Western State Colorado University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is suppost to be a place to advance your carreer and have fun. Do not forget that above all else, schoolwork must be top priority. If you are struggling in math, be persistant in getting help at the tutoring center. Do not be afraid to ask questions-there are no stupid ones. The professors don't bite- so talk to them, double check on instructions they give if you didn't hear it right that first time. Let friends in, but do not let them pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. If you go to the hot springs, go with people you are comfortable with. Enjoying the sunny days, going for hikes, and finding new interests await you. Do not falter when times get hard, because "tough times never last, but tough people do". College is where you truly grow up. Events leading up to college have helped you grow a lot and become your own person. During college will be an introduction of real adult problems and will make you learn how to handle them as an adult. My biggest suggestion: Live life to the absolute fullest, and never give up on people.


I would say dont get caught up in your past or what is going on at home. You have started a new life and that life is the life you have to live with for the rest of your life, the next year isn't going to be easy but you will make it through. Apply to as many scholarships as possible because you are going to need them. Work hard, go to class and don't forget who your friends are.


I would tell myself not to worry so much about what people think because students in college don't care the same way students in high school care. People aren't so quick to judge you because they realize that everyone has a story. People are more friendly and real with you too in part because everyone in college is trying to find themselves. The opportunities that you will encounter will be limitless! Seriously, you will get to experience some really amazing things. Don't let money control your life because it's just not worth all the disappointment it brings. Remember to just breath when you get stressed out and do it properly from the diaphragm. Once you find your passion, your life will be changed in an enlightening way because you will be so stoked about that topic! And lastly, never forget why you are pursuing a degree because there will be times when you want to just give up and quit when it gets too tough. Inspire everyone.


Despite starting at a large, local university, branch out and move away to go to a small university. You need to learn to be independent of your high school friends and family, this will show you who you are. Being uninvolved on campus led you to be bored and turn to unhealthy habits. Getting involved on campus helped you make more friends and your social scene expanded. But do not overwhelm yourself. You will have to learn how to say "no" in many circumstances. Really commit to class, you deserve to find out how capable you are. Reach out to your professors- they do care and they will be instrumental in finding jobs and getting recommendation letters. Mistakes will happen. You may do poorly on a test or regret a relationship but I promise it is how you deal with mistakes that count. You are strong and mistakes can make you stronger and they may lead you in a better direction. It can be incredibly scary not knowing where your life will lead after college but trust that if you do your best, you'll find your way. Enjoy college- have fun, get involved, work hard, and be yourself!


The advice I would give myself would revolve around time management and dicipline to achieve what I am ultimately in school for. Getting involved and attending activities, making new friends is a part of what you should do at college. These are friendships and memories you will cherish your entire life. They will also be a demand on your time at school. Don't let it get in the way of doing what is necessary to successfully complete your requirements for your education. You (or your parents) are paying alot of money for your education. Don't waste the oppurtunity. Take full advantage of the resources available to ultimately make yourself as marketable as possible. This way, when you are finished you can go out into the real world and find a job doing something you really enjoy. So, make sure you are as committed as possible to what should be your primary goal, an education that will lead to a rewarding carreer. Make time for your studies. Commit yourself to your studies. The harder you work in school, the easier it will be getting started in the field of your choosing.


Everyone says they wish they could go back in time knowing the information they know now so they can make better decisions. At times, I have wanted to do just that, however many of my decisions have only led me to live an amazing and adventurous life , filled with wonderful people and experiences. However, I do have two pieces of advice for my highschool self. First, there are so many resources available to college students, both financially and academically. While high school and college counselors are great areas to begin exploring various majors and financial decisions, it is important to reach out to experienced college students as well. They have adapted to financial instability, pressures of heavy workloads, and the transition from home to the 'real world'. The second piece of advice is that breaking out of your comfort zone is the key to discovering yourself as an individual. While often times it is not easy, perserverance and adaptation from breaking out of your shell help develop new opportunities. Always confer with the parents but in the end choose what option seems best for you. If you fail, you learned a lesson and your family is there to support you.


