Western Washington University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Environmental conciousness. They stress how we as a community can help our environment and teach others about ways to protect the environment.


My school is best known for being environmentally friendly. The student body just passed a rule that no plastic water bottles are allowed on campus beginning with the 2013/2014 school year.


Western Washington University is best known for its commitment to the community, its emphasis on green technology, and its motto, "Active Minds, Changing Lives." We are also known for our accomplished basketball teams.


In my opinion my school is best known for being very environmentally conscience. Recycling is huge and other environmentally friendly programs are everywhere, such as the eco-reps.


Western Washington University is best known for its amazing faculty who perform research to better educate not only their students, but also themselves. They are not centered solely on themselves and teaching stale curriculum. The faculty truly want to connect with their students through how they present their ideals. The faculty however are not the only great thing about WWU, the students who go here and represent the Associated Students really put effort into all they can to make new and returning students feel welcome around campus, and are willing to help anyone and everyone with whatever they can.


It's best known for being a teaching college as that's what Western was built around.


My school is best known for its high quality staff and curriculum, as well as their love of knowledge and acceptance of any person who wants to attend.


Openmindedness mixed with an overwhelming amount of intelligence.


Ask anyone about Western Washington University, and they will tell you that it is full of hippies! Now, I do not consider myself a hippy, and I am not sure how true that stereotype is, however Western has created a relaxed environment. It encourages community service, supports local farms, strives to be environmentally safe, the area is hardly urban, and there are many outdoor activity options in the Western area. So, full of hippies or not, Western is known for this “green” reputation.


We have an amazing teaching degree, and the professors are incredibly nice.