Western Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Western Washington University?


A person that is very open minded and pretty liberal. Every one at Western has this mind set, you can tell who the freshman are because a few are still caught up in who's cooler than who. This goes away after a few months of being there. Also out going people because WWU is so welcoming to people when they are willing to be welcoming back.


The kind of person who should attend Western is a person who treasures diversity. Western is a campus that embraces all varieties of race, gender, sexuality, etc. If a person has a genuine heart for different kinds of people, they will be easily welcomed by this university.


People who want a decent education for a reasonable.


One who is able to enjoy the beauty provided to us by earth. Western Washington is surrounded by foliage, perfect for those who are able to take a breather and relax. No matter how hectic the week is with various deadlines, one can always find comfort just by walking outside and realizing that we are part of something bigger; that our stress will pass with time. I find that the unique setting of my school enables us to slow down in this fast paced life so many are trying to take on.


The type of person who should attend Western Washington University is a dedicated friendly person. It takes hard work to do well in the challenging academic atmosphere Western has to offer. The other students at Western are very friendly, outgoing, and fun to be around. The accepting student body makes western fun and very interesting place to be.


If you are someone who is afraid of college and afraid of people not accepting you for who you are this is the school for you because what I've noticed about Western is everyone on campus is very friendly and accepting of others in fact they want to get to know you for who you are. Also we are probably one of the most environmentally friendly schools so come here if you are as well. Lastly I love how we don't have a greek system so if you want to avoid the greek system this is the place.


Any one who is liberal, loves the arts or who is not into sports should attend this school.


WWU is extremely diverse! I believe there is a spot for everyone. Personally, I was very involved with the students in my major. There are plenty of different majors and clubs that allow for everybody to be involved. Arts, theater, health, fitness, chemistry, biology, engineering, etc. And best of all, everybody is open and friendly. I made many friends in my major and many that weren't. WWU is a great campus for any type of student.


To attend WWU and feel at home, one must be a very relaxed chill person. There is zero school spirit or sense of community. The classes are great but the environment is super relaxed. Most people smoke weed all the time and sit around. Makes them seem unmotivated and unenthused about life. To go here, one must be a very not spirited, fun loving person.


No person who is close minded, discriminatory or otherwise unable to open up to new ideas or cultures should attend Western Washington University. This university is a place for students who seek academic achievment, new experiences, and are open to new possibilities. Attending Western Washington University opens the world through both their academic programs and student body. There are many different cultures and beliefs represented on campus and all have an oppurtunity to shine. Combined with a beutiful and planet friendly campus the university is open to anyone who is willing to step forward and embrace the world.