Western Oregon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who prefers smaller class sizes, and a small campus.


WOU is best for people who want personal attention, small classroom sizes, and a fast pace, but thorough, curriculum. With the wide variety of support systems for students with disabilities Western is a great school for any type of learner/student. What is very appealing about WOU is their specialty programs; for example WOU is a well known and respected school for ASL studies and interpreting, Education, and Special Education.


Anyone looking for a positive college experience at a small university that has a lot to offer!


In my opinion, I think a person that like the rain and small classes should attend to this school. We have a variety of different weather, but most of the time, we get a lot of rain. Also, this university is small compare to our Oregon universities. WOU offers small classes and it is very helful because one can get a lot of attention from the professors. I like like to know exaclty what our assignments or exams will be based on. Therefore, I like getting the opportunity to ask as many questions during class.


I would imagine that someone who came froma small school would enjoy this school because it is something they are used to. Even someone in the educatioon, ASL, or nursing program would come here because those programs are thriving here.


A student that is truly interested in a good education, someone who wants to be involved in their school, and someone who is interested in developing leadership skills should consider attending Western Oregon University.


A person that likes to see familiar faces but yet new faces as well, around campus, a person that likes to be involved with school activities, a person that likes a class size to be about 20-25 students, a person that enjoys their professors recognizing them in the coffee shop and saying hi and professors getting to you know as an individual and your interests.


Someone who wants to be close to home but not too close, make friends, work hard at school, and have fun. It's a really great school for almost every type of student, people here come from all different walks of life and that is part of what makes this university so interesting and progressive.


Only a person who is comfortable in a small town with the nearest city 20 minutes away and a small campus, with only 6000 students. I would recommend this for anyone who doesnt like crowds, large complicated campuses and/or would like to get to know everyone and see a familiar face when you walk around.


You should attend this school if your the type of person who likes small classes where the teacher actually knows your name.


The kind of person that would fit this school best is fun loving, personable, and someone who enjoys one-on-one interaction. There are only about 5,000 students on campus and because of that classes are very small and you get to know people very fast. It is a truly amazing experience. Some of my classes here at this college are smaller than my classes in high school.


Someone who is interested in making a better life for them and their family. Also, somebody who wants to learn about all kinds of different people and their backgrounds.


People that are serious about what their education and people that just want to have fun and get a good college experience. Another thing is people that are going into the Education field, should come here.


Students who will be successful at WOU must enjoy smaller classes, with more professor-student interaction. The city of Monmouth does not have the most exciting variety of activities, but the mountains and ocean are both only an hour away. WOU's professors will know your name, so you must be willing to show up to class regularly and participate in group discussions and projects often.


People who are looking for a friendly campus and reasonable tuition should attend this school. Motivated, accepting, enviromentally friendly, and original people should attend Western Oregon University. If you are a person who loves a beatiful campus, with great oppertunities for community involvement you should attened Western Oregon University. All minorities are welcomed here so there no need to worry about finding acceptence the WOU family. People that are worried about finding a job after they graduate should also check out WOU because most students find a great job after graduation. If you love life come visit WOU!


Someone interested in getting a good education and actually being able to talk to their teachers when they need help. Someone who would prefer not to pay a huge amount for their education.


Attend WOU if you want to enjoy college with many small classes. The setting is great for learning and getting help from your professors. You need to be committed to studying and advancing through your education. College is fun for sure, but don't come here just to "have a good time." Attend WOU to get a degree that will allow you to be placed in a job that you desire and look forward to working in!


Someone looking for small and personal class sizes. Someone who doesnt mind a small town and knows what he/she wants to major in.


Students who want to concentrate on academics should attend WOU. It's not an "easy" school unless you apply yourself to studying and participating in class. Students who want a party school should look somewhere else because Western strives to give students plenty of opportunities to have fun without alcohol. There's a lot to do at Western and getting involved is easy. People from the city have a difficult time finding things to do, but it's all about creating your own social life.


The kind of people that should atten this school are the kind that want to succeed in life. They need to be able to go to class everyday and do their school work to pass and get a degree for a better future.


Anyone majoring in education. This school is known for being great for education majors. There aren't many other majors that are big on this campus so it is kind of lacking in other departments. People who are looking for small town life seem to fit in well at this school.


Someone who is very school oriented, who commits a lot of time to studying or doing extra activities, also someone who enjoys a small campus that feels very home-like.


Some who likes a small school and town