Western Washington University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Western is the accepting atmosphere. There are so many types of people on campus and everyone meshes well. You can be whoever you want to be here and you will find a group of people or an organization for you.


The campus is very relaxed. Even during finals week when students are really stressed, there are plenty of places for them to calm down and de-stress. Western is veyr focused on maintaining the students' mental health.


Western is the kind of school where you get back what you put in. While some departments are very competitive, there is a strong contrast overall to a Division I school like UW in terms of the academic environment. I personally really like this, because it puts me more in control of my future, and makes me feel more like the faculty are willing to trust me to do what I have to do to secure my own future, rather than them having to look over my shoulder for the sake of the school's reputation.


I love my school because I love the enviornment, and the town surrounding it. Bellingham is a beautiful, active and college-friendly town so there is always something to do when I'm not in class or studying. I love the campus itself and I have found myself in love with the university and look forward to taking more classes and getting deeper into the department of my major.


I love WWU because of the smaller class sizes; it really allows teachers to pay closer attention to their students and commit more time to them and ensuring that they understand the material. It also makes it easier to bond with classmates and meet 'study buddies', which is helpful before exams. I also love Western because the campus is BEAUTIFUL. Amazing sunsets every evening and they keep the campus in incredible shape. The people all also live up to the "Bellingham hippie" reputations and are all extremely kind hearted.


There is no greek system on campus as well as no football team at Western!


There is no greek system on campus as well as no football team at Western!


The students and professors at WWU are very friendly! It is easy to make friends because the campus community encourages acceptance of others and cooperation between students and professors. Professors are extremely dedicated to providing an engaging class experience, with lots of real-world examples of lecture concepts, and plenty of enthusiasm for the subject at hand!


My favorite part of my school is the people, both students and staff. I can go anywhere and see someone who I do not know smile at me or say hello. The teachers assistants, graduate students and professors are so helpful if you need it. I love being able to meet new friendly people whenever I want to.


The best part of my university would be the relaxed atmosphere. So far, I've found all my classes to be laid back but at the same time I've found I've learned more than any class in my last years in highschool. People are very welcoming to freshman, including the professors. It's not city-like, but downtown is very accessible and there is always a coffee shop to relax at and do homework. I fell as if I've been here a very long time when in reality I've only been here half a school year.


Community. Coming to Western Washington University I expected to find myself lost in a sea of 15,000 people, not the largest university in Washington by any means but not the smallest either. What I found was a group of people driven to Western through different ambitions or goals, but all sharing a desire to experience community and find common ground in such a controversial world. You learn to experience Western with your eyes up, looking for people to connect with, and finding them in a unique atmosphere.


The mountains. There is always a place to go hiking abd biking.


The community is the best thing about WWU. Everyone is extremely friendly, inviting, and open-minded. It is the best possible atmosphere to be in if you want to get to know yourself a little more, while still getting to know new people.


The size. Since Western Washington University has limited graduate students, the school does not have a huge population compared to a great deal of public institutions, but it is still a decent size. This makes for a school big enough to provide opportunities for students to truly define themselves, yet small enough that each student can feel confident and important in their surroundings.


Western Washington University is a school that accepts everyone. Although I was fairly educated with this fact upon arriving, I was not fully aware of what it entailed. Here at WWU, there is a club for everyone. Whether you are homosexual, a sailor, a horse rider, a political activist or a nature fanatic, Western finds a way to incorporate everyone's preferences. The students and faculty here make this all possible. From the day I began school, I felt extremely welcomed and accepted by everyone I met. Western causes student's lives to be more fulfilling and enjoyable.


When considering the best thing about my school, I instantly think about the atmosphere and size of the campus. Western is settled neatly into a hillside overlooking an historic city and beautiful bay. This beings many people that love to do outdoor activities. There is a small town feel, which makes things very comfortable, yet it has the amenities of a larger city. The class size is small enough so every student can get personalized help from a professor, and yet there are enough people on campus to always find something to do.


The atmosphere, it is friendly and welcoming.


