Western Oregon University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love to brag about the American Sign Language program. The ability to learn the language, and the fact that it is one of the on;y schools on the west coast that offers ASL as a major is a very big deal. It also introduces you to a lot of people that are part of a tight knit community on campus. I think this program, and the community you become a part of really sets us apart.


When the conversation about college or education gets mentioned in any conversation with my friends, I always bring up Western Oregon University and how this campus compares to other universities across the nation. I always tell them the main reason why I choose Western Oregon over other schools was simply due to the small school setting. Since I graduated from a small high school I feel comfortable with the size and how it's like a family setting at times. In addition, all the trees, wildlife, plants, and older buildings make Western Oregon an absolutely beautiful campus.


I brag about the teaching program first and formost. It is extraordinary, the instructors are great and the programs that are in place are able to be completed on time and there is plenty of support for students. They have plenty of experience in the field and they do a great job of staying current by attending various confences and such. They make a priority to create a great crop of teachers for future Oregon students.


There are a few things I brag about a lot. One of the things I brag about the most is the friendly community. It seems like everyone is willing to help you if you need. Another thing I brag about is that the class size isn't too big. FInally I brrag about how the campus is a great size and that everything in town us within walking distance of the campus.


I like to brag about how small our class sizes are and how we are able to interact better. Small class sizes help you to really be able to understand the material and get questions answered.


How pretty our campus is and how much I love my classes.


When I talk to my friends about my school, the thing I like to brag about most is the location. Monmouth is an extremely small town where everyone can get to know each other, but very close to larger towns. Monmouth is surrounded with towns such as Salem and Corvallis and close enough to Portland so there is always something to do.


I mostly brag about how small my classes are and how it's really nice that my teachers know my name and that when you see them outside of class they say hi to you. I also brag about all the weekend programs we have, such as dances, comedians, and laser tag.


My great grades!


The fact that we have game nights, and different kinds of parties. It is a dry campus so it is nice not to have the pressure of drinking.


The circulum is tough and there is alot of studying to do. There is fun on weekends but a balance between your social life and studying is very important.


When I tell my friends about Western Oregon University, I say it is a small school and that the professors are very helpful. Because of the schools smaller size the classrooms are in effect smaller. This allows for more one on one contact with the professors. Also the professors are always willing to answer questions after class or during their office hours.


Just that it is a great school to go to. The professors are great and understanding and will help you when u ask for it.


I never really possessed true school spirit until I came to Western. It seems such a tight based academic community, and you feel that your professors are really here to challenge you and encourage you to give your all. I am so proud to be apart of such a strong university, and the academics are so liberal, and challenging it really gives one a taste of what is about to hit them after they switch their tassels and throw their mortars in the air. I love that I am so proud to be a student at Western!


small class size, very beautiful, small easy to access campus, getting to know your professors, the small size makes it easier to get to know more people, small town but only a short drive from two cities, great community


My teachers. They're amazing. They're friendly and make it easy to get to know them, talk to them, and are fantastic about working with you to help you succeed no matter what troubles you're having. Of course not everyone in perfect, but the ratio here is mostly incredible people. I also love the enviroment around campus. It's in a small town and is beautiful. There are trees and squirells everywhere, it rains (Which I love), and just feels homey and comfortable at all times.