Western Washington University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The small class sizes. Large lecture classes are at most 375 students, but they're usually about 180 students. These large classes are for lower level classes you take in fresham year, so by sophomore year your average class size is 80 students. History and English classes are always fairly small, as well. 60 students maximum.


Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, Washington which is a wonderful town that's just the right size with great access to Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.


When I tell my friends about my school, I mostly am bragging about the beautiful campus and fantastic people who also attend. I love western Washinton and the people at WWU are so welcoming, kind, and helpful!


I am most excited to tell people that I go to a school that has a variety of options for people to get their degree in. There are many not common majors as well as ways to combine two majors that are not commonly linked together, or you could even design your own major. I came into Western planning on majoring in education, but changed my mind to double major in history and recreation with a minor in art history. I was very excited to see that I could still accomplish this in four years!


The people that attend there are completely inspired. WWU draws a certain type of person to it, one who is spiritually open minded and inclined to hope. Somehow we keep pretension to a minimum. Everyone seems to be curious and very much alive. The honors program in particular seems to boast this. We are encouraged NOT to pick a major until the end of sophmore year, allowing us to drift and find new things that interest us.


Western Washington University is in a breathtakingly beautiful location. The bay and nearby Mount Baker offer opportunities for endless recreational adventures, and it’s incredibly easy to get plugged into activities and clubs on campus as well. There are numerous volunteer opportunities for people interested in education, environmental studies, health, and any other number of majors. The professors and advisors are eager to assist students, and the students are welcoming and diverse. As an intimidated freshman, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I transitioned to life here at Western!


Everyone here is very nice. The professors are great and I am learning a lot!


The school I go to is in a beautiful location. I look out my window and see the bay and seeing the sunset is a normal part of my day. There are various places to hike, and all of them are spectacular. Waterfalls, the Puget Sound, foresty areas. I have only been to a few, but there are so many places to explore in the future and that's something great about my time.


I mostly brag about the beautiful nature I am surrounded by. On top of Western's wonderful academic profile, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lot of recreational options. I love the outdoors and I love education! So, having a two-in-one deal with Western is marvelous. I am excited to attend this University this fall. I look forward to being a part of its academic and physical lifestyles.


When I tell my friends about Western I brag about how friendly the people are here. I brag about its locations, located only a few minutes from Canada or the mountains. I brag about the beauty of the campus, and the positve learning environment Western has.


Beautiful location. Small and personal class sizes. Competitive programs.


I say that we are all in a tight nit community rather than being spread out as some schools are. And I also brag that I'm going to one of the best schools for teacher education in the state.


My campus is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. From North Campus you can overlook the bay, or you take a walk through the arboretum. The majority of our buildings and pathways are brick. We have a lovely fountain in the middle of campus, where you can always find something cool. Once I saw people with free hug signs, another time I saw zombies and people with nerf guns, or booths for clubs. My school has a unique atmospher that a person can't help but love.


I brag the most about the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that Western provides.


I brag about the atmosphere mostly. Kind people, a campus that feels like a college but not a city. It's got a little bit of the comforts that come along with knowing your classmates but if you like the little fish in the big pond feel you won't walk between classes and know everyone. I think WWU has something to offer for anyone and it doesn't fall short when it comes to the biggest reason for school, the education. The classes are challenging but possible to do well in if you apply yourself!


the Fairhaven program. I was very proud to be admitted into it.


I tell all my friends that my school is not too big and not too small. They let the students have a lot of say, and its a very open communication kind of school. Its right on the water too! Beautiful view.


When I talk about my school, Western Washington University, I like bragging about the lack of a fraternity or sorority system. I believe that my college, Western Washington University, is a university that believes in an equal society where one is not judged by what they do or look. The fact that Western Washington University is a Liberal Arts school also heavily relates to the lack of fraternities/sororities because I have observed that students at Western are a lot more open-minded to new ideas, student equality, and especially viewing students as a whole rather than in groups.


I tell them that it is easy to get around, because of the small campus.


The classes. Western offers a wide variety of classes, and within my major--English--there's a ton of different classes I can take that focus on many different subjects.


That we have smaller classrooms and the culture is less competative than the major state university. We have an incredible recreational facility, and that I have met a lot interesting students at the school.


How environmentally green we are and how prominent students artwork is found around campus.


When I tell my friends about school, I brag most about the bay area and how beautiful it is. There are several amazingly scenic parks to visit as well as creative and unique retail buisnesses and shops located in downtown Bellingham and Fairhaven. I also brag about the recreational activities the Univeristy hosts for its students. They always offer hiking, kayaking, camping adventures and much more.


Classes are not overly hard, experienced instructors, in class or online available, school has a high academic accountability, the instructors and professors are respectful of everyone.


The outdoor activities and the welcoming environment.


I mostly brag about the friends that I have met at school, and how great my professors are. I tend to brag about how pretty my campus is and all the fun activities that we are able to do on campus and off campus. I also tell them about how it is nice to have a school that is big enough to provide excitment of a big college but small enough to make our campus cohesive. I also like how there is no pressure of fraternities and sororities.


Our Theatre program and faculty are among the most celebrated in the Northwest. We are often the most decorated program at the annual Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, and I feel like I am working with some of the most dedicated people in the Northwest every time I walk into a classroom.


I brag about all the school and Bellingham has to offer. Everyone is really friendly. The professors are always willing to help and to put extra time in order for you to do better and understand the subject. You are also only an hour and a half from Seattle, and about an hour from Vancouver. But Bellingham is absolutely beautiful, right on the Pacific Bay. There is a ton of activities to join on the school, and lots of options if you are outdoorsy. All in all, everyone is really nice and its really fun.


First, I usually brag about how amazing the people at Western are. The students and faculty are very friendly and carry a relaxed and content attitude about them. Second, I brag about how my classes are not too terribly big and that they're actually taugh by professors, even if I was only a freshman or sophomore.


The cozy community, our restaurants in Bellingham, certain expert professors, the atmosphere, the easy-going attitude, and the facilities.


I brag about the environment. WWU is the perfect size for me. It seems like you meet new people everyday yet you still manage to see the same faces.


we get good bands to come through town, good local bands, all kinds of food, 1 hour away from Baker, 45 to Vancouver, 2 hrs to seattle, good food in the surrounding establishments, people are laid back,


That bellingham is a safe area to go to school. Its an awesome place to get a degree in business because companies like morgan stanely, boeing and microsoft visit often and complement the students in their work ethic and experience as opposed to WSU where there is no work. Its very liberal, laid back and peaceful. You are able to get on a more personal level with your profs and TA's. Class size is perfect. People utilize facebook and ratemyprofessor.com on this campus well so you can pick the right class and prof for you


how outdoorsy and environmentally friendly it is.


Mostly about the ability to get involoved with leadership rolls. Intermurals are also a fun way to get involved and meet new people on campus.


The class size is WONDERFUL! Bellingham is great, a fun, small town that has more to offer than you may think.


The overall feel of the campus. It's so welcoming, there's always activities to participate in or watch, and the people who populate the campus are so open to new people and ideas that it's really difficult to feel out of place or excluded. It's just really positive, a very safe place to start learning to be an adult.


We do not have a greek life at this school. I think it makes for a lot more opportunities for the avaerage student in all areas.