Western State Colorado University Top Questions

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Western State College of Colorado is devoted to its students and the environment. Class sizes can be as small as 6 and only as big as 35. All professors have their doctorate degree in their field. They go out of their way to be available to help every individual student. Being in the mountains, there are so many things to do! Bike, ski, board, kayak, raft, fish...everything! The arts program is enhanced by the supportive community. Also, the school is one of the most environmentally friendly in the nation! Western produces successful people, whatever their intended path!


If you come here you learn to respect winter. Most student deaths come as a result of traffic accidents on icy roads or avalanches. If your going somewhere in winter watch the weather, allow for extra time and always pack lots of warm clothing. If your going into the backcountry be sober and at-least take an avalanche course, a buddy and a beacon. I knew a student who died every year I attended Western because of something involving ice and snow.


The proximaty to an active archeological dig, the geologic diversity in the surrounding area. The access to BLM land for hiking, biking and camping. There is such a wide array of things for the student to do in and around Gunnison that create a unique college experience.


What is most unique thing about Western, compared to other schools its quite alot! From experience, being a new transfer student i found out their is alot of difference. The most unique thing about western is that your a family, and everyone is willing to help so that you can succeed with your life goals.


The relationships one makes while at Western is what makes this school unique; in addition to being located in one of the most gorgeous valleys in the country. Whether one is an outdoors person or not, there are so many ways to become connected to other people and so many opportunities for people to experience new things. The fact that the professors know students by name and actually care about them succeeding gives a sense of support that is not commonly found at other campuses. Western makes sure to emphasize that students are not alone in this college experience.


It is close to the mountains and great skiing and snowboarding


smaller class sizes, location