus feel, although is small. Great combination.


At Western they are really friendly and are always willing to help. Although it is a rather small campus, they always have something for us to participate in


The professors at WOU and the small class sizes are really unique. The allow teachers to give extra help and one on one time. This comes in handy many times during the term when I have needed extra help, teachers don't have too many students to focus on and are more than willing to give students extra time when they need it.


has a very good education program.


The classes are small and the professors get to know their students and have an interest in their acedemic success. The school is in a much smaller town than most universities. The library is great. It has a well known education program for elementary teachers.