Western Oregon University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


That even though there are alot of diverse on campus not everyone is always together. There are alot of people that can stick only with their race and stay in with their club members and teammates.


I am not frustrated by anything at my school, at all.


The fact that there is no social life and everyone smokes weed every day


The most frustrating thing for me is that the school wants us to stay here during the weekends, but they don't really have anything open for us. The Health and Wellness center isn't open until the afternoon and the cafeteria is only open for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday.


My university is a very excellent place and I have not experienced anything negative with the staff. The one thing that frustrates me the most about college is the attitude and lack of motivation to acquire real knowledge from a large number of students. I don't see this as just a problem with my school. Students just wanting the "college experience" without concerning themselves for their future career, is probably an issue at a lot of universities.


The most frustrating thing about my school is them not getting information out to the students about certain activities or programs that the school has to offer to us as the students.


There is not enough diversity at WOU. Within the year I have been here, I have seen a growth in the African American population, but nonetheless, it isn't diverse enough. There is a large Asian population but there isn't much else. I would like to see more diversity at WOU.


I am from a small town so I am used to quiet, but I do get frustrated with the lack of social events here. I like to focus on my studies, but I would like a little bigger selection of things to do to relax and have fun.


Since I just transferred here my most frustration has been the transferring process and getting the appropriate classes. I completed my AAOT at PCC and now am working on my Bachelors, for the most part I have found my school to be very helpful in the transfer process.


I have been at WOU for 5 terms now, and honestly do not find anything frustrating. If they exist, I certainly have not noticed or picked up on them. I enjoy my education here at WOU and really like the classes that I have been able to select.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be that some of the buildings are older. This limits our wireless options especially in the residence halls. Another pet peeve about residence life is that there are few vegetarian/vegan options avaiable in the dining hall. Academically i find few pitfalls to my school the biggest is the academic advising really isnt helpful for the undeclared majors in the search for finding a major.


Western Oregon University is fantastic in providing enough entertainment, activities and resources to have a fun time at college, but the one thing that I find most frustrating is the town that it is located in. Monmouth OR is a small town that does not have very many places off campus to hang out at as a college student. Sometimes we as students need a break from the campus that we live, eat and breathe on throughout the week and it would be nice to have more local hang out spots for our students.


There are a handful of really great professors that go the extra mile and genuinely care about you and your success. Then there are a number of professors who are very flakey and inappropriate. There have been several times that my roomates and I have talked to our teachers or tried to get help with something and they have blown us off or not made time. Some of the support staff is the same way, self-focused and not very helpful. I also didn't find many of my classes to be challenging.


the counseling could be better,


I wish more classes were offered at more times. And I wish WOU was not a dry campus.