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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


i'd tell myself that life after high school is different but nothing i can't handle, i'd remind myself that i'd over come past challenges, mainly my severe dyslexia, and ajusting to college wouldn't be any different. i've grown a lot and changed a lot and become the better person for it, i'd tell myself that it would be hard but worth every second of struggle. i'd tell myself that i would survive my parents devorce and that my dyslexia wasn't a death sentance in the real world. my senior year i thought that becoues of my dyslexia i wouldn't be able to function out side of high school with out the special treatment and teachers, now i know that there is pleanty of people that understand and are willing to help, if i just ask. dyslexia makes things harder for me, but no impossible, if i could go back in time that's what i would say. i'd also tell myself to stop beaing so stubern and us my IEP in engleash so i could get higher than a 3.7 GPA