Western State Colorado University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being by Crested Butte, a great place for snow activities in the winter. And it is also known for the outdoor rectraition abilites. Colorado is a great state to study in.


The school is best known for the environment that surrounds it and the generous alumni that still give back to the college.


The recreational opportunities that surround the campus: fishing, biking, climbing, rafting, boating, skiing, hiking and camping. Western State has an amazing recreation program, and business program. This is one of the best places to live, learn and play while growing up.


Western State College of CO is probably best known for it's great outdoor leadership courses and almost maybe their business degrees available. Outdoor leadership is the most known though, because there are so many opportunities to get involved with something in the wilderness; the wilderness surrounds this college. It is definitely in a beautiful place and offers many ways to get involved in activities outside of school.


Western State College of Colorado is best known for their personable staff, and the outdoor surrondings. We are located in the middle of the Rockie Mountains at 7,780ft above sea level. We have one of the best ski resorts in America, Crested Butte, and it is only a half hour free bus ride. One day you might be sitting in a two hour history class listening to your professor talk, and the very next day you could be riding a ski lift with him. Thats what Western brings to the table.


Western State used to be known for its ski team, until the funding was cut to try to improve the dismal football program. Western is unfortunately tagged "Wasted State" and is known as a drinking school if not a party school, but is also recognized as a very strong teacher's college and has popular programs in business (and a brand new business building), anthropology, environmental science, and outdoor recreation. It also has a vibrant and growing music program.


Hkiing, Biking, The outdoors!


Having small class sizes. Being located in a very outdoor recreational area. Enviornmental, LOTS of outdoor recreation.