Western Oregon University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


At any university and expeciallly at Western, Students who shouldn't go to this school are students who are not passionate about their degree or put other priorities above education.


Students who are used to living in larger cities and who enjoy having large crowds and multiple stores/things to do very close by.


Someone who wants a community based education. If you want to be known by your professor, Western is definitely the right choice.


Western Oregon is a small school in a very small town, so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who just wants to party at school, or someone who enjoys city life or lots of people. Other than that, I would say everyone is accepted here.


No one I can think of


College is meant for people who are serious about working hard and earning a degree to further their education and career. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who doesn’t want to put time and effort into school. For as much as it costs to get an extended education, students need to be serious about their work and eager to learn new things. I would hate to see someone wasting their money if they are not interested in what they are learning and spend time slacking off rather than studying and gaining knowledge.


Anyone who thrives in a large city or busy environment. WOU is a small and quiet school, not known for parties or many social activities. Anyone who doesn't enjoy a small town would not have an enojoyable time here.


I would not recommend this school to someone who wants to party and have fun all the time. This school is very quiet and low key and there is not a lot of stff to do on the weekends. Someone who is used to a large city should really think hard before comming here.


A party animal who doesn't go to class.


A person that doesn't like small classes, small rooms, good teachers, and frienly communities.


Someone who doesn't want to put extra effort into learning and getting the most out of college. Someone who would rather skip class on many days and doesn't realize what their missing out on.


Someone who likes to party and blend in with the crowd.


People who are extremely cut throat about academics. In contrast to that though people looking for a party school or Greek life would have a tough time because there are very few parties. People from large cities may also have a har time because Monmouth is a spec n the map and lacking many comforts of bigger cities.