Western Washington University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Western Washington University?


Science classes at Western are well staffed and fill up within the first few days of registration. There is a chemistry minor available from the college, but due to the registration system in the chemistry department the minors are not allowed to register during the first seven days of registration. Because science classes fill up right away unfortunately chemistry minors cannot get into the senior level chemistry classes. However, an english minor is obtainable and a wonderful back-up plan.


I am most frustrated with some of the programs, and their processes. The prerequisite classes are very difficult and a lot of students do not pass these classes even though the equivalent classes at other universities are not as difficult. It is hard to see my friends struggle, and possibly not pursue their passions because the university tries to dissuade people from going into programs that do not have enough room for all of the people who want to get into it.


The dining hall food sucks. It does not have very good variety and the quality is not great either. A lot of food is undercooked (like noodles) and very bland.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the cafeteria hours are limited on the weekends. This is hard on students who live on campus year round.


The most frustrating thing about Western is that it is so far away from my family. That is not the University's fault, but it is a negative aspect of my switch to their campus. Directly related to Western, I do not like how bikes have restrictions on riding times and trail areas. It is a silly notion, but I love physical activity. I wish students could conveniently ride their bikes through campus without any danger hazzard. These two concerns are very minor- a major reflection on the awesomeness of Western Washington University!


Many students had a difficult time graduating on time due to academic advisors and class availability.


While I’m at Western Washington University, I don’t feel an ounce of frustration. The campus is the perfect size so I know I won’t be struggling to get from class to class. People are very open and friendly and everyone is always open to strike up a conversation. Teachers and professors treat you more like friends than as students. Everyone has considered WWU as their home away from home.


That it is located far away from most major big cities in the surrounding area.




There is not much racial diversity.