Western Technical College-La Crosse Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't make yourself be apart of the Freshman 15. Remember it's cheaper to cook at home than it is to gas up the car and make a run for Taco Bell's dollar menu. You are what you eat, don't make yourself look like you ate delivery and the driver.


I would tell myself to study hard and steer clear of debt. I would say it will work out exactly as it should and to keep dreaming. Then, I would shout, "Hop to it! Life is passing you by!"


I was very shy and intimidated about going to school back then (many years ago, in 1986). I talked myself out of it, saying I couldn't afford it. So, I would tell myself that I could afford it, that there are grants that can help pay for it, and that it is scary at times, but it is so worth it. I would encourage myself to follow my dreams and go out there and do it, even if I had to do it afraid. I would tell myself that I was capable of far more than I knew. I would also caution myself to make sure that I took the time to work not only on academics, but also on getting to know other people at school, to develop relationships, because they will help you through the whole process and it is a large part of getting an education; knowing that no man is an island. I would finally tell my self to enjoy the process of learning and to never stop learning whether in school or not.


The advice I would give myself would be to go straight to a four year college and not join the Army. The debt of going to a good school to start may seem like a lot but it will be worth it. You got into several good four year colleges pick one and go now. If you wait it will be much harder to go back and you may have to chose a program that fits your life not what you truly want to do. Make friends with anyone you can because your life will be much more fulfilling. The more you prepare for class the easier it will be so always be prepared for class.


Oh where to begin. Since I am 34 years old I have thought alot about this question in my life. For starters I would explain to myself how important a college degree is. I would tell myself (as a freshman) to think about what I want to do with my life and take high school classes that would help me reach that goal. And to check out different colleges by doing research and visiting the campus ect. all well before I was a senior. I would tell myself not to take a year off after high school like I said I was going to do, because a year turned into many. It is easiest to just go to college directly from high school. You are still in school mode, everything is fresh in your mind, you don't have dept to pay, kids to raise (hopefully) and you get college will be over before you know it and you can be making great money before you decide to get married and start a family. I say to myself all the time, I wish I could go back in time and do things differently.


I would explain to myself that I don't need to be so uptight about moving on from high school to college. The trasition is very easy and fun. I would try to explain to myself to have more confidence in what I was doing in high school and that everyone starts on an even slate in college and that I can do just as well as anyone else. I have already established good study habits in high school that will carry me over into college. I would tell myself to enjoy my senior year in high school a little bit more and not be so concerned about the uncertainty of next year. I would tell myself to just sit back and enjoy the ride.


I would of made sure to have gone to college and earned s degree in something. Even though I was not sure what I actually wanted to do. I was marrired right out of high school. Had 8 children, and was divorced 20 years later. I hade no job skills and just a high school dipolama. I could not support my family on the jobs I was able to get. I decided to go back to school at age 43. It was the best decision I have ever made. At times it is so hard to juggle all the stuff I have to do being a single mother. But school has given me back my seif esstem and I can't wait to get my degree. Through all of this my children have all supported me. They have learned to like mc and cheese and frozen pizzas because mom is doing school. In the end it will all be so worth it. Wath out world here I come.


I would advise myself to keep ahead of everything in my classes and review materials daily so it's fresh in my mind.


I would tell myself that you need to get lost of rest. That you also have to make sure you are at school on time everyday or you are going to get behind in your studies and it is hard to catch up on what are in leuxchurs. I would also make sure that i make all doctor appoinments after classes to the best of my ablity so that i am not missing class due to that. I would also make sure that i dont take more than 10 to 12 creids at one time and try to do full time work too. That it is to hard to have a full time job and to do full time schooling too becasue you need to make sure that you have the time to study and to get your homework done. I would also like to tell me that you need to make sure that you get help with yor homework when you need it and not wait intill the last minute. Also make sure that i have all the support i need for my learning disablities so i can learn at the same pase as other students.