Western State Colorado University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, The school is very different now than it was then but the description, much to the dismay of the administration and many of the students in the music or education programs that it doesn’t apply to as much, it still fits the majority of the student body. The largest major at the school is the Outdoor Recreation Program. This program is centered on outdoor activities and draws people that would like to be outdoor guides and/or work at ski resorts or in park and recreation districts. The school is also near 2 ski resorts and because of that and its willingness to except just about anyone it attracts lots of students more interested in partying, or being ski bums and rock jocks than studying. The attitude that is involved with these types of students and the lack big city or university activities that some need to keep them entertained means that around half of the freshman class doesn’t come back after the fall semester.