Almost everyone is very helpful and friendly


I consider the diversity and none competitive nature it's greatest quality. I love that so many groups mingle and that there really is a sense of community at school.


Western Washington University is a wonderful campus in which students are allowed to think and express themselves freely. At Western, anything is possible. It is easy to start up school clubs, organize events, and take action in molding Western into the school you want it to be. Having this pliability is what makes a university so great; no matter who is attending the school, it will be a school adjusted to the needs of the current students.


There are alot of programs available for students and the professors are always available for extra help.


How green our campus is.


I love the club and intermural sports on campus. I think they offer a great opportunity for meeting people with similar interests and this is how I've met some of my best friends through my club sport.


It's a friendly campus not too far away from the Greater Seattle Area for those looking to get away from home without being totally disconnected. There's a good variety of majors offered and a lot of academic support on-campus for those who need it. Living off campus is fairly cheap and reasonable.


My school is pretty diverse, open minded, and it is a good sized school. It is not too big or too small. The professors here take time to teach and do research for the school. The professors takes their time to make sure that the students are learning to their best potential. The campus is beautiful and the school provides a safe and friendly environment.


It's tough to pick the best thing about Western, but one of the things that is very high on my list is the location. There are gorgeous views of Bellingham bay from north campus, and you can even get dorm rooms that overlook the bay. I recently got a camera and have been constantly taking more and more pictures of campus because it's so photogenic. The school itself is well rounded, and I'd recommend it for anyone especially if they didn't know exactly what they wanted to do. Western is very well-rounded.


Western Washington University is a liberal arts school which requires you to take a variety of classes. I was not sure what I wanted to major in when I arrived at school, but because of the classes I got the chance to take, I now will major in environmental science. Western cares about their students and wants to help them find their passion. The great attitude around the campus makes it much easier to succeed.


The best thing about my school is the academic experience. There is a wide range of classes to take with amazing professors. All the professors know what they are talking about and love their job, which shows by the way that they teach. The environment in which learning takes place here is inviting and relaxing. There are many places situated on campus to get help in a variety of courses. There are also many places on campus to study which makes for a successful academic experience.


The location, the people, the classes, the size of the school are all great. WWU is an awesome place to attend in the Pacific NW, with a passionate and fun student body with perfect school size.


The environment is the best thing, not just the physical location or the weather, but the social and study environments as well. Students can choose what kind of social and study environments they wish to be in by where they live, on or off-campus.


WWU is encompassing to all students, It's an inviting environment where people from all different racial, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds can live and work together in a cohesive community. If I were to use one word to describe the best part of Western it would have to be "atmosphere". I've never felt uncomfortable on my campus. The professors are always available to answer question and mostly have good office hours for out of class help. at western you'll make life long friends!


The campus is beautiful and the people are amazing. The scenery is gorgeous year round and make for great recreational activities. Everyone here is friendly and very different.


The Associated Students(AS) is the best thing about my school because it's like the glue that connects the student body. They represent diversity, community/peer involvement and the persuit of knowledge through clubs, organizations and various academic programs. From OutReach programs to LifeStyle Advisors, the AS is comprised of talented, compassionate leaders, who strive to make a difference at their university and in the world. It's always a winning combination when brilliant people come together to influence a positive change in all of their surroundings. Sustainability, equality, integrity and balanced representation of multiple intrests comprises the AS.


The entire school is run by renewable energy sources, as voted by the students.


The community within the departments, the dorm life, the artistic community in school and at large in Bellingham.


The amount of student run programs and organizations. The rolls that the students take show that they do want to see the campus and social life improve and are willing to do something about it.


How accpeting people are of others differences and that the school works with you if you need help. And they are interested in making you a well rounded person not just some number.


I love the size of the school. The campus feels very welcoming. The best things about Western is the location. The NW is a gorgeous area and it's located between Vancouver, BC and Seattle. Between the two there are a lot concerts travelling through. The music scene is wonderful.


Great art department and perfect sized school for me


That people are very diverse in there opinons about the isuues an each other.