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Western Washington University had smaller class sizes, more welcoming faculty, and beautiful views from the dorm rooms.


It's smaller than other Universities. It's really quite and nice view school. I can see the oceans in my room of the window. WWU professors are really great professors as we are in top 5 in WA state.


I would say it's more enviromentally aware than most colleges. And it's a small town, but make use out of what we have.


I think, that compared to the other schools I considered, WWU's outdoor-centered aura is very unique. Living in western Washington all my life, it's easy to forget how beautiful it really is over here. WWU does an amazing job of reminding locals and showing out of state students all the activities to do over here. There is so much involvement, as we have our own outdoor rec center, ski clubs, and so much more to draw students out of their dorms and into nature!


WWU seems to focus almost entirely on curiosity. Other universities I applied to offered WUE scholarships based solely on majors. WWU does not practice this, encouraging students to ventrue wherever their passions and interests take them.


As I considered where to attend college, I realized that Western Washington University is the perfect size. While it is not too large to get to know your peers, it also lacks the tiny size which can prevent the fresh start that comes with some anonymity. Western also provides an excellent and challenging learning environment; one in which professors are constantly demanding only the best from their students.


My school is unique in that we are tucked in next to our own private arboretum and we look out onto Bellingham Bay. My campus is beautiful and environmentally friendly. Everyone recycles and cares for the environment and that is a huge draw for many environmental science majors.


The university I am currently attending is very rustic. The walkways are paved with bricks that could be maintained better, but overall adds character to the school. To me it shows that many steps have been walked to get from class to class, to meet up with people, etc. it's indicative of the steps we take to achieve our dreams. It's a warm campus in comparison with the University of Washington's, Washington's very own concrete jungle.


The atmosphere at WWU is very laidback. Students who work hard in the classroom and with their studies are still able to have a god time. Western's campus is a very nice place to be with beautiful scenery. The people here are outgoing and friendly; as a Western student you I have never felt alone or without someone to spend time with. I took all these factors into consideration when I decided to attend Western, but ultimately I chose to come here for WWU's outstanding engineering program.


It is hard to find a qaulity university in Washington that isn't private and doesn't have too large of a campus/classes. The largest class size at WWU is about 500 people and at schools like Wazzu that is the normal class size! I have heard it can take kids at WSU 20 minutes just to get from class to class because the campus is so large! I really admire the smaller class sizes and campus sizes at Western.