Western State Colorado University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Western is a small Liberal Arts College that is found in small rural town in the middle of the Colorado Mountains. The administration is usually very approachable and helpful to students. The school has around 2500 students and the population of the Town of Gunnison seems to double when school is in session. The school is heavily focused on outdoor, in particular wilderness, activities and studies. As such some of the most popular majors are Recreation and Outdoor Leadership, Environmental Studies and the Natural Sciences that includes very strong Biology, Chemistry and Geology Departments. It also has a growing education program that now has a Masters program associated with it. Being in a small rural town that is located 30 miles from a ski town and 60 miles from the next nearest town of any real size. You will find plenty of opportunities to go hiking, skiing, camping, climbing, biking and kayaking in your free time but don’t expect much in the way of paid entertainment or a strong nightlife that you would find in the city. If your going to survive here you need to be able to find entertainment yourself and you need to be able to handle cold high elevation mountain winters (it’s -17degF tonight with a high of 2degF yesterday and that’s not unusual).