Westfield State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Westfield State College has a strong Education and Criminal Justice Program, upon graduating students are sought after in these fields due to the strong academic focus that Westfield demands of its students.


Westfield State College is a great State school with fantastic education opportunities but keeping in mind it attracts comumuters.


Westfield State College is an awesome place where I am getting a great education.


Westfield State College is a small school with pretty trees to walk under on your way to class, which always proves to be an adventure, socially, academically, and every way in between.


Westfield State is being updated into an eco-friendly school; there is a new president who is doing more for the students than previous presidents have done; the students are in a word preppy; and the over atmosphere is what one would expect of a typical american institution of higher learning.


Westfield State is a place that you become culturally and academically advanced.


This school is diverse and allows a great opportunity for abroad travels and its simply great.


A friendly, honest, hard-working place where learning about and experiencing your intended job is a high priority.


This school is very student oriented.