Western Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Western Washington University?


Probably someone on the more conserative side, as well as people tha dont like the outdoors that much. This school is very liberal and the main social activities are the outdoors.


If you are person who, loves drug or smoking or playing or go to party or non-study person. Then you should not come to WWU. Because WWU is really study study school.


People who wants a spectacular education or an extremely low price.


Anyone who is conservative or not super Green will find a lot of opposition at this school.


The only kind of people that I would say should not attend WWU are people that are extremely conservative and close minded. WWU is so diverse and full of every type of person, but I could see where if somebody was so stuck in their ways that they would not be okay with the different things you may run into.


The kind of person who should not attend this college would be someone who does not like outdoor activities and prefers a big city feel.


I believe that the person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who does not care about their education. They must also not be attending if they have not looked into the great programs and resources that Western provides. There are so many great teachers and programs and if you have not realized that, and/or have not utilized it, then you may not be a great fit for this wonderful institution.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not hard-working and not determine. People who are not ready to get involved in thier community and help those around them should not attend this school either. Also people who are not accepting of racial, gender, religious and sexual differences should not attend this school.


Western Washington University has a massively diverse community very few personality types would not find this a fullfilling and friendly environment. Those that would note fare as well in this community are narrowed down to those who feel there is no moral 'right' other than their own. Any college environment will have students whose view differ from eachother. If you are someone unable to accept others beliefs as being different from your own Western Washington University is not for you.


A conservative individual who is not interested in having their beliefs and personal standards challenged should not attend this school. This is a liberal school where a closed minded individual, if not willing to see broader perspecitives, would get lost. Asking for help is important at this school. If a person needs a lot of hand-holding through the financial aid process, this is not the right school for you.