Western Oregon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is far away from other places like Salem, Corvallis, and Dallas without a vehicle. Monmouth might be a bit too small for those who want more busy places around them.


The worst thing about Western Oregon Univeristy is the size, it's a small college. However, this can be percieved as the best thing about the school as well. If you want a big school, Western Oregon should not be the college of your choice. Monmouth is also a very small town, you make your own fun here. Salem, Portland and Woodburn are all fairly close, (Salem 20 minutes, Portland, an hour and a half, Woodburn half an hour). There are also activities on campus that students can be involved in or go to.


Lack of diversity in the classroom. I'm an African American male, and most of the time I was the only African American in my class.


Their book prices and buy back policies. I've paid over $480.00 for a book and when I went to sell it back it was only worth $56.00


I honestly cannot think of anything that would be considered the "worst" when it comes to this school. As I ponder what it could be, only positive things come to mind. I guess a minor thing I could say would be there could be more to do on campus, but considering the area that Western is located in, there isn't much to do anyway.


The lack of surrounding places would have to be the worst part of attending such a small school. At wou there are a lot of students coming from out of state or even as far as out of the country, being stuck on campus having nothing really near by to do would be so boring all the time.


I can't think of anything that I would consider as the worst thing about my school. But I can say that the town is small and there isn't much to do during break times between classes.


At my university I wouldn't say there is a worst thing.


Despite WOU's large art culture, there is not a lot of funding for the arts. This can be very disconcerting for the members of this particular community, because we know that our programs are the most likely to be cut/underfunded.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is the communication between the Business and Financial Aid office with a student.


Due to Western Oregon University has a small campus, some classes are offered one time a year only.


The only thing that I personally dont like about this school is that there are people you will run into when walking to class. It would be better if the school was a little bigger, but not large like a state university, but large enough where you can constantly meet new people.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the limited amount of parking for commuting students. While there are designated lots for commuters, they are located far from most class buildings and arent always a guarentee, which makes arriving to class on time very difficult. For students who dont live on campus or must commute, I can see this as a huge negative and a difficult aspect of attending class on time.


To be honest, I like Western Oregon University and everything that comes with the school. I like tha staff, resources around campus, food, and students. There is nothing bad I can say about Western, but how great it is to me.


Even though the Western Oregon University campus is marvelous it does have its faults. The worst thing about attending here is the size of the school itself. The total amount of students is roughly around five thousand. It is respectable if you are from a small town and trying to adjust to the college scene, however, getting board is a common tendency. Also with having such a small school it does tend to loose its diversity in people. The school is trying hard to improve in this area and really would welcome the objective to incorporate it.


The location at times can be a challenge with the lack of diverse restaraunts, feeling of isolation, and seporation from the comunity that sourounds us.


The only really unpleasant thing about my university is that it is in a small city. This means that there is not a lot to do on the weekends if you are a dorm resident or live in the town, especially if you do not live close enough to drive home at all. Portland is only about an hour away and Salem is nearby, so if you have a car you are set. The university has activities for the students, but not all of them are fun. Basically if you have a car you are set!


The only complaint I have about WOU is the limited number of sections available for each class. There isn't a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to choices of class days/times. I take a variety of classes, and typically have to make sacrifices to accomodate certain class times that are more necessary.


The worst thing about WOU is its location. Unfortunatly, the campus is located in a remote area with little access to facilities that one would find in a larger town. Buses do run to campus but because Western Oregon is a smaller school buses don't run as frequently. If you want to get around it is best to have a car or have a bike. Although it is cheaper to have a bike WOU is located in Oregon so it rains... a lot. But the remoteness of WOU is also what gives it its charm.


The nearest shopping mall is 20 minutes away. The opportunity to do something fun when not studying is not readily available unless you have transportation. There is a lack of weekend activities on campus because many students chose to go home instead of staying in town.


There aren't many bad things about Western if you are looking for a small safe campus. The only thing I really wish was different was the parking situation. I live somewhat close to campus so don't need a parking pass but when I am at the library late at night it would be nice to be able to drive so I don't have to walk home at late hours. It would be nice if WOU would offer free parking after 5pm or something.


I really can't think of anything bad about WOU per ce. But I suppose the location of the school isn't the greatest for a lot of people. Unless you want to drive 20 minutes into the city, there is nothing to do in the immediate community. Monmouth is a very small town which is why WOU really strives to provide weekend activities for students throughout the campus.


There is no real workout facility on campus.


I wish that people would stay on campus for the weekend. There's a lot of fun stuff to do in Monmouth! And I wish more food places were open later, thank goodness for 24 hour Muchas Gracias!


the food in the dining hall is probably the worst thing, although it really isnt that bad. its a good school.