I would not really give myself any advise. I took some time off, and it was a great choice. I was able to save up some money while living at home, and I found a school I wouldn't have found had I gone to school right after high school.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to save as much money as possible, look for scholarships as much as I could, and don’t pass up any opportunities to get ahead. If I had looked for scholarships more as a senior it would have helped with the cost of going to college. Also, I would tell myself to save as much money as possible because college is expensive and the cost isn’t just tuition, books, room and board; it also includes things like snacks, school supplies, and toilet paper. I would want myself to be more active in school and my community, not only to look better on scholarships, but to get the life experience that comes with it. That would help me understand what it would be like to do things on my own and what it was like having a job, along with the new responsibilities that come with that.


I would tell them to research the college they want to attend, but also to visit the campus to see if that the kind of place they want to spend their college career.


My college experience has only fueled my desire to pursue even higher education. I will be the first in my family to get a degree and I've done it by paying out of pocket and working two jobs. Going to college opened up avenues to lifelong friends and connections. I have gotten to know my teachers and they know me on a professional level as well as a personal level and most of them will continue to be a huge part of my life and career as I move on to Graduate school. Going to college was/ is valuable to me because my education and what I have learned is something that can never be taken away. The push to learn more from your colleagues and professors is an invaluable experience and lesson. Thank you for your consideration.


What i have gotten out of my college experience so far, is a group of sincere people and staff involved with the school who will do everything they can to help students succeed. It has been so valuable for me to attend college, because i am so determined to have a successful future for myself and to be an independent young woman that i am striving to be. I've always done what people said i couldnt do, achieved what they said i couldnt achieve and that's what makes me just that much more determined to put my armor on and go in with full force. Both my parents never attended college and my father never even finishing elementary school, and that is something that i just could not stand to follow. When people say your education is the most important thing you can achieve, its true and i realize it myself. With my determination to not go down the same path as my parents, i will not stop until i succeed and succeeding is valuable to me.


With the access to accredited authors, and the help from all of my professors, I feel that I have become a more accomplished writer. And feel that I am more prepared for the real world as an author, or in whatever direction my major takes me in.


I have had a wonderful college experience, in which I have learned not only about myself, but about my environment, society, and other people. I feel the knowledge I have obtained cannot be bought or forgotten, and will stay with me. I have learned how I interact in the world I live in, and how I can adjust that if needed be. I have also learned stonger communication skills to convey ideas, feelings, or thoughts to others. Communication is a strong component to interaction, and interaction with others and society is a key factor in building a solid future. Without my education, I wouldn't be as strong of a person as I am now, I wouldn't be as knowledgeable about the world around me, or the people in it. My education is valuable for the reason that it shapes who I am and what I am proud of.


My overall college experience has taught me that being committed is the most important aspect of college. Initially I attended Central State University in Wilberforce, OH. My grades weren't spectacular, but I knew I was capable of doing better. Eventually my lack of committment led to me returning home. Tuition rose and I wasn't persuing any scholarships to assist me in persuing my education. After the death of my mother in April 2007, I was faced with the reality of adulthood. I found a job and was there for three years before I began to become depressed and agitated with my lack of progress. Once returining to school in May 2008 I realized I had a new found respect and appreciation for the opportunity to further my education. These newly developed feelings gave me the drive I lacked while at CSU. This has pushed me even harder and therefore I have lots to show for it. My success is showing in my GPA which is a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. This should be very influential in how my life turns out, because only the strong survive.


I have the chance to grow and become more responsible. During my high school years all i would think about what how great it was going to be once i graduated and moved on to college. What was i thinking? Being in college has made me realize that no time in our life will ever be easier than high school. I now know what it is like to have to buy all of my own neccessities and wants. It is up to the student to do the homework and study. Our college professor's have very little time to be breathing down everyones necks, telling them that they need to try harder and study. We as college students are on our own. It has been very valuable to attend Imperial Valley College because i now realize that studying and getting good grades is not a hard as i thought it was in High school. I now have a 3.7 gpa and My grades at IVC will are very valuable to me because that shows that all my hard work has paid off and im not just going to a community college to get financial aid like so many others.


Western State College has enabled me to grow up. I have learned so much coming from the Twin Cities of Minnesota to Western State College and the small town of Gunnison. The first thing that I learned last year was how much better it was to make decisions on your own. No longer was I doing things to conform to big city social norms, but I was able to do things for myself. Specifically I found some of the best friends I have ever had, that do not party (slang for college drug use). My friends motivate me, make me laugh, and show me love. I found that creating a family of friends at Western has helped me grow into a better person. I have been learning a lot through school, social situations, and my job as a ski instructor. All in all Western State College facilitates opportunities to better myself academically, socially, athletically, and in fine arts.


There would probably many things I would advise myself to do. First, I would tell myself to study harder and get all my work done for school, because although it is a pain at that moment and there are probably many other things that sound better to be doing than school work, it will all be worth it by the time of college. Your grades and hard work benefit you when receiving scholarships and even some of the subjects you learn in college courses. Secondly, I would tell myself to take my time and choose what college would most benefit my needs, instead of hurrying and picking a college that looks cooler and that is as far away from my parents as possible. I've definitely learned to respect people and my parents and appreciate everything I was given or taught while I was home. It has made me into a smart college student and set me up for the future.


If I could go back in high school and be able to give myself advice, I would tell myself to be calm and patience and to really work on my biological health. College is an extreme time of transition not only in being away from family, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, but a time in which new ideas arise and life throws you more curves and being able to adapt quickly is essential in succeeding. I was a very anxious person my senior year in high school because I knew that God was leading to me to Colorado, but I had a strong family, and a girlfriend, it really made that transition harder. Once I got out to college I struggled with adapting right away. It took me 1 week to figure out that I needed to get in contact with the church and once I put my faith in God my life pulled a three sixty. God says "If you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me". This is the motto of my life and I truly believe that religious or not if you remain calm and patient great things will happen to you in college.


Bottom line, get scholarships. Life is easier with some money (not alot) behind what you want to do and not worrying about next semesters tuition is a great load off of your back. Never forget that you need to have fun. Be passionate about everything; even when your wrong, if you have passion behind your words nothing will stop you from excelling as long as you LISTEN TO LIFE! Listen to life, by that i mean do not close off your mind to new things or ideas, you wont grow otherwise cause life is always around you no matter what you think and it is begging to be heard.


Keep on the right track! Do not be afraid of meeting new people because it happens almost automatically and they become the greatest friends you could endure college with. Make sure to bring lots of clothing to layer up in. When you visit home, spend extra time with your bird because he wont make it to the spring. Don't let yourself get too stressed over classes because the first semester turns out great!


This is a question that i have been wanting to express! I wish i knew what i know now, i never thought i would be saying this. I use to think or say i wish i could live on my own and do whatever i want. Its not so easy anymore, i took alot of thinkgs for granite. The main thing i took for granite was my family, it use to be a skip, hop, and jump around the corner to see most of them , but now they are hours away. My grandma has stage three lung cancer and i wish i could have valued my choices more towards my family. A call on the phone isnt as meaning full as an in person how was your day. Knowing what i know now i wish i would have planned more for the future not the moment!


Be ready to have the time of your life. Every opportunity will bring you closer to finding out your true passions in life and will help you grow up. Accept the hardships, for every one is a learning experience; hold true to your ideals, because deep down, you know what they are. Never be afraid to dream. "Love all, trust few, and do wrong to no one" as Shakespeare once said. Don't be afraid to try new things or listen to people's ideals, for they may be saying what you were thinking all along. Take initiative, take risks, and love life. Find the joy in the small things and embrace your youth. Overall, just love life and live it the best way you know how. You will not fail if you believe in yourself.


College is a wonderful time for growth. You're going to become the person you're supposed to be so go with it. Be open to everything.


Eric, Your going to college soon and Dad was right, go to Western and dont waste your time applying to all those other schools. Start early on figuring out your financial aid and dont forget to keep up on it. Dont waste your time with negative people. College life is great, no need to worry. Stay involved and dont worry about the little stuff! I know you think you have a good coat but get a bigger one and fix your radiator...no matter how much it costs, because it is going to get COLD!


The key to finding the right college is very simple, it brakes down into three areas that need to fit the student: academic, social, and financial. The school must obviously offer the right area of academic study that the student is interested in, and that offers a good education. The second area is social; if the student will not fit in and be happy outside of the classroom it will affect their performance inside the classroom. The last area is the tricky one, the financial area; you have to pick a school that offers the first two areas, but that you can afford as well.


stay in school. work hard and always have fun


The best advice I can give is to really research the school and the surrounding community. Know the professors, the other students, and the town you are considering spending the next two to four years of your life with. These are all things that can make or break your college experience.


Follow your hunch. :-) If you like being there and like spending time with the people you find there, the academics and extracurricular activities will fall into place. You need to be in a place you like to be in - the rest can follow after. The relationships and the contacts you make in a place are the most important resources you can have in your favor and the most significant memories you will take with you, so this should be high on the priority list of considerations when choosing the place where you will spend such a significant amount of time at such a crucial point in your life.


Make sure your student is ready for college.


Find a college that will make you the sudent happy. Do not follow your friends or choose based of what your parents want. Creat your own path way in life not someone else.




In order to find the right college need to visit it during the school year. So you can talk to some of the teachers and meet some of the students that already attend to see how they like it. Pick a college for the right reasons, not because it looks nice or it is not as expensive as another, but because it has good teachers and it will prepare the right way for what you need to learn for the real world. Also because you as a student made the choice to go to that school and you feel comfortable going there.


get away from your home. you will never expand if you don't leave at least your hometown. also when your in college you have to be able to discipline yourself and balance what you do between homework and social activities. i'm an orientation coordinator the balancing act is the worst problem all freshmen have.


Make sure that if you are going to choose a large university that you or your child can handle not having personal and intamate attention from your professors. I liked a smaller college because I know all my teachers personally and it was easier for me to fit in right away and not just get lost in the crowd.


The most important things to consider when deciding a college is the location, the academic programs offered, and the cost of the school. My best advice would be to spend a few days at the school you are considering to become familiar with the atmosphere and the students and professors at the school. Also, be aware of how you will pay for college if you don't recieve any financial aid.


Visit the campuses!


The most important thing about determining which college is best is to send out applications to a wide variety of colleges with various strengths and weaknesses so that you have a wide selection to choose from. Attend orientations and visit with the professors and take a tour of the campus. Talk to students about what they think about it. Compare the different schools and see which ones appeal most to you, based on which ones you get accepted to, the choice is sometimes made for you. Also remember that academics is not the sole basis on which a campus should be judged; student body, activities, lifestyle, events, and quality of life are important things to consider when selecting a college. Happiness of the student should be the overall goal. In essence, it is crucial to determine what campus will best contribute not only to the education of the individual, but also the overall happiness of the student. I know several students did two years at a smaller school to get more hands-on time with the teachers in a small classroom before transferring to a much larger and better known school for the final two years. Happiness is most important.


Take the time to viist the school at diffent times of the year in order to fully understand what you are getting your self into. Be ready to do things on campus and don't waste your time being stuck in your dorm room.


Visit many times, talk to CURRENT students, not alumni




No matter how many pictures are observed, comments are read, and recommendations are taken, to explore a place it is necessary to physically go to that location. For most looking at many brochures on colleges, every college seems to become the same. It is very different, however, when feet are put to pavement and a student enters that college's culture. Once there, if there are any uncomfortable feelings which arise regarding the college itself, it is probably not the right place for that student. It is different if the student becomes excited and enthusiastic.; further exploration must happen. Financial aid should always be a factor in education. Most of the time there is much financial aid to go around but not enough willing participants. Most financial aid counselors will work hard to see that student attend the college. Therefore, explore. Explore the campus, the academics, the financial aid, the students, the professors, and more. Then retract and reflect. If it does not feel right, it probably is not.


Get out of your damn dorm and get involved with something.


VISIT VISIT VISIT! Talk to students who go there, not only the ones giving you a tour but the regular individuals. Don't freak out about finding the right school right off the bat, schools blieve it is very important for indivudals to find their right place and fit in to do thier best, and are very accomidating.


I know when I started looking at different schools in highschool I knew that I wanted a college that was not a big university, small class size, in a fun enviorment and still in state. I would look online and type in different things you want in a college. Like for me when I was searching on google I typed in, "Small colleges in Colorado" and it brought up a big list of some great small 4 year colleges that I would really enjoy. Also parents go to college night with your kids and both of you look at different colleges that you both could agreee on. Also for parents allow your child to express why they chose that school rather than the school that you want them to go to. It will make it easier for you both to understand what is out there and to both agree on some things like small class size, learning disablities help, and much more. And also when college admissions come to your highschool check them out and ask them as much questions as you want to. They want to help you. Trust me.