Western Texas College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are attentive and ask plenty of questions during the classhours and there are plenty of students in office hours.


some are helpful,friendly, quite and loving yet some just full of there self


I feel like some classmates don't know or understand that their adult life is about to start. There are some that have a plan, like my roommate and myself. We both know exactly what we want to do for a living and will work as hard as we need to. I mean no disrespect to anybody, nor am I calling them immature, but I wish more people on campus were like my roommate. Most of the people are living for the "now" part of life. Everything I do now, gets me one step closer to what I want.


My classmates are great! They're a lot of fun in class, and very friendly. They're fun to talk to and get to know. They make class enjoyable. I feel like I can speak my mind without being judged or sounding stupid in front of them. They are great piers!


My classmates are helpful and friendly. We all get along really well and usually make class pretty fun. It's awesome to interact with my classmates because some of them are from different countries.