Western State Colorado University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Well at the moment i'm having trouble finding work in the home town of my college. Other thab that i really have no frustrations about the school.


There is a very large emphasis on collegiate sports. I am not a collegiate athlete, nor do I care to watch many of the sporting events held on campus. As a part of my fees, I pay to watch campus sporting events. There is no way to waive this fee (and a handful of other fees) even though I am not utilizing them. I believe I should be paying for my education, not supporting collegiate athletes to play sports that I have no interest in watching.


I think they like me for most part their very helpful.


The most fructrating thing about western is the lack of varity of class offered during a semester.


Construction all the time.


The most frustrating thing is the diversity, there isn't enough. There is mostly white people that live and go to this school.


small town, if you burn one bridge you'll see it everyday (i.e. ex-girlfriends, teachers you skipped a class with)


I think the most frustrating thing about Western State College of Colorado is that sometimes it's hard to talk to your teachers about grades, but a lot of times its always hard to find your teachers around the campus or in the building because if you really need help with something you need to make an apointment to see them rather than finding them to acutally talk to